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south dakota


  1. I love to take those kinds of pics, too, and I love to look at others. I got a few funny looks when I took some pictures in the past, so I thought maybe they owner didn't like you doing it. I apprecia...
  2. You mean dust isn't supposed to be on my furniture? I thought it was part of it, it's always there! This is beautiful! I love it!
  3. thanks DADDY- TGB- I keep a window open with an antique coke bottle. oops.
  4. no offense intended, but only a guy would think of this. It looks like something my dad or brother would do ;) HEY- whatever works!!
  5. Oh, I swear that is the same cat I have! Wish I could see her face, from what I see, I have the same cat sitting right here!!
  6. I have one posted of the USA from 1956, I find them very interesting, too!
  7. I would love to do that! Awesome find, please show refinished pics!!
  8. I am also a crazy cat lady! The only thing I don't have is a shopping cart, but I have 5 sets of cat eyes staring at me right now!!!!! vintagemad- I think people who hate animals have no souls.
  9. I remember the jingle (later in years)- "Brush your breath, brush your breath, brush your breath with Dentyne!"
  10. This old rustic one looks way cooler than the "mint" ones ;)
  11. On homer Laughlin dinnerware, those last two numbers are the manufacture year. Maybe it means the same for these? 1951
  12. Tatting is making lace, edging for doilies, pillowcases, etc. Almost like crochet.
  13. gotchya. It's neat, heavy, too I bet ;) Someone with expertise will come along shortly!
  14. It looks like an old restaurant cup. Google whatever name that is on the back.
  15. Obsession? Can you ever really have too much? Not me ;)
  16. Looks awesome! I love the chairs, too! Good job ;)
  17. Not yet, but soon enough DQ will be obsolete, too. www.Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard with vanilla ice cream WITH spoon. I have a satire look on the future ;)
  18. What are we downloading for supper tonight?
  19. Yes, Hedgewalker, you just ate it. Don't you remember? Pretty soon that will be an option in our technology. Digital food ;)
  20. I just ate at DQ ;)
  21. Actually, people around my area have "Ugliest Sweater" Christmas Parties. The guest with the ugliest wins some big prize, I have never gone to one, seen plenty of pictures ;)
  22. Very cool things to collect ;)
  23. We had on old hand-me-down scooter, we cruised the gravel roads of the country, taking turns.
  24. As a child on the farm I always preferred my brothers trucks, etc,(playing in the dirt) over baby dolls and pretty things. SO, I really notice these old toys!! Merry Christmas to you, too ;)
  25. wow, I missed this one. awesome ;)
  26. I absolutely love cigar boxes. I don't even know why. I just do ;)
  27. Nice. I love the bench, too ;)
  28. You have incredible self-control!!!!
  29. I love stuff like this! Anyone living in them? It would be hard for me not to peek, too ;)
  30. It's a Singer sewing machine attachments box. I have one listed here, and there are a few others. Called a puzzle box, came filled with sewing machine attachments. They're cool ;)
  31. I know, I just meant the cut of it looks like a night shirt, I like it, I probably would not wear it, bit it does have it's coolness!
  32. Looks like a nightgown.
  33. "Slip it to me" was that before "Sock it to me"?
  34. For some reason I bet the milk tasted awesome from these bottles ;)
  35. Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Read all about it on wikipedia, very cool ;)
  36. Death date? How would one embroider their own death date into a sampler? I think that is the date she finished the piece. I love it ;)
  37. I'm from the midwest, there are a lot of little towns like this out here. Most of them just a few miles from a bigger town, but not always! It's the way we like it!!
  38. stonie- i will forgive the dear lady. I'm sorry she was sad. Glad you got these things!!
  39. Awesome stuff. I'm a little PO'd at people like your aunt who just throw this stuff away. Nice catch ;)
  40. lol! How can I get a letter from Elsie the Cow?
  41. Very nice!! I make them, too, and I know all the work that went into this, it is awesome!!
  42. It's beautiful, right up my alley ;) Are your mirrors beveled?
  43. Some guy down at the factory probably did it on purpose ;) People wish their old toys wouldn't have got so beat up, but that's what they were for, playing with. Who ever thought as a kid about what k...
  44. Interesting. There are all the same pattern plates, 2 different pattern cups, and all a different floral. What is the makers mark on the bottom of the cups? This is a set of some kind? it's very cool.
  45. Whatever it is, it's awesome and I would have bought it, too, I love these things!
  46. Nancy is right. Anything surged is not that old. I have seen a lot of these quilts made from old clothes, suits, etc, just for the warmth. I own a few of them, they are not so old, just look like the...
  47. I think it's called a thing-a-ma-jig-jobber. It's very cool ;)
  48. Now I'm singin' the jingle...
  49. Wow, bigger than it looks, I thought it was much smaller. Yes, I would agree that was probably the use, it's very nice ;)
  50. Is this big enough for bolts of fabrics? I thought it looked way smaller than that. Measurements kb? It's very cool ;)
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posted 12 years ago