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Southern California

My name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront locMy name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront location, for twenty years before that I was regular swap meet seller. The shop closed in 2006 and I've been getting rid of the remainders ever since. Less a collector than an accumulator, I am not an expert on anything but I've seen a lot of stuff. This site has been helpful to me and hopefully I can occasionally return the favor. I appreciate your comments and "loves" for my posts here. Any further discussion - I can be reached at (Read more)


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LEGRAS small rose bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
KRALIK "Applied Flower" mirror-image pair - Art Glassin Art Glass
KRALIK "Threaded and Tooled" blue vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
KRALIK - pair of leaf- handled vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
1930s spatter glass vase - Made in Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
CHRIBSKA "Twist" - cobalt and rose - Art Glassin Art Glass
KRALIK - small honey-amber vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
KRALIK Deco Opalescent handled amber vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czechoslovakia spatter candle holder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik (?) "Applied Flower" vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Willy Picasso. :¬)
  2. Reading about Legras, I've learned this type of glass may have first appeared in 1890s catalogs but it was made until 1930 - still old but maybe not quite as old as I originally thought.
  3. That's a charming explanation of "chatelaine" - thank you for that. That Legras 1898 catalog is a wonderful document. Each of the many vases has a fanciful name. And you know how it works with this st...
  4. Thanks Karen. Just lucky on this one - I had been looking at the Legras catalog about a week before.
  5. Trust TallCakes!
  6. That's a wise looking cat. Your vase, by the way, if my memory serves me right (it often doesn't) was made by Anchor Hocking, part of the "Ruby" line - 1940s-60s.
  7. Thank you Peggy and Rene - you could very well be correct. I didn't notice it before 1999 in the catalogs I looked at but that doesn't always mean it wasn't there. It seemed like it should have been. ...
  8. I was hoping you got them too. I would have had to pay shipping to US and it still would have been worth it at that price.
  9. I bet I know what pair you are wondering about - I slept through that one too.
  10. Me too. I'm having trouble accepting "Spatter" as "Tango" - Tango-era using Tango colors maybe, but not Tango in my mind.
  11. Just to add about pairs splitting up - the seller of these had them priced separately.
  12. Thanks IL - I knew you were going to like these. And thanks for the links - your basket, especially, looks like it belongs with these.
  13. Excellent!
  14. I like the painting extreme left in the first picture - have you posted that?
  15. A lot of the old gospel-tinged country music just doesn't get the same sort of collector attention as the rest of the genre. Eddy Wayne and His Starlight Rangers were early radio stars out of Akron, O...
  16. Trojan cow?
  17. Thanks Ivonne - I didn't doubt this was Welz, the shape is unmistakable, but it is a décor that I don't see often.
  18. I'm curious - what was her attribution?
  19. This is most likely an "open stock" pattern meaning it was available to any customer and not specifically designed for any particular restaurant. The Wellsville backstamp on your bowl was used through...
  20. Excellent post Thomas - well said and right on!
  21. "The Complete Collectors Guide to Bauer Pottery" by Jack Chipman and Judy Stangler (1982) was the first book to offer an in depth look at Bauer Pottery and is still a good resource. "Collectors Encycl...
  22. terracottapot is correct - these are shown in the 1928 Bauer catalog, referred to as "hanging baskets". They were made in six sizes from 7 to 14 inches.
  23. When The Beatles wrote and recorded this song it was a pop tune - when Johnny Cash recorded it, it felt real...
  24. Excellent piece - I've been waiting to see this one since you posted the group shot. And thanks to welzebub for the ID.
  25. These ashtrays originally sat at the top of a metal stand that had four legs, a shelf below the ashtray, and a handle that stuck up through the hole in the center. I don't know for sure the manufactur...
  26. Peggy has one - so do I. We had a short discussion here a couple years ago. There is an argument that the mark ...
  27. gewalzt = rolled
  28. Yes - Weller LOUWELSA jardiniere - a later piece from the "Louwelsa" line, dates from 1920s.
  29. I was fascinated by the rough surface on this plate and wondered how and what foods might be enhanced by this sort of surface. I can add nothing about that but since I had a little time and some refer...
  30. Made in Czechoslovakia - generally attributed to Kralik Glassworks - dates from the 1930s.
  31. Thanks Lisa - I didn't mention a mark because there isn't one. There also is no pontil scar which, to me, means that the hot-work application and the iridescence were done before this was sheared off...
  32. Thanks IronLace - I also thought this a bit unusual. Malkey - always good to hear from you. Wow22 - thank you for the nice comment. Thanks to everyone for the looks and loves.
  33. I think you will find this to be Mexican glass.
  34. The tapa cloth pattern of the jacket is a Hawaiian classic. Styling with blue or green trousers, you'd be a stand-out at the tiki bar.
  35. Great comments. Thanks for the looks and loves.
  36. Sorry, a space seems to make all the difference -
  37. If you are still wondering - this is a Bell Systems precision oil gun 404A. It appears to be missing the needle applicator. For a complete one, see here...
  38. Thanks everyone for the visits and loves.
  39. You might find this of interest -
  40. Thank you for looking.
  41. Maxfield Parrish. The print is titled "Garden of Allah" (as Kevin said above) originally created in 1918. Parrish prints were tremendously popular in the 1920s.
  42. Thank you Karen.
  43. Thank you - I've asked Karen for her opinion but haven't yet received a reply. Morimura is certainly one of my considerations. Sasaki founder's name was Magoichi Shimada and company was founded during...
  44. Adlai Stevenson was born in Los Angeles. There is a famous old cemetery here in LA called Evergreen Cemetery. When I first saw the name I thought they brought him back here. He grew up and lived in Bl...
  45. Alexander "Sasha" Makovkin worked primarily in Northern California, apprenticed with Marguerite Wildenhain at Pond Farm and worked at Heath Ceramics before establishing his own studio. Most pieces wer...
  46. It does look like Hank. Cool shirts.
  47. The tile on this table was made by Taylor Tilery. Taylor Tilery was located in Santa Monica, California from around 1915 until around 1930. I believe these tables were made a little longer than that w...
  48. I'm seeing "...... Blackstone" on the print - the pencil signature looks to read "Barbara" - hope that is helpful. Cool print.
  49. Thanks everyone - Kevin, always good to hear from you.
  50. It makes sense that there might be separate catalogs for retailers and for jobbers - thanks welebub. Thanks everyone for the loves and views.
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Long Awaited Ruckl Glass Tango Decor 'Silver (gray) Web' Jar  - 6x5 inches