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San Bernardino calif

I am the granddaughter of Alvin Becraft my grampy he was a very talented man kind and a hard worker I am Dolores Becraft Vernons daughter.


Becraft Glass Co. 1955-1972 Lily  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Swan and other pieces from his collection  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Really how awesome is that. That tells me that my grandfathers workers must have followed my Uncoe Ralph to his shop on Wheeler street excited to see the piece. Happy that he has some signed pieces (p...
  2. What I think happened was quite simple between the questionable pieces my grandfather was dying and Ralph realized he wanted to keep his pieces as well as keep them going this is why some are not sign...
  3. I agree about it being Ralph’s my grandfather hardly ever crossed colors like Ralph did.
  4. I was wondering what pieces have My Uncle Ralph’s Smith stamp on it because I think my grandfather had a pattern to his work I am now seeing. Please give me feedback on this I want to see some of Ralp...
  5. Can someone please tell me the address of Ralph Smith Sr.’s shop when he was in production by himself or someone else. Thank you
  6. I want to apologize for misinformation about the patent my grampy drug his feet on his designs so please forgive me for any harsh words I might have said and misinformation I am now taking this more s...
  7. I would like to clear up the OC working next to my grampy in Arkansas still researching that as well as the patent deal I apologize for the wrong information on that part of my story I am pretty sure ...
  8. Lmao not poop it Jack and the pulpit lol he designed most of the early glass just never got a patent on it. Unfortunately
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Ozark Art Glass Blown Glass Swans Sooner or Arklahoma.


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