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braunschweig, germany

if you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the thingsif you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the things shown here are allready sold. i keep things for a while and sell them after finding nicer things... i'm working on a e-commerce shop but it will take some time to open it. (Read more)


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Compas Dans l’Oeil - designed by Andrée Putman - Manufactured by Baldinger Archictectural Lighting - Lampsin Lamps
Silver plated bowl with acryylic lid with SD mark - Silverin Silver
Enamel painted glass bottle..... Don't know anything about it - Art Glassin Art Glass
SS Nazi Bunny  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
harvey guzzini table lamp "olympic" for ed, 1970 - Lampsin Lamps
bruno bruni lithograph - Edition of 100 - Fine Artin Fine Art
venetian allesandro pianon lamp  made by vistosi - Art Glassin Art Glass
staff oyster lamps - Lampsin Lamps
Heinz Lilienthal  tulip coffee table - Furniturein Furniture
anybody knows where this silver goblet might come ferom and how old it might be? - Silverin Silver


  1. Riihimaen i believe? Looks like Nanny Still fo me...
  2. Great Piece.... Possibky Danish? I cant promise it, but you might find it, when you follow the link to the furniture index of the danish design museum
  3. Boris B Major,Sprites/Nymph Silhouette, Edward Gross Co., Where Terpsichore Dwells
  4. Just look for Boris B. Major (1876-1951) And you will find a lot
  5. I have found a similar designed piece by Paolo Venini? Add a
  6. Unfortunately nothing under the stand or in the shade or anywhere else
  7. Dear Anik thanks a lot for your help and I'll take you infos to learn a little more about Zdenek Nemecek. I have never heard of him...
  8. Thanks a lot Golgatha I will have a look for Mambila bronze pieces Vynil33rpm I guess you've got it....
  9. Thank you lizzycbw, I might ask the British museum this in a few days Just saw your inkwell and wrote my ideas in your post, what I think it might be
  10. Glaze wise I believe it might be a piece from Buergel a town in germany with a long pottery tradition. It reminds me of pieces by carl fischer. round about 1910 to 1930 would be my guess
  11. Thanks a lot for your help because of your lott I have found the maker... It is by Lotte glob... She is a danish artist who lives in the north of scotland. This sculptures are called rock hoppers......
  12. Cool thanks for your help welzebub
  13. it is a design by the famous potter karl scheid
  14. This is on my search list now
  15. here some informations about the monkey king: and some about Mr Klee:
  16. sehr schön
  17. Well, just send me your Painting and i will see
  18. It would be great go have a pair and yes we use it in the moment. Hopefully it will stay a little longer
  19. nice sized too.... and i believe it to be a german piece
  20. Have a look here.. ..
  21. yes... i will not touch it with water or chemicals of any kind i 've just used a fine brush to remove the dust
  22. thank you kyratango.... and sean i've changed the pics and add a pic of the backside... i will make a pic of inside tomorrow when light is better
  23. hmmm... i'll keep this in my mind
  24. looks like wmf germany to me... not 100% sure
  25. thanks esteban i should have thought of ilsenburg I'm a little ashamed
  26. found the model's name: Cartouchiere GM seems to be original compared to other examples
  27. thank you sooooooo much kyratango... i learn a lot here... words like tube hinge and c clasp for example and certainly about sentimental ivy symbolism
  28. hi thruthordare it's a smaller piece... made a picture which shows... 12cm in diameter
  29. i've updated the pics... hopefully that might help to get it identified
  30. Ivo de Santis would be great I Love bis work
  31. thanks for the loves and thoughts... i'll keep it for a while
  32. Schliersee or Harrach?
  34. Dear racer4four height 3inch and width 2.25inch Thanks for the loves
  35. i haven't identified the artist but i've asked a specialist and he said it is ivory for sure... at least one question solved
  36. Dear Anik Thanks a lot for this lightning fast and exact Information... Upside down... Damn Thanks for the Loves and your comment dear Sean as well
  37. updated the pic's... hopefully it helps to identify a maker
  38. I've found a seller who owns a similar vase... his vase comes from the "arndt collection" and all his pieces has been purchased by the arndts from 1950 - 1964... maybe this helps to identify a mak...
  39. they remind me of some josef hoffmann chairs... but copied often ove...
  40. And yes it is danish
  41. It's a Duck designed by Hans Bølling in 1959
  42. Possibly an eggcup by Walter Bosse....
  43. Harvey ?
  44. i used a similar as a dining table i may post mine as well i like these undestroyable pieces
  46. i can't say much about the age... but bavaria is a part of germany (unfortunately as we say in the north of germany) ,-)
  47. ... actually glass
  48. I've found a similar numbered piece and the seller says it is "eichwald keramik" i'm not 100% sure he is right but it's a possibility....
  49. german or austrian i believe - the formnumber is the 6368 different sizes has been produced in this design.. at least 7 because that's the size number of your cachepot. the other number is the deco...
  50. Actually it is pottery for sure...
  51. See more


Bjorn Weckstrom - Space Apple  -1975 - Lapponia Gorgeous Neiman Marcus Vintage Reversible Sheared Mink Coat? HARRACH VASE Two small vases, Ingeborg Lundin (Orrefors, before 1950)