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Comox Valley BC Canada

I recently purchased a paperweight collection, 197 in total and will be posting photos of them here.


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Bohemian Brooch Intaglio on Mother Of Pearl - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Blue Buck Phillips Brewing Company Poster - Signsin Signs
Signed Sherman Flower Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
2 Frosted Glass Faces  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Alvar Aalto iittala Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Guy Corrie Union Glass Donut Glasses or Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of Crackle Glass Vase with 3 Ball Feet - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Biggest Taste This Season Double Sided Cardboard Coca-Cola Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
John Perry Red Eyed Tree Frog - Animalsin Animals
Miller Art Co Inc Postcards - Postcardsin Postcards


  1. great post! Is the quest for confirmation on Loetz still going on?
  2. thanks for the loves folks! thanks for the comments Ms.CrystalShip & Newfld, I love the basket design too!
  3. what a fabulous collection!
  4. Yes, Caperkid is correct, Expo 86, I have one of these!
  5. wow, what a fabulous piece!!
  6. I'm sorry about the display breakage and the headache dealing with UPS! Your bangle collection is fabulous, love all the colours
  7. thanks for the love and comments folks!
  8. Nice set!
  9. WOW, the colour is fabulous!!!
  10. Wowser, that is amazing to see so many in one place! Love that bottle sign
  11. love this!!
  12. I love this!!
  13. Wow, that is breathtakingly beautiful! I've never seen one before. Could this have been custom made?
  14. Fabulous brooch!!!
  15. thanks for the love folks! thank-you Newfld! So frustrating to have the mark and not being able to find anything. I think they would look cool as part of a light fixture.
  16. Wow, what an amazing find, so glad you found this and saved it from the dump! I can't wait to read some of the letters.
  17. I love this piece!
  18. these are stunning pieces!
  19. these are beautiful!
  20. love the colours on this!
  21. Wow, what a fabulous piece of glass, I love it!
  22. looks like a Yixing teapot - do you have the lid? If you google Yixing teapot cat handle you will find several of them
  23. What a fabulous looking piece!
  24. I forgot about this one! thanks for the love folks!
  25. thanks for the love folks!
  26. thanks for the love folks! thanks jscotto363! I love the donut base on them
  27. Thanks for the loves folks! I love the bases too Anik! Thanks for the link inky, I'll check it out! Thanks jscotto363, I think they are beautiful too!
  28. what a beautiful piece, the colour is stunning!!
  29. very cool piece!
  30. Drop dead gorgeous piece of glass!
  31. beautiful!
  32. Wow, these are fabulous!
  33. love this!
  34. great postcards!
  35. beautiful collection, I love the pink ones!
  36. beautiful piece!
  37. this is fabulous, I've not seen one like it before!
  38. stunning piece!
  39. What a great idea! They are all beautiful!
  40. love this card!
  41. Fabulous! Does this one hang outside with the others?
  42. more bunnies, I love these ones too!
  43. I love your outdoor bunnies and doggie!
  44. love this!
  45. These are wonderful, I love them!
  46. Thanks for the love folks! You are very welcome Newfld! I agree ho2cultcha!
  47. Thank-you for the link Rose! I'll send off a message, will post here if I find anything out.
  48. very nice frame!
  49. Thanks for the love folks! Thank-you for your comments Gillian and betweenthelens! This might never be identified, so until then the rough surface on the bottom will make this a great meat tenderize...
  50. sweet piece! Love your group shot
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