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braunschweig, germany

if you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the thingsif you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the things shown here are allready sold. i keep things for a while and sell them after finding nicer things... i'm working on a e-commerce shop but it will take some time to open it. (Read more)


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Screenshot of the first hydrogen bomb explosion from 1953 - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Nice secessionist glass vase, Moser? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique wicker art Baby Carrier from Africa. - Folk Artin Folk Art
Hanns-Peter Krafft designed sheep stool  - Furniturein Furniture
A prussia map by Johann Baptist Homann from the 1720s - Paperin Paper
inside orange cased clear with a twisted black glass thread. could this be venetian glass? - Art Glassin Art Glass
i thought this might be russian 19th century? - Potteryin Pottery
Hans Haffenrichter for Royal majolica workshops Cadinen - Art Decoin Art Deco
cased and cut Biedermeier beaker from circa 1840 - Art Glassin Art Glass
a bunch of 19th century Kitsch Glasses - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. That's it. Thank you! I've searched for hours allready.
  3. It is a piece by the german potter Fritz Hudler, late 1920s to 1930s I guess. Nice
  4. A picture picture of the bottom and one of the lamp holder could help with the identification. Without more pictures of these Details, it will be hard.
  5. Thank you Ivan49, that's a good start for a search.
  6. Carlo Moretti?
  7. I believe shooting animals for fun?
  8. thank you Phil and excuse the unhelpful first pic
  9. Admittedly, there is not enough information that I have added to the text. I was completely lost the night. Nevertheless, I would like to apologize for this. It is salier. They are gold-plated on th...
  10. It was sold as a Moser rouge pot. Might be Moser though?
  11. This is one of the very few Steins I like.
  12. Seems to be from jingdezhen made in 2001 but the artist not identified
  13. It might be just a dirt road in the north of Germany The artist should be Hermann Junker (Safi/ Marocco 1903 - Geesthacht/Germany 1985) Hamburg painter and graphic artist. Junker studied at the Sc...
  14. Thanks a lot my dear
  15. Luckily it is ugly
  16. He asked for 20eur but as I knew he needs money I've paid him 50eur.
  17. Unfortunately no marks
  18. Rather a 20th century piece
  19. I had a look at Phil Mundt but I don't think it is one of his pieces. Even he did some vessels with faces. But thanks for your hint.
  20. I will have a look at English pieces.
  21. Meiji Yokohama export wäre?
  22. But it might be just a myth as well
  23. I'm german and had a short search and it seems that you are right. Even we normally call them Frankfurter Würstchen, Wiener Würstchen, Bockwurst or Knackwürstchen nowadays, it seems that they have bee...
  24. Why are hot dogs called hot dogs? (please help I'm a vegetarian)
  25. Dog teeth?
  26. Have a look here
  27. That is the reason for inventing drawers...
  28. A wonderful film about Baltensweiler
  29. Thanks a lot my Dear
  31. Unfortunately, I've sold it allready. From now on it lives in Osaka. Some pieces have to pay the veterinary bills, which we do collect. (Vets are part of organized crime, i believe)
  32. Thank you, hopefully I will find more goof ones.
  33. Hi Scott I've changed the pics and hope it will help. It might be a later addition... Actually there are parts which look more rococo like the lover half of the door and parts where i don't know at a...
  34. Your great grandfather must have been a rich man, because Charlottenburg has been the place for the wealthy people at that time. I would love to see that armoire. German Armoires are normally build in...
  35. Stunning!
  36. Thanks for the loves and comments I will keep this I guess
  37. It's made of silver. Unfortunately I still don't know if it is historism or baroque.
  38. One of my teachers always said "Get a haircut hippies" It has been at a time I still had enough hair on my head.... I love this piece.
  39. Thanks for the loves and friendly comments. I believe I have to keep it...
  40. Possibly Jaroslav Svoboda?
  41. I don't know for sure, but it might be hand sculptured epoxy resin. His fingerprints are visible.
  42. Well, are all bianconi pieces shown in bossaglia?
  43. Have you had a look if it might be a mazzega?
  44. Possibly Josef Riedel?
  45. It is the color and pattern of the glass It is marbled violet colored opalin glass I will change the pictures to show
  46. My first problem, I have never seen such a glass color...
  47. thanks for your loves an comments. i have found several pieces in this color searching the web and it seems that i am right. it is a bianconi piece for mazzega... I'm happy
  48. Is it pewter or so called britannia metal?
  49. Do you know There are a lot of chinese marks. Just an idea...
  50. Herzlichen Glückwunsch
  51. See more


Bjorn Weckstrom - Space Apple  -1975 - Lapponia Gorgeous Neiman Marcus Vintage Reversible Sheared Mink Coat? HARRACH VASE Two small vases, Ingeborg Lundin (Orrefors, before 1950)