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Henri Gandais  - Potteryin Pottery
Royal Doulton tobacco jar - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Quimper odetta vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Montigny sur Loing, Boue et Petit - Potteryin Pottery
Ame ssaqqab , Touareg dromedary luggage carrier - Furniturein Furniture
Atelier de Glatigny  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Pot I found in France some time ago. Would love to know the maker, any help much appreciated.  - Potteryin Pottery
Charles Catteau  d873 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Advertising pot for Ciror - Potteryin Pottery
Roger Guerin  - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thankyou truthordare ,aura ,art.pottery ,blunderbuss2 ,kwqd ,fortapache ,Watchsearcher , Newfld ,vetraio50 
  2. And brunswick, thankyou
  3. Cheers, Vetraio50, Elizabethan, Aura, Dav2no1, Radegunder, MALKEY, Blunderbuss2, Fortapache and Newfld for the loves.
  4. Thank you kwqd,aura,vetraio50,Fortapache and malkey for the loves.
  5. I think it's Desvres
  6. Cheers Sean and ho2cultcha.
  8. Hi I found something a bit like this today .saw this ,same dress pattern.
  9. It looks a bit like Jules Guerin, Roger Guerin's son's work. But the stamp is wrong.
  10. Thank you Art.pottery Watchsearcher Mp.Kunst Fortapache Vynil33rpm Aura Racer4four Kwqd Blunderbuss2 Ho2cultcha And Vetraio for the loves.
  11. A beauty!
  12. Very nice
  13. Very nice!
  14. Cheers for the nice comment vetraio50 And thanks for the love aura
  15. Thank you Fortapache and kwqd for loves
  16. Thank you Vynil33rpm and lovelypat.
  17. Cheers iggy
  18. Cheers ,aura and kwqd
  19. Thank you Sean68 Vetraio50 AdeleC Fortapache Art.pottery Bracken3 Ho2cultcha for the loves and comments.
  20. And finders9 cheers
  21. Thank You Sean68 Melaniej Vetraio50 Aura Manikin and Fortapache for the loves.
  23. It's by Henri gandais
  24. Fives lille
  25. It looks a bit like five lille majolica. I got an asparagus plate with a similar design. Yours is very nice.
  26. It looks a bit like something made by PUENTE DEL ARZOBISPO POTTERY Spain.
  28. Hi art deco is my thing ,but I love art nouveau ceramics have you heard about c.burchart the BH kinda correspond with this .The form is kinda correct but the glaze is out.
  29. A blue one
  30. Cheers Sean68 And welzebub,thatmonkey,vynil33rpm and artpottery for the loves
  31. Thanks Thedecoguy Valentino97 Blunderbuss Ho2cultcha Iggy Aura Watchsearcher Fortapache Artfoot Newfld Malkey And Manikin for the loves.
  32. Looks a bit like a nandi bull
  33. Hi I think it is boch freres,they did the same flambe glaze .
  34. A potter called Paul Jacquet used the same colour combinations.
  35. Hi Paul, thanks for your help
  36. Cheers sean
  37. Back in the day freebies were worth having lol.
  38. Thank you vetraio for your help.
  39. Cheers sean
  40. Thank you for the likes
  41. Same maker
  42. That's so nice. love it.
  43. Art.pottery. yes he's really should post your lamp.
  44. I posted a pic on my site????
  45. It looks a lot like gres montgolfier france, I have a few . The crystalline glaze obscures the mark, but I have one with a paper label still on.
  46. I knew I would spell it wrong.
  47. Thanks decoguy
  48. Cheers junkman60
  49. Jug ,ha
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