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Melbourne, Victoria

I am a collector of some old, rare and unusual Whistles. https://www.facebook.com/Whistlecollection


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B&R JERRY No.2550 whistle - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
French penny toy whistle - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Captain Midnight Whirlwind Whistling Ring - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
A flat Ivory double chamber whistle - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1902 Military whistle - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Acme Boy Scouts whistle - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Pressed horn whistle - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
William Dowler and sons whistle - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Registered Metropolitan Police whistle. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Filigree siren sphere whistle/pendant. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Yes i can hear sound when i blow on either end of the whistle.
  2. More of a whirling siren sound than a whistle.
  3. 4.5 cm including knop
  4. Your right I never noticed. It should be collectables
  5. Welcome Whistlegallery nice to see you here
  6. Yes it is my oldest.
  7. The opposite end to a "Fipple" is a ballish top, with a hole running through it to have a loop for hanging, is called a Knop.
  8. Haha its also the mouthpiece of a recorder or wind instrument.
  9. It does have a spherical (pea) or ball. It can be just seen in the pic its quite big for the size of the whistle
  10. SEAN68 I reread the question, do you mean for training your cat HAHA like training your dog similar to a dog whistle? I have to say I havent seen or heard of any :)
  11. A type of Revival Chatelaine?
  12. Very nice I think the whistle with no loop where the knife hinges, is the later J.Hudson whistle (probably 1930s). Your welcome to message me on my Facebook Page and send pics there and i can go throu...
  13. UncleRon if you have a look at my other whistles you with find an 1905 Alfred De Courcy folding knife :)
  14. The top one cast loop and cap is unfarmiliar, J.Hudsons loop was thin and concave. This ones loop angles in and curves to the top of the loop.
  15. I dont think, eventhough very similar, this one is made by hudson it sounds like a police whistle and i think it was inspired by the Hudson police whistle, it does have the two windows. Another reason...
  16. And thank you i find this one nice and interesting also. To be precise i was told its very similar to whistles stamped Municipal police but i find this one interesting because it is still that little ...
  17. I have been told recently that it is very similar to German made whistles that were supplied to America between the 1910 to 1930s
  18. HAHA also when i think about it you wouldn't want your face so close to the blade
  19. I did get it from a sporting gun supplies website and thats what they called it.
  20. Yes 12 Gauge (bore diameter) shotgun case extractor. I would normally say 12 gauge but some people just say 12b short for 12bore.
  21. Haha mine are quite petit, if your is very large then yes it can also be for a male
  22. Yes Its a two bone or ivory French made Whistle from the late 1800s or even early 1900s. I would have to guess it was a lady's accessory. Mine are a souvenir from different land marks pictured in the ...
  23. Yes Its a two bone or ivory French made Whistle from 1800s or even early 1900s. I would have to guess it was a lady's accessory. Mine are a souvenir from different land marks pictured in the little wi...
  24. Its the pea in a whistle that produces the intense sound
  25. Haha im a male My name is John and i have a couple hundred whistles
  26. I do have a few Wartime Whistles but mainly pre 1918 as with most of the whistles I have are late 1800s to 1920s. I have a collection of Hudson whistles from 1899-1918 but am missing the 1902,06,09 an...
  27. HaHa probably over a couple hundred
  28. Looks European probably French made
  29. If a livery button expert told us what uniform the button came from that would probably tell us who used it
  30. During World War 2 it became an army issue whistle and date stamped later was named the Aussie Thriller Whistle
  31. M&M: A possibility might be James Woodward and Wilfred B Mole trading as Manton & Mole from Warstone Street Birmingham in the late 19th century.
  32. Finally found out what the stamp on the reverse was its a Design Registration Mark or Kite Mark used between the years – 1842 to 1883. http://www.antique-marks.com/antique-marks.html
  33. There is one reference of a Spencer 1973 rigging marlinspike knife being once sold on worthpoint by someone that collected rigging knives
  34. Your father must of been in the British army or navy
  35. Im not sure about the Spencer name now but i have found your knife as reffered to as a British army issue clasp knife
  36. http://www.cornellpubs.com/diva/divaPOP/divaPOPgold_img.htm?i=http://www.cornellpubs.com/Images4/hibbard_1933_knives.jpg&c=&a=Hibbard%20Spencer%20and%20Bartlett%20Co.%20c1890%20Cutlery%20Catalog%20(Ch...
  37. H Cosson, was a Paris whistle maker who made similar whistles but normally plated brass and used ring on pipe, this one is made of pewter and has a rarer bulb knop on pipe also I haven't seen one wit...
  38. Haha there are no licencing of whistles and you can carry concealed, well here in Australia where I'm from.
  39. Some whistles are quite expensive and can reach into the thousands of dollars. Currently there is a Beaufort & Button Escargot combination whistle on eBay fetching $1500.
  40. Thank you very much SEAN68
  41. I always get the funny look when i tell people i collect whistles, well until they actually see them then its ohh wow. I think most people think of normal standard referee whistles but there is a lot ...
  42. Do a google search for THE ACME THUNDERER WHISTLE, look at images for ones that look exactly like yours, the Acme Thunderer goes back over 100 years, and lots of variations in shapes most would be pla...
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