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My name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront locMy name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront location, for twenty years before that I was regular swap meet seller. The shop closed in 2006 and I've been getting rid of the remainders ever since. Less a collector than an accumulator, I am not an expert on anything but I've seen a lot of stuff. This site has been helpful to me and hopefully I can occasionally return the favor. I appreciate your comments and "loves" for my posts here. Any further discussion - I can be reached at (Read more)


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Czechoslovakian glass group portrait - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czechoslovakian interwar pottery - same shape, different mark - Potteryin Pottery
Ditmar Urbach - Czech interwar pottery - Potteryin Pottery
Czechoslovakian spatter - one vase or three? - Art Glassin Art Glass
CZECHOSLOVAKIA satin spatter bullet vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
D&M tile top table - Potteryin Pottery
Difficult listening 23 - Korla Pandit - Recordsin Records
Unknown spatter vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz beverage set - Art Glassin Art Glass
Difficult Listening 22 - DIAMANDA GALÁS - A girl and her piano - Recordsin Records


  1. Pattern is shown on Replacements but un-named, referred to only as GAB8. The pattern name is likely the same as the name of the plant pictured. Maybe someone here will know what plant that is. You cou...
  2. A little more information - Gabriel was the last name of the owners of Winfield Pottery in the 1940s. In 1946, the Gabriels made some sort of arrangement with American Ceramics of Santa Monica for the...
  3. A good load of information about Maddux of California can be found here...
  4. Gabriel China was the name used on dinnerware by Winfield Pottery from 1947 until they closed in the early 1960s.
  5. Thank you for the loves and nice comments.
  6. Personally, I wouldn't eat it either. :¬) I hear you about the critters. My yard has an orange tree which seems to satisfy the squirrels and opossums. For the rest of the yard, I grow cactus.
  7. I'll we have white folks pretending to be black... :¬)
  8. 10-15 years ago tile top tables were the rage here in California. I think interest has tapered off a bit since then but they still sell very well because they fit well with a variety of decors. Tha...
  9. Amanita muscaria? - look like the RIGHT kind to me. Did you take a bite?
  10. The ashtrays are usually attributed to Seguso as well.
  11. Thank you Craig. Not only can these relief marks not be tied to any particular producer, I question whether they can even be linked to the interwar period. Those orange JIPs in your second link look l...
  12. Oops - #236 porch pots. :¬)
  13. Please post a picture of the label - we like to see those too.
  14. Gladding McBean #235 porch pots - nice.
  15. Super and genuinely creepy collection - excellent work. I love that glass lamp shade, btw.
  16. I'm tired And I'm retired But I'll be standing in line for the doors to open When the Sudden Deflation occurs.
  17. Good news - bad news. I feel your disappointment. The last time I bought a lot of four items through the mail I received a lot of one item and a box full of broken glass. I joke that our local postal ...
  18. I'm going to have to agree with TOD on this one. I would be very surprised if these are Crown Crystal (or any other Australian glass maker) though the shape has some similarities. From what I've found...
  19. Good post Thomas!
  20. All cats are wonderful!
  21. Thank you larksel - I saw a nearly identical vase (same shape and decor) for sale on a German site. The seller claimed it was from Bulgaria. I'm still completely up in the air over this one. Thanks fo...
  22. Taylor Tilery - same pattern in a different coloring can be seen here - I've always liked these tile tables - I've had a lot of them but only have one left ...
  23. This piece was made by the Ditmar Urbach firm and, yes, dates from the 1930s.
  25. Hello Thomas - The man's name was Jan Berry. He first showed up with the duo, Jan and Arnie. Arnie left and Jan was joined by Dean Torrence. They scored their first big hit in 1959 with "Baby Talk", a...
  26. Yeah, I exaggerated a bit.
  27. Andy lived a life of messy excess but, separating the art from the artist, he changed the way the whole world thought about art. He deserves credit for that. Good book, BTW.
  28. Super piece! I think probably Kralik as well.
  29. Wow22 - They were together when I bought them but I have no idea how long they have been together. Thanks everyone for the loves.
  30. Cool amigo - I didn't go in Feb. It was still there in March and I just couldn't quibble with the price he quoted. I can handle grumpy when the price is right. :+)
  31. Thanks Craig - and thanks Malkey, I think I'll imagine a pitcher full of margaritas.
  32. Appreciate it - thank you.
  33. Good one Thomas. I like songs about men who went to war and fell in love instead. Bobby Bare sang about his "Fraulein" and Cowboy Copas sang about the sweetheart he left behind on the "South Pacific S...
  34. Here is a version Diana Ross could never imagine... This is from her first solo album "Wild Women With Steak Knives"...
  35. Thanks Thomas. Looks like old Walter had some chops after all...
  36. Thanks folks - I'm pretty happy with this one.
  37. Good Herb, Thomas.
  38. A quick image search for "antique stove Belgium" shows several similar items. This is likely wood/coal burning. You can probably find online a vintage stove dealer who can fill you in about the "Lucy"...
  39. This is very typical of European stoves. A search for that may help. Need other pictures to tell if this is wood, coal, oil, or gas burning. The last picture looks to read "Made in Belgium".
  40. This won't help identify "A.A.C." but the number 157 on your plate is a Mayer China date code meaning it was made in the first quarter of 1957.
  41. You keep going around this room and each trip is different. I'm getting dizzy. :+)
  42. Cool Thomas - the classic bachelor pad background until replaced by Herb Alpert and Vicki Carr. You're likely to make me dig out some of my old Jackie Gleason records. :+)
  43. Nice one!
  44. Cool find - have you tried to play it? Here it is from Youtube - Good song!
  45. EAPGD's time frame is correct. Often sold as "Kayserzinn", the metal ware of the J.P. Kayser & Sohn foundry is well-known to Art Nouveau collectors. More can be read here - https://senses-artnouveau....
  46. Before they were The Eagles, they were Linda's back-up band.
  47. The Stone Poneys - dang Kindle has a bad habit of changing my spelling. :+)
  48. Great voice - I've been a fan since The Stone Ponies.
  49. Here's an interesting tidbit regarding bluegrass and percussion - Back in the late 1960s, The Dillards thought they would update their sound by adding a drummer. The first drummer they used was a then...
  50. Thank you Thomas. Bill Monroe is often credited as the "father of bluegrass" but I think an argument can be made that Charlie Poole's unique banjo-pickin' was the real dad.
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