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My name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront locMy name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront location, for twenty years before that I was regular swap meet seller. The shop closed in 2006 and I've been getting rid of the remainders ever since. Less a collector than an accumulator, I am not an expert on anything but I've seen a lot of stuff. This site has been helpful to me and hopefully I can occasionally return the favor. I appreciate your comments and "loves" for my posts here. Any further discussion - I can be reached at (Read more)


  1. Nobody biting? Yes, this is a very desirable piece of glass. The decor is referred to as "Marquetry" but is also often called "Bambus" and/or "Seaweed". For the last 50 years or so it has been identif...
  2. Nice one.
  3. Kind of a guess from a photo but this has all the look of a piece of Japanese Export glass, either pre-WWII or shortly thereafter.
  4. Thank goodness - I thought I was late.
  5. Does anybody really know what time it is?
  6. Is there a signature on the candle holder?
  7. Now that's specificity. Good work!
  8. According to Huxford's Weller book, this is called a bulb bowl. It is shown with the "Ardsley" pattern line but noted that the shape was also used in the "Pumila" line. Dates from the 1930s.
  9. A beauty! Happy holidays Marin.
  10. Melfirry Chrilfistmas Vy. Thanks for the poetry - I'm humbled.
  11. Good album - for jazz.
  12. Yes, GMcB.
  13. I also think this tag is a mismatch for the glass. The "N with crown" is a well-known Capodimonte logo. Nice glass though.
  14. Enamel on copper was a popular crafts medium in the 1950s. There are a few big names like Jade Snow Wong, and others I've forgotten, that successfully exploited the medium but I think a lot of the exa...
  15. I suspect these may be postwar.
  16. I'm lighting right now.
  17. Often called "Sooner" glass, this pulled glass swan was made by one of the many small furnaces in the Oklahoma/Arkansas border area. More correctly called Ozark art glass, this could have been made by...
  18. Specific maker is unknown at this point but it is Ozark glass made by one of the dozens of small glass makers in the Oklahoma/Arkansas border area.
  19. Excellent piece Marin. Harrach seems to be getting most of the credit these days. I do believe they are Bohemian, not English. While Harrach may have produced a "Persian" décor in-house, they (and oth...
  20. This is not the first Windex collection I have seen.
  21. Cool. If I owned this I would stick it in the garden too. Glad you have been enjoying your birthday. You've got a way to go before you catch up with me but I hope you do.
  22. Beautiful. That's a super find.
  23. Is that Walter Contrite?
  24. Every one-man band is the world's greatest one-man band (from one poot to another).
  25. I would like to suggest that this is not Murano but rather a product of one of the Ozark (Sooner) glass makers.
  26. Nice one, Marin. You have been making some good scores lately.
  27. The man with the cigarette is inspired. Nice group.
  28. The brown interior leads me to think Evans Pottery of Dexter, Missouri.
  29. Though the signature is almost indecipherable, it is signed Chalice - husband and wife team Charles and Alice Smith of Los Angeles.
  30. Excellent!
  31. Dow Chemical, also the manufacturer of Agent Orange, stopped making napalm in 1969. It took another four years for the U.S. to stop dropping it.
  32. An absolute jewel - nice pics.
  33. Oddly, many ski resorts also sell this product. It is supposedly good for preventing chapped lips.
  34. Mmmm.....Nice one.
  35. Interesting décor.
  36. I believe that most of the Welz documents in question have indeed been published "somewhere" and, personally, I do not doubt the provenance. Also, I believe that most of us are perfectly willing to ac...
  37. Bring your Lenny Dee records and I'll meet you at the rink.
  38. I hear both records were recorded entirely on roller skates.
  39. I get the lotus but I'm not so sure about the yellow thing. :+)
  40. Space dust?
  41. Padre is the name of a California pottery manufacturer and the plate was likely made by them. My question is whether the design is under the glaze or painted? If under-glaze, it would have been done i...
  42. Just curious - all your hand vases seem to be right-handed - are there any left-handed vases?
  43. I notice some interest in this glass lately and saw a need to update this post. The vase on the left with the bi-directional lip has been positively identified as an "Ozark Vase" (their name) by Scott...
  44. For those who have read this far - what Cheryl Jackson says above is correct. Information about this style of glassware is still in the formative stage but we are learning more every day. Smith's Old ...
  45. Garden City.
  46. Lots of instructions - They have a clear understanding of the public they are selling to.
  47. I saw one of these in all green a couple days ago. It looked like a lizard.
  48. To paraphrase the late Donald Rumsfeld - there is the known unknown and the unknown unknown. If I have picked up anything in the past six months from this Kralik-Steinwald discussion, it is to be less...
  49. Nice color.
  50. We all need a little high time.
  51. See more


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