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St Anne Des Lacs Quebec

Started collecting when I helped my mum and uncle empty an "older" uncles apt. A treasure trove of goodies for a 14 year old kid. [no longer 14] Sold on Portobello RStarted collecting when I helped my mum and uncle empty an "older" uncles apt. A treasure trove of goodies for a 14 year old kid. [no longer 14] Sold on Portobello Road in London , bought and sold in slew of stalls in Quebec ,Ontario . Sell sometimes online sadly. And COLLECT Eclectically . (Read more)


  1. Check out this painting of the cover.
  2. I am drooling.. Great show. Trucks.......
  3. That held a special ring. Very desirable today.
  4. Can I say " There starting to Bug me" Love them.
  5. It looks alot like the Edmonton Eskimo away jersey 1970s. Canadian Football. Seagrams is of course Canada's answer to rye whiskey.
  6. just finished watching Joe louis wow. Power houses.
  7. Great movie. Funny about the poster being from Saskatchewan.
  8. What a beauty!!
  9. I have found a few others with his name.. Not as nice. John Wayne and a rooster? Thanks for the help all.
  10. Wow, Thank you so much. Google translate just doesn't do it.
  11. Excellent . Thanks I will start now.
  12. So many to chose from another 50 in this group. Thanks ove sharing them.
  13. It looks like Walter Bosse took an old design and made it new .
  14. I have to read that again. Your right oranges in Quebec No way its 5 celsius this morning.
  15. I found out that he's a chairman in the appropriation committee Congressman Fitzgerald. Stopped at Blackfoot reserve on tour of inspection of Indian Reserve National Parks and reclamation project...
  16. I refused to sell to a anti-semite at a show , he was extremely Rude! The people around started to clap. He ended up apologizing to everyone. Somehow people's fear of Others has to be neutralized.
  17. Minnows in the milk, Not fake news! haha Excellent.
  18. Great Book Dam the seller.
  19. Thanks for the comments.
  20. Want it ,love it , drooling. Cant say enough! WOW!
  21. Thanks Jamie, Send me your email and I will send you more scans. I have more than a hundred photos of training here and deployed overseas. sheldon
  22. Time for a brew with these two.
  23. Thanks Thomas.
  24. A treasure.
  25. Wow! Awesome group.
  26. Thank you. "en habille" dressed in French.
  27. Made me think of the dentist. !! Yikes.
  28. He was a radio station guy..Worked all over as a DJ and then in sales. Travelled to all the jazz dens listening to the greats. We talked about jazz all the time, he was an encyclopedia .
  29. Definitely looks like a drag. We use them to level out the dirt road.
  30. Thank you all.
  31. Lucky girl I like the hee hee.
  32. How many times can I love it???
  33. I'm a chicken when it comes to sending items off to be graded.
  34. Beautiful. I would like to dance with the lady that carried that purse.
  35. I'm still shaking. It feels like a dream. Initially I thought it was records and when I opened it ...
  36. Popcorn and a Movie.
  37. Wow!! I will post a few of the early Detroit Team press photos from this lot. Condition is everything, how to go about getting grading. Thanks for the comments.
  38. Yes it does Caperkid, Second photo , middle row 3rd from left.
  39. Great Cards Love them.
  40. Does it attach at the back of a dress? I love the beaded work.
  41. Identify them? Not sure what you mean. They are quite common . Stamps, wrenches, drill bits and drill braces couple of hammers. What am I missing?
  42. Up North these are now relegated to fishing cabins or cottages. Insurance codes dont like them. Definitely not airtight but a great stove to heat the cabin while you're there.
  43. Bolted down with a tightener at the top?. Ok what is it?
  44. My dad used to be part owners in a company Markrite in Canada, they used to make these types of plates . It was a great summer job growing up working in shipping and receiving and looking for a skyho...
  45. The album has been played three times since it came out of the cellophane. I was lucky to get it.
  46. Loved seeing the old Wabco. I drove them and Electra Haul in Elkford for Fording Coal Cominco. Going downhill we could override the brakes and get it up to 35 miles and hour!!! I had a buckle from the...
  47. Great deal , I probably would have done the same.
  48. Thanks again.
  49. They made it through another day. My son-in-laws grandfather flew in the Lancasters, didnt talk much about it but did say they never asked each other their last names , because too many never came bac...
  50. I have looked at some of your posts and am enamoured with your collections. I cannot say enough about the history and the description of the items is near immaculate. Thank you for sharing.
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