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Comox Valley BC Canada

I recently purchased a paperweight collection, 197 in total and will be posting photos of them here.


  1. lol, I did kyratango
  2. thanks antiquerose and Manikin, I love them too
  3. thanks antiquerose and billretirecoll! Your vases are beautiful Bill, love the colours.
  4. thanks apostata, this is one of my favourites.
  5. love the 1st photo, the mixture of colours is fantastic
  6. Hi Drerwin, nope, I never figured it out. Cool that you have one too, I couldn't find any others
  7. Wow, drop dead gorgeous, this has to be the nicest set of Sherman I've ever seen!!
  8. very cool!!
  9. love this!!!
  10. beautiful!
  11. love this!
  12. Wow, fabulous brooch Alan!!!
  13. love this lamp!!
  14. thanks for all the love folks! thank-you for your nice comments Sean68 & antiquerose!
  15. what a great idea, it looks fabulous!
  16. beautiful set!
  17. beautiful!
  18. very cool!
  19. Love it!
  20. What a fabulous set! I love the colours, the red really makes the yellow and blue pop! Sorry about the breakage, I know how heartbreaking that is to receive a parcel that rattles.
  21. WOW, what a fabulous piece!!!
  22. I love Porky Pig!
  23. interesting thread with great information. Today I posted a crackle vase that I thought maybe Kralik but told it could be Asian, maybe a Margies Garden piece.
  24. thanks for the love folks! thanks for the comments Ilikethings and Newfld! I'm leaning towards Kralik from the shape but will keep looking
  25. wow, these are a blast from the past, I love them!!!
  26. these are fabulous!!
  27. fabulous restoration kyratango!! thanks for the link on the history of Bressan enamels, I've never seen one before.
  28. thank-you Rulandma, I love it too!
  29. thank-you maryh1956, that is excellent information on the company!
  30. thanks for the loves folks! thanks for the comments jscotto363, TimeTraveller, vetrai050 and Newfld! I love penguin anything, this one displays so nicely! You should post your penguins TimeTravelle...
  31. thanks for all the loves folks! thanks for the comments fort apache, jscotto363 and antiquerose! I bought this antiquerose, I now have a granddaughter so I'm putting stuff/toys together for her - h...
  32. Wow, this little froggie looks fabulous now that you have done your magic kyratango!!
  33. fabulous set, love the colours!!
  34. thanks for posting this doll and the information on her Fortapache! I picked up one the other day, missing most of her accessories though, but she does have the cute little papoose with baby!
  35. thanks for the loves folks! thanks Newfld, I think so too!
  36. thanks for the loves folks!
  37. I love this!!!
  38. These are fabulous! Good thoughts for a speedy recovery Phil!
  39. Wow, love your display!
  40. Fabulous lamp!!!
  41. thanks for the loves folks! I do too Broochman!
  42. beautiful box!
  43. great sign! I remember the 'Uncola' ads
  44. thanks Sean!
  45. thanks for the love folks! Thank-you Newfld and Anik! I think it is beautiful too
  46. thanks for the love folks!
  47. thanks for the love folks! I do too Valentino97!
  48. fabulous brooch!!!
  49. I love the gnome, he looks quite happy swinging away up there! Wowser on those icicles, some look pretty long. Thanks for posting this, the snow looks wonderful.
  50. congratulations!
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