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My name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront locMy name is Harry. I'm an older sort of poot that has been dealing in antiques and collectibles on some level for most of my life. For 18 years I had a storefront location specializing in California pottery and the era I call "from The Bomb to the Bicentennial". I appreciate your comments and "loves" for my posts here. (Read more)


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Tall blue carnation vase - marked Czechoslovakia - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two tiny handled ruby vases - marked Czechoslovakia - Art Glassin Art Glass
Royal Copenhagen cobalt vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czechoslovakian satin finish spatter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Difficult Listening 11 - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Recordsin Records
Blenko - various swirl vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
RIP - Dick Gregory - Recordsin Records
Difficult listening 10 - a few 45s - Recordsin Records
Las Hermanas Aguilar - folk art Grand Masters - Potteryin Pottery
Kralik pedestal bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I take it all back - California Rainbow by Meyers Pottery (Los Angeles) is probably a better ID.
  2. A tip to make these easier to use - do it with your left hand.
  3. I'm certainly in no position to be making attributions but it is fascinating watching the process develop. Thank you.
  4. Bauer "Ringware".
  6. Clown power!
  7. This in-mold mark was used from 1935 until 1948 when Weller ceased production. I'm not sure which line this piece belongs in but I would guess that is from one of the Chinese inspired lines like "Ting".
  8. Pyrex "Flameware" by Corning was introduced in the mid-1930s and was produced until 1979. These clamp-on handles were mainly for use on stove top skillets and saucepans - there are several different d...
  9. I'm sorry, I should have translated it for you - It reads something like "Around The First of January the revolution is taking place on all fronts."
  10. There are several good online resources for researching OSPAAAL and other Cuban political posters. The artist who designed this poster is Roberto Figueredo. You might start here - http://www.ospaaal....
  11. Hilarious!
  12. Thank you Ian - I missed that one.
  13. Everybody's first Zappa album. I knew this was here so I didn't start my Mothers posting with this album. I can't resist adding a few comments. This album blew minds in the '60s. It expanded our con...
  14. Thank you Peggy - it's funny how I think the same thing about the UK.
  15. Thanks everyone for the loves and comments.
  16. I have probably made a few rash pronouncements since I've been here on CW but I try to control myself. A fair amount of Czechoslovakian glass has passed through my hands over the years but it has only...
  17. Thanks everyone for the loves and good comments. Moondog, "The Viking of 5th Avenue" (or something like that) was an interesting character. I will probably do a posting about him sometime but I only ...
  18. All of Captain Beefheart's music is available on YouTube - as whole albums or individual tracks. Here is a favorite from SAFE AS MILK -
  19. Probably some sort of gesso (plaster of paris) that was applied with a trowel or palette knife and then painted.
  20. Not Roseville - I'm having the same difficulty you are reading the mark but it looks to me like a 1920-30s vintage Made in Japan mark.
  21. Although these dinnerware pieces are marked "Designed by Walt Disney" it is very rare to find any pieces marked "Fantasia". There were only a few sets made so marked before the name had to be withdra...
  22. The numbers are Vernon catalog numbers - 121 is the goldfish bowl, 125 is the sprite bowl.
  23. I'd like to add a little information about the Vernon Kilns Disney pieces for those collectors trying to duplicate Donna's success. There are a total of 36 different figurines that were produced for ...
  24. US Pottery operated out of Paramount here in Southern California. There hasn't been a lot of information available about them. Most accounts date them to the 1950-60s. As far as I know, they only made...
  25. Thanks to everyone for looking and loving - thanks to antiquerose for the comment.
  26. This phrase first appeared to the public in 1970 as a piece by poet and prototypical hip-hop artist Gil Scott-Heron.
  27. The impressed number will relate to the size of the pot - if it's about 7" tall, the number will be 7 etc. Bauer gardenware flower pots with this surface pattern were called "swirl" pots and the glaz...
  28. Mighty fine assembly of Vernon Kilns Disney - good work!
  29. The always entertaining Spike Jones had the hit recording of this song.
  30. Thanks everyone for the loves and comments.
  31. Love the team photo.
  32. Very nice - this is a piece that isn't seen very often.
  33. California Faience would be a good bet on this frog.
  34. They call it revolution because it keeps coming back to where it started.
  35. This Van Briggle castware piece dates from the 1960s judging from the bottom mark. This Persian Rose glaze color was discontinued in 1968.
  36. I'm thinking Mexican as well.
  37. H for Harry?
  38. Good score. Pinto Pottery was made for less than three years, so there's not a lot of it around.
  39. Many of the 1960-70s vintage black light posters were obscure, short-run productions and I don't know of any comprehensive source of information on them. An online search for black light posters will ...
  40. Thank you, iggy - I appreciate the support. And thanks, bill and roddy, for taking a chance.
  41. Thank you, Thomas - I appreciate your support.
  42. Links to the above -
  43. Everything else aside, Glen Campbell was an amazing guitar picker.
  44. Hyalyn made some beautifully designed products in the 1950-70s that really deserve a wider recognition.
  45. Thanks art - it helps.
  46. Orrefors?
  47. My guess - this is a form used in the manufacture of rubber gloves.
  48. Looks Italian to me too.
  49. Very cool piece! This piece is probably related to the orange piece in your previous post and the red one in the link but it is a very different shape - like a hyacinth vase version of the other two.
  50. Love the oddball stuff - good on, Thomas.
  51. See more


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