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I am a lover and collectore of cameos. I would love to meet more cameo lovers from all over the world. I am in Malta, Europe.


Need help to identify this scene please. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
To restore or not to restore? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
A remarkable protrait cameo with history.  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
You don't often see Cupid and Bacchus together in a cameo right? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Who is the lady in the middle? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian Cameos - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Silly me kyratango. I only realised after posting lol. What a lovely and unusual piece that is. Great job!
  2. Did you get a 'before' by any chance? Am curious now!
  3. Awesome!
  4. Thank you valentino97. Yes this is a fine and lovely piece.
  5. Sure Alan...
  6. Vetraio50 well done on finding that painting. So Hutchinson used that same painting as his illustration fro the book History of the Nations published in 1915. All very interesting!
  7. Thank you for the clarification about the engraving by W.Giles. I will look it up vertraio50. By the way that battle I have found out, is known as the Battle of Jaffa. One thing leads to another when ...
  8. blunderbuss2 if you look at the 2nd (underexposed) image you may be able to see what looks like crown points on top of Richard's head and Saladin's too. Very hard to make out admittedly! What I find a...
  9. AdeleC it was indeed the crusades :)
  10. Crusades? King Richaard versus Saladin?
  11. Thanks for the suggestion vetraio50. I looked up both your suggestions but feel they do not match due to different hats, banners etc. I myself was also thinking perhaps, Crusades, Richard the Lion Hea...
  12. Thank you blunderbuss2. I was thinking medieval too. I think one of the riders has a small round shield, so possibly no guns yet. I shall have to find out what curb bit means. I am hopeless when it co...
  13. Not sure about the crusades AdeleC. I don't think the one on the left is a Knight. I will look up Greek battles though thanks. Blundrbuss2 its a great piece yes. Quite rare to find.
  14. Thanks to all for your opinions. Very much appreciated. Blunderbuss2 the piece is a true antique yes. it is Victorian and carved from Maltachite. lol re the 'nose jb' but I guess that is exactly wha...
  15. Thank you Newfd.
  16. That's a good thought Golgatha!
  17. Thank you cameosleuth. Your input re signature is very interesting.
  18. @cameosleuth I found your pinterest boards. All very interesting. Thanks for sharing the eye candy and info.
  19. Thanks @Gillian. I didn't know that.
  20. @kyratango so I'm not the only one then? :)
  21. Cameosleuth I would love to see your pinterest boards! I don't suppose links are allowed here? Feel free to add. I would be honoured. I tried to take pics of the signautre. Not sure if I managed to do...
  22. I have a similar one to this. I will have to dig it up and take pictures some time. I so agree with you that incolay work is not as well appreciated as it should be.
  23. Very beautiful cameo. May I know what you mean by saying the stone has een treated? Is it not natural Onyx then? (Agate?)
  24. Thank you @themuse. I love combining the two passions that I have together...that is cameos and photography :)
  25. I will try that cameosleuth. Thanks for the tip :)
  26. I will try and do that cameosleuth. Not an easy task but I will try. That's my task for tomorrow.
  27. @cameosleuth that is a great way to secure a cameo brooch! Re the alteration on the cameo, I have to say that the jeweler did a very neat job of changing the clasp. The pin seems to have been placed i...
  28. Beautiful cameo. I have never had a Medusa yet.
  29. @Jennifer I understand how you feel! I just love to look at the piecees in my collection but do not wear them. When I hold a beautiful cameo in my hand it always gives me great joy and a sense of wond...
  30. Mother and daughter I wonder? Very pretty piece!
  31. Yay that's great news thanks @cameosleuth :)
  32. Its very pretty!
  33. PS I was very annoyed when I took the cameo to my jewellr to have the pin (which was missing) replaced. To my surprise and dismay the jeweller decided to 'do me a favour' and replaced the 'c' clasp. ...
  34. @cameosleuth I enjoy reading and learning from you. This cameo did originally have its pin a 'c' clasp replaced. But there was a 'c' clasp there. So it is about turn of the century it would seem yes. ...
  35. Wow that is awesome!
  36. Thank you for your comments. Maybe it coudl be a Bacchante maiden @ Newfd. @blunderbuss2 that's a good one lol!
  37. I feel breathless looking at this amazing gem.
  38. This is a real beauty. No wonder you could not resist!
  39. PS @watchsearcher I meant to write Athena. I spelled it incorrectly so no wonder you got no results. I now realise she is Roman not Greek. Thanks to you guys. It makes sense to me now :)
  40. Thank you all for your insights! I am truly belssed to be learning so much! @watchsearcher I am happy to know that you are becoming interested in antique cameos. I am truly addicted! Watch out as they...
  41. How lovely!
  42. It is adorable!
  43. Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated!
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