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braunschweig, germany

if you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the thingsif you need help with german pottery send me an e-mail: ---- in general i'm more a hunter of nice things than a collector and many of the things shown here are allready sold. i keep things for a while and sell them after finding nicer things... i'm working on a e-commerce shop but it will take some time to open it. (Read more)


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 cabinet maker's mid century modern storage unit.... who designed and manufactured it? - Furniturein Furniture
three rut bryk wall pieces - Animalsin Animals
adolf beckert - friedrich pietsch - round dance of faun - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
ruby red cased clear lidded vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
gunnar nylund miniature  - Potteryin Pottery
Liisa Larsen-Hallamaa ( later Walden) Arabia, Finland - Potteryin Pottery
birger kaipiainen candle holder - Potteryin Pottery
Raija Tuumi (1923 - 2016) , Arabia, Finland - Potteryin Pottery
Annikki Hovisaari (1918 - 2004), Arabia, Finland - Potteryin Pottery
Hans Przyrembel designed lidded compote - Art Decoin Art Deco


  2. Dear racer4four height 3inch and width 2.25inch Thanks for the loves
  3. i haven't identified the artist but i've asked a specialist and he said it is ivory for sure... at least one question solved
  4. Dear Anik Thanks a lot for this lightning fast and exact Information... Upside down... Damn Thanks for the Loves and your comment dear Sean as well
  5. updated the pic's... hopefully it helps to identify a maker
  6. I've found a seller who owns a similar vase... his vase comes from the "arndt collection" and all his pieces has been purchased by the arndts from 1950 - 1964... maybe this helps to identify a mak...
  7. they remind me of some josef hoffmann chairs... but copied often ove...
  8. And yes it is danish
  9. It's a Duck designed by Hans Bølling in 1959
  10. Possibly an eggcup by Walter Bosse....
  11. Harvey ?
  12. i used a similar as a dining table i may post mine as well i like these undestroyable pieces
  14. i can't say much about the age... but bavaria is a part of germany (unfortunately as we say in the north of germany) ,-)
  15. ... actually glass
  16. I've found a similar numbered piece and the seller says it is "eichwald keramik" i'm not 100% sure he is right but it's a possibility....
  17. german or austrian i believe - the formnumber is the 6368 different sizes has been produced in this design.. at least 7 because that's the size number of your cachepot. the other number is the deco...
  18. Actually it is pottery for sure...
  19. No idea what it is.... just made the needle test Nothing happened... at least i know it is not plastic Underneath something is written in kurrent gothik handwriting... which i can't read.... i've ...
  20. I've just added a picture showing the weavy lines which I've tried to explain.... they appear like the lines on the picture of this piano key tops
  21. The Diameter is 7cm / 2.75inch Under a magnifying glass i can clearly see weavy lines, but they are different to the ones i can see at the feet which are definately ivory... The lines on top are mo...
  22. It's a piece from the 13th to 14th century.... older than thought
  23. Just because i searched the whole roos van de velde webpage for a similar design.... just kidding Anyway van de velde would be nice....but I should find a...
  24. Roos? Just had a look... so you mean Henry? That would be fantastic.... there are similarities with some of van de velde designs.... but i don't find a confirmation....
  25. ....or Ichma pottery?
  26. Chancay Culture.....? sorry
  27. Chankay Culture?
  28. I believe this to be from circa 1962 ... actually the geometric decor and brushed elements reminds me of some carstens art deco "spritzdekor" pieces.... certainly the foamy fat lava glaze hasn't been ...
  29. Please be sure....this is not a fake.... the figurine is quite old...200years for Sure, but should be even older.... the box it stands on is new... i will visit the univerity for conservation and rest...
  30. Renaissance an archeologist told me?
  31. hi manikin that are worm holes in wood in deed and dear postcardcollector it might be a dug artifact but I'm not sure... wouldn't it have lost all the paint then? i might go and ask a museum?
  32. 1st of all: thanks for all the loves dear vetraio... unfortunatley only the small green bowl is signed... it's an ekenäs piece... doesn't mean all pieces are scandinavian though... they still have ...
  33. I should and try to remember
  34. Found it in the cellar of an antique dealer's storage... went there to buy a poggenpohl form 1000 kitchen and found them there.... it was fun there
  35. Found it in an shop who buys silver and gold to send it to a parting work.... I've paid the 35€ he asked for it....
  36. never mind... actually not the russian, we the germans are all evil ;-§
  37. you won't move them an inch without disassemling... that would take several hours... it is heavy like a whale... it stands in a house which has been sold and the ne owner don't want to keep it.... i...
  38. in belgium? bought it in hannover yesterday... 45 minutes from here (braunschweig)
  39. I never saw a rosenthal rosewood stopper... but it might be by them. By the way i live just in the middle of germany dear Efesgirl
  40. Even i think 5500usd is far too much, he is right that this design is by sergio asti... just phoned with a friend of mine who knows nearly everything about cutlery.... he had a look in the matching IC...
  41.,_SILVER-PLATED.html Strange price.... like 1stdibs
  43. Charles-Henri Augustin it seems to be....
  44. a link to all the miniatures
  45. Yes, all handpainted and from around 1780 to 1820..... some of them in solid gold frames... I first have to do some investigations about them, before i post them Will visit some museums the next day...
  47. As far as i know the technique is called "a scavo" Made by several venetian/murano glassmakers in the past But by chinese gkassmakers as well....
  49. efesgirl, to me as well at first sight i have to admit
  50. i don't know for sure but i think it's normal that both ends are marked...
  51. See more


Bjorn Weckstrom - Space Apple  -1975 - Lapponia Gorgeous Neiman Marcus Vintage Reversible Sheared Mink Coat? HARRACH VASE Two small vases, Ingeborg Lundin (Orrefors, before 1950)