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baton rouge

I love vintage toys especially tin type cars, motorcycles and trains.


  1. I know I posted it lol. I also posted all my glass and a bunch of nice antique toys this week.
  2. Yes there is D-201, then 72 then, a "n" in a square, then 7 all raised glass on the bottom.
  3. price varies according to condition etc... i looked on eBay and saw them anywhere from $20.00 to $200.00
  4. Thanks Charlie and Pop abides. I used the Motana Slots website to price this machine prior to starting work. They have some great slot machines. Thanks for the info!
  5. Awesome buy!!! I love it and the story lol!
  6. I would love to buy a mini trail z50 or any honda mini for my grandson. some of my favorite memories and adventures were on a honda Mini Trail...
  7. I thought I had found me one ofthese...but it was a World War II US Army Signal Corps Morse Code Set instead lol. I just posted it up today...
  8. Extremely rare and beautiful piece. It is nice to see such truly authentic Admirals phone in such pristine condition.
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i say it is 1886 rookwood pottery, what do you think? 2 Toots Grill Hawthorn,Irish train Overland Choo-Choo Kanto Toys JapanTin Plate Locomotive dump truck Wright Aeroplane 1903 my child hood hot wheels Masonic Sword ????? Ornate Framed Print 1936 marihuana movie poster type b junk sale find.


posted 54 years ago