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My name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront locMy name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront location, for twenty years before that I was regular swap meet seller. The shop closed in 2006 and I've been getting rid of the remainders ever since. Less a collector than an accumulator, I am not an expert on anything but I've seen a lot of stuff. This site has been helpful to me and hopefully I can occasionally return the favor. I appreciate your comments and "loves" for my posts here. Any further discussion - I can be reached at (Read more)


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Carl Rotter "Fish" vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Musical ladies of my adolescence - Recordsin Records
Blooming Czech vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Post-WWII Czechoslovakian - Lednicke Rovne - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czechoslovakia printed marks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz yellow and orange spatter  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Yellow and orange spatter with cobalt rim and wings - Art Glassin Art Glass
Millefiori mini creamer and sugar with gold dust casing - Art Glassin Art Glass
Decorated uranium glass small rose bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech spatter basket - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. This vase and those like it were made in Czechoslovakia by Ditmar Urbach, 1920-30s. We used to call this decor "Alien Ware" - some people probably still do. :+)
  2. I'm window shopping.
  3. Compare with - Or -
  4. I see these offered for sale as Czech or Murano but I suspect they are Japanese, made for export, probably pre-WWII.
  5. Thank you Jericho.
  6. "reprocussions"?
  8. Also, you are correct in thinking that these chandeliers did not originally have shades. Electric lights were a novelty and, in some ways, a marvel. The bulbs were pleasantly shaped and the warm glow ...
  9. I can add that very little, if any, of the Midwest was wired for electricity in 1883. These were likely installed when the house was electrified sometime after the end of WWI - 1920s is probably corre...
  10. Nice little bowl. I think you can safely rule out Fenton as the maker of this piece. My impression is that it is European, with several possibilities. (Bohemian, Italian, maybe even English)
  11. Hopefully my comment will stand a better chance here of lasting longer than the few minutes it would on the posting it is really directed toward. That poster has a habit of deleting comments and rewri...
  12. Chances are these were also made by Stangl.
  13. Thank you Malkey - I appreciate the love.
  14. Looks like the work of Tony Evans - California, 1980s vintage.
  15. May you and your art flourish.
  16. Jump ahead to the mid-1950s - "Big" Joe Turner urged us all to "Shake, Rattle and Roll".
  17. So much for Victorian subtlety.
  18. Located in Berkeley, California Faience was the name of the pottery operated from 1915 through 1959. Nice find.
  19. Let me add one more response in an attempt to ease some of your conflict. Kristee Products of Akron, Ohio was primarily a mail order distributor of household gadgets and necessities. I don't know w...
  20. Thanks folks!
  21. Until I learn better I have a feeling this (and others like it) are post-WWII Czechoslovakian products that are trickling out from behind where the Iron Curtain used to be.
  22. Royal Copely - 1940-60.
  23. This is like poetry.
  24. Marcia of California produced castware ceramics in Los Angeles from the late 1950s through most of the 1960s. Complex glazes were a hallmark.
  25. Show it.
  26. Let me try to be a little more definite - this is a "Made in Japan" vase dating from the 1960s made for export. Similar vases can be found with several different importer labels, most commonly Lefton....
  27. I think I was more concerned about the when than with the who - at least for now.
  28. Are there any records, or even mention, of a distributorship large enough to have done this?
  29. Nice Redwing vase - colors make me think 1950s-60s though, but super piece. Also, Tampico was produced from 1956-65.
  30. Garden City - nice Deco vase.
  31. This is Garden City - a little bit more conical than Bauer.
  32. Thank you Jericho - I'm betting you have more experience with and images of glass with that "smile" mark. From what I've seen, there are consistent shapes and consistent decors, many not even remotely...
  33. Such sadness. I live in a house built in 1921 and it has 1921 wiring. I live in dread of this happening to me. May your future be bright.
  34. Texas is The Bluebonnet State. These hand painted fields of bluebonnets were popular tourist items in the 1930s and '40s. Several painters were employed by the pottery. The vase was made by Meyer Pott...
  35. And thanks to LOUMANAL as well - it's good to know that I wasn't the only one.
  36. Thank you Welzebub and Wow22. Really, I have no doubts that the two-line mark is an interwar mark. It's that darned "smile" mark bothers me. It seems that every piece I have that is marked that way ...
  37. Yes, thank you. Post has been clarified.
  38. Ernesto, se acabó.
  39. Located in Whittier in the late 1940s and only for a few years. The "j" on the underside is likely a decorator's mark but there is very little information about this company.
  40. That's what makes it interesting but it is still distasteful.
  41. Backstamp shows manufacturer of this plate was Hutschenreuter - Selb. It is difficult to imagine this as a post-war reproduction. Interesting though somewhat distasteful item.
  42. That thing you are calling a whisk is actually an egg separator - the white flows through and the yolk stays in the coil.
  43. Since I seem to have started all this, I thought I would throw another two cents into the pot. First, let me address the two links in comment 24 - second link first - I'm pretty sure that is a Welz pi...
  44. This is not a three color spatter - the darker, red-looking spots are just an unfortunate result of the lighting.
  45. Most likely Japanese Export.
  46. My goal here is to provide good pictures. If I can learn something after that, it's a bonus. Thanks everyone.
  47. Everybody needs a hand sometime.
  48. Thank you Lisa - sure looks to be the same shape.
  49. Me too.
  50. Geza? Is that you?
  51. See more


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