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braunschweig, germany

if you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the thingsif you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the things shown here are allready sold. i keep things for a while and sell them after finding nicer things... i'm working on a e-commerce shop but it will take some time to open it. (Read more)


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Mid century perforated metal shelf and umbrella stand - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Birger Kaipiainen for Arabia Finnland - Potteryin Pottery
My other french (18th century?) oak armoire - Furniturein Furniture
French 18th Century Louis XV to XVI Armoire?  - Furniturein Furniture
Record Geneve 1940s Datofix triple date and moonphase  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
A miniature expressionist woodblock print by an artist P. K - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Art nouveau Moritz Mädler oversea lady's hat trunk - Bagsin Bags
Ar nouveau bronze cigar lighter? Gustav Gurschner??  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Utzschneider & Cie. - Sarreguemines - Etna Vase - art nouveau - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
vienna bronze electric desk bell service bell - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Thank you, hopefully I will find more goof ones.
  2. Hi Scott I've changed the pics and hope it will help. It might be a later addition... Actually there are parts which look more rococo like the lover half of the door and parts where i don't know at a...
  3. Your great grandfather must have been a rich man, because Charlottenburg has been the place for the wealthy people at that time. I would love to see that armoire. German Armoires are normally build in...
  4. Stunning!
  5. Thanks for the loves and comments I will keep this I guess
  6. It's made of silver. Unfortunately I still don't know if it is historism or baroque.
  7. One of my teachers always said "Get a haircut hippies" It has been at a time I still had enough hair on my head.... I love this piece.
  8. Thanks for the loves and friendly comments. I believe I have to keep it...
  9. Possibly Jaroslav Svoboda?
  10. I don't know for sure, but it might be hand sculptured epoxy resin. His fingerprints are visible.
  11. Well, are all bianconi pieces shown in bossaglia?
  12. Have you had a look if it might be a mazzega?
  13. Possibly Josef Riedel?
  14. It is the color and pattern of the glass It is marbled violet colored opalin glass I will change the pictures to show
  15. My first problem, I have never seen such a glass color...
  16. thanks for your loves an comments. i have found several pieces in this color searching the web and it seems that i am right. it is a bianconi piece for mazzega... I'm happy
  17. Is it pewter or so called britannia metal?
  18. Do you know There are a lot of chinese marks. Just an idea...
  19. Herzlichen Glückwunsch
  20. Sorry my mistake racer, Simon Petrus is the german word for Saint Peter Is WoW the short form for world of warcraft? If so, than no I am not a WoW Person... I do go other ways to loose my time I ...
  21. nice piece do you tried to find it there?
  22. Hi Sean I don't think this could be by walter bosse It seems to be to big for him (32cm - 12.5inch) and his workshop used brass not bronze
  23. Just had a look into my braun book... Deyign is by Gerd Alfred Muller, Robert Oberheim
  24. Dear renedijkstra Sorry for the late answer... The height is just 3.15inch Not a giant though
  25. Dear fhrjr2 You might be right that this is not coral,unfortunately I have forgotten to buy a lemon.... But you are wrong with what you can find on fleamarkets. My best finds on fleamarkets has been...
  26. This particular pieces seems to be called "paysage lacustre" ....
  27. Could it bei harrach or bakalowits?
  28. Unfortunately you hardly get a cites certificates if you buy things on the fleamarkets around my area I will try lemon juice the next days, thanks for the tip
  29. Hi Ivan49 I know that there are fakes around, but i am quite sure this is an original daum cameo piece. I have used several sources to exclude a fake. I've also had some fakes on the markets here in...
  30. It reminds me of carl auböck's horn designs But who can say for sure?
  31. Dear Keramikos, You are right the letters were formed by pressing a stamp into the clay, and the numbers were done free-hand. I believe it is a W as well... But I haven't found a simklar piece...
  32. Yes I really like it too but unfortunately it is far too bright when all bulbs are burning Too bright for our not that big rooms
  33. Hi It reminds me of nachtmann vases.... But I can't say for sure
  34. Dear Kralik1928 Thanks a lot for this interesting informations Maybe one day we will knkw which manufacturer did these...
  35. I have found a three legged bowl in similar shape but different bowl part...
  36. A similar shaped loetz can be seen here:
  37. Riihimaen i believe? Looks like Nanny Still fo me...
  38. Great Piece.... Possibky Danish? I cant promise it, but you might find it, when you follow the link to the furniture index of the danish design museum
  39. Boris B Major,Sprites/Nymph Silhouette, Edward Gross Co., Where Terpsichore Dwells
  40. Just look for Boris B. Major (1876-1951) And you will find a lot
  41. I have found a similar designed piece by Paolo Venini? Add a
  42. Unfortunately nothing under the stand or in the shade or anywhere else
  43. Dear Anik thanks a lot for your help and I'll take you infos to learn a little more about Zdenek Nemecek. I have never heard of him...
  44. Thanks a lot Golgatha I will have a look for Mambila bronze pieces Vynil33rpm I guess you've got it....
  45. Thank you lizzycbw, I might ask the British museum this in a few days Just saw your inkwell and wrote my ideas in your post, what I think it might be
  46. Glaze wise I believe it might be a piece from Buergel a town in germany with a long pottery tradition. It reminds me of pieces by carl fischer. round about 1910 to 1930 would be my guess
  47. Thanks a lot for your help because of your lott I have found the maker... It is by Lotte glob... She is a danish artist who lives in the north of scotland. This sculptures are called rock hoppers......
  48. Cool thanks for your help welzebub
  49. it is a design by the famous potter karl scheid
  50. here some informations about the monkey king: and some about Mr Klee:
  51. See more


Bjorn Weckstrom - Space Apple  -1975 - Lapponia Gorgeous Neiman Marcus Vintage Reversible Sheared Mink Coat? HARRACH VASE Two small vases, Ingeborg Lundin (Orrefors, before 1950)