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My name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront locMy name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront location specializing in California pottery and the era I call "from The Bomb to the Bicentennial". I appreciate your comments and "loves" for my posts here. (Read more)


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  1. To update this post a little - I now agree with racer4four that Corning is wrong and this is not Iwata. I'm still thinking pre-WWII Japanese but, so far, little information has surfaced about the manu...
  2. To the tune of the "William Tell Overture" - ta da dump, ta da dump, ta da dump today :+)
  3. As anyone with a search engine likely knows by now, this "black power" fist image was first used by the I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World).
  4. Mark is for Anchor Hocking. These are called "ring vases" from the Forest Green line.
  5. Thanks Ian - it was just an idle thought that will likely go nowhere. The quilted glass pattern is not familiar to me on Czech glass - the export mark raises my suspicion about who made this but, for...
  6. There were a couple dozen companies making tile in Los Angeles in the early 1920s. I have not seen these scenic tiles before but would be surprised if they are Batchelder - more likely Calco or Claycr...
  7. Well known Kralik shape - you'll hear it from better authorities than me. Nice piece. Research here -
  8. Thanks Bill. Believe me, nothing was wasted at Desert Sands Pottery. These were Depression Era people who brought Depression Era values and even older traditions with them from Missouri. Scraps, stuff...
  9. Thanks folks - this was fun.
  10. UPDATE - This decor has been found on a vase with a Fujiyama (Japan) label. I will do another post shortly with the image (since I don't seem to be able to edit the pictures here). PS - Karen (racer4...
  11. Yeah man - that's a surprise!
  12. A big thank you to Craig, Jericho, and Peggy for the thoughts on this piece. That this may be a new piece hadn't really crossed my mind, though I'm sure it is a possibility. I haven't noticed a big pr...
  13. Pine scented originally - fun stuff - long scorned by the pottery collectors, it is finally starting to exhibit some charm - mid-1950s through mid-80s in Loveland, Colorado.
  14. ginger, if you're still out there, or for anyone else who wants to know - these "Southern Belle" figures date to the 1940s. This one is 10" tall, there is an 8" version that has a hat on its head. The...
  15. Not Murano, or even Italian, but like the previous comments have said, this (and the swan) are American. Both are examples of what is being called Sooner or Ozark art glass. They were mostly made in t...
  16. Pretty funny - I'm betting the editor didn't foresee that interpretation.
  17. Oh I get it - it's the table of contents.
  18. Is there an explanation for the front page score card?
  19. I should add that this only identifies the location where the rubbing was taken. Yours is nicely done but don't assume that it is 18th Century vintage. These are still being made.
  20. Here's an exact identification for your rubbing -
  21. Thank you Karen. Desert Sands Pottery has been a personal favorite for a long time. I should point out, since there is probably not much of this in Australia, that these pieces are made with blended c...
  22. This is a "temple rubbing" (similar to a woodblock print) from Thailand.
  23. From one artfoot to another - good foot! Frey-foot? One can hope. California College of the Arts in Oakland or the Oakland Museum may be able to assist in a positive attribution. I believe Viola Frey ...
  24. Thanks for the loves - thanks Anik for the nice comment.
  25. Thanks everyone for the loves.
  26. Heartbreaking amigo.
  27. Gotta love absurd products - this is a new one for me.
  28. Thanks nuts - I hadn't noticed. Thanks all for the loves.
  29. Beautiful lamp! There were several US makers of this type lamp - you might try searching Moe Bridges or Bradley & Hubbard slag glass lamp.
  30. Thanks everyone for the loves.
  31. Thank you Peggy!
  32. Thank you IronLace - when I see your picture I always imagine you are holding a Fosters instead of a phone. Have a good day.
  33. Thank you Mac - one man's noise is another man's pleasure and, often, vice versa.
  34. Thank you buckethead - happy listening!
  35. Whew, thanks Kevin - I was beginning to think I had gone too far. Maybe there should be a dislike button?
  36. Thanks everyone. An interesting observation from IronLace - I live in the Los Angeles flatlands where snow only happens in the distance so I see the precipitation in the opposite direction :+) - more ...
  37. I can confirm this is a Royal Copley piece. Royal Copley was a trade name used by the Spaulding China Company from 1948 through 1957. They produced an incredible array of items, a large number of them...
  38. No, not Trump, but it is a small hand. :+)
  39. The work of Robert Maxwell has been seriously collected for many years here in California and is beginning to reach a wider audience. Excellent information can be found at - http://www.robertmaxwellce...
  40. I'd be inclined to think Japanese.
  41. Most likely made by Houze Art Glass.
  42. Thanks everyone - I like this piece a lot too.
  43. Thanks Ian - The same shape is shown in Truitt 2 but not identified there either.
  44. Thank you Craig, and of course I agree, though two out of three makes for a tantalizing suspicion.
  45. Definitely a David Stewart design - much of the Lions Valley production was sent out with only paper labels.
  46. Marked like this?
  47. Described as "alternative Afro-Cuban psychobilly doo-wop", you can hear it here -
  48. Another fine planter! I'm more of a Southern California guy and have no information on this company. The Oakland Museum used to be a good source of information on Alameda County pottery history - prob...
  49. You don't say where you are currently located but if you are still in California near one of the big cities, there will be several shops that specialize in California pottery. Seek out the high-end de...
  50. Wow, not what I was expecting! This style table was the centerpiece in a 1922 Industrial Products Exhibition and was offered in what I've been calling the pre-1925 catalog. Called simply #1000 in the ...
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