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Catteau lamp for Blammoammo - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Here’s another from the stonecraft line
  2. Looks like the link I provided redirects to the sellers active page, scroll down to see the sold item.
  3. I think more recent production. Found a sold item on Ruby Lane that appears to be the same shape, perhaps a smaller version.
  4. Marking is Asian, my guess would be Japanese? You might try searching Japanese pottery marks sites for a match.
  5. Thanks for adding the pic. After seeing the base, and since the interior is unglazed, I suspect a more recent Asian import. If so, likely Chinese.
  6. Could you add a pic of the base, even if unmarked
  7. Should’ve clarified that, are there any snowflake-like formations in the glaze?
  8. Probably Asian, likely Chinese. It’s hard to tell, but is it a crystalline glaze?
  9. Maybe Monmouth?
  10. Legit. Metlox Poppytrail 235-T tumblers from their “200” series dinnerware line.
  11. Google Roseville Futura Vase and then search the images, You’ll find a couple of examples of the form. I’ve seen a lot of Futura, but never that form before. Nice!
  12. My first thought was Roseville - maybe Futura? vetraio50 is right, a pic of the base will help.
  13. Sometimes carnelian glazes show up on different forms. Might also check their mat green and chloron lines.
  14. Before I read your description, Roseville was my first thought.
  15. I agree, Korean, or Asian at least
  16. Check Weller Greora
  17. Might look at Franz porcelain? I can’t see enough of the mark to make an educated guess.
  18. I love it! Have you considered re-taking the pic against a black or white background and trying a google image search? Form’s distinctive enough you might get a hit. Assuming the base is open, it migh...
  19. Can you add a pic of the side of the vase?
  20. It was Denbac that made the Cointreau bottles. Plenty of examples if you google, but nothing resembling your bottle. Sorry for the red herring.
  21. Been trying to figure this one out for a couple of days now. Reminiscent of Czech “Alienware”, but I’m leaning toward French. Thinking the mark may be what it contained, rather than the potter. One of...
  22. Can you add a pic of the vase? Try dusting the mark with cinnamon to increase contrast and post what you’re able to make out.
  23. Could the word towards the bottom of the ink mark be “BELGIUM”?
  24. Probably dates from the teens to early 30s, just going by the style. The mark is shown on But not ide...
  25. What does the mark say?
  26. Think you can scratch Brush McCoy. I just did a lot of searching and couldn’t find a match. Also, the clay seems a bit too orange-y for BMc? I believe the sticker remnants are just an old price tag
  27. My best guess would be US production circa the 1930s-40s. One of the large companies. Base looks like Brush McCoy, but I don’t typically think of their wares when I see a solid matte blue glaze. Might...
  28. Great! Glad you were able to figure it out. Really stunning piece
  29. Dig = sig
  30. I’d agree, newer. Think I’d call the form organic. Closeup of signature is clipped, what’s the first letter? Try dusting the dig with cinnamon to increase the contrast.
  31. Saw y0ur comment on the wire, are they solid cast?
  32. I think the theme might be harvesting or the harvest. Figurines look really familiar, particularly the eyes. Searched Images for the last hour but came up with nothing. You’re certain it’s cold paint ...
  33. When you search, Use Catherine Covalenco - omit the maiden name for a lot more results.
  34. It’s the artist mark of Catherine Pissaroff Covalenco.
  35. Clay seems too dark, and glaze too translucent. May just be the photos though. As an alternative, perhaps KY or NC pottery?
  36. Any markings on the back?
  37. You might also try dusting the base with cinnamon then use your finger to spread it into the markings to enhance the contrast
  38. Typically “very heavy” = a student piece. Probably hand built from slabs of clay
  39. Think it’s early Haeger - there were some tie-in’s between early and late Fulper.
  40. Also check Pittsville Pottery
  41. Can’t tell if the clay is white (and discolored) or buff. If white, you might check Muncie Pottery
  42. Could you add a picture if the bottom, even if unmarked
  43. Also similar to Bulgarian pottery. Google ‘Bulgarian Pottery’ and then look at the images. Not saying it’s not Swiss, just a remarkable similarity.
  44. Oops that reference should have included: Page 78.
  45. Galván family potters of Tonalá. I believe the decorator is Angel Solis. Is the pitcher 11 1/2” tall? If so, I found an identical form (but decorated by, and signed Galván) dated ca. the 1960s-198...
  46. I think it’s H.F. Coors of Inglewood California - not Colorado Coors Pottery.
  47. Check Treasure Craft or Pottery Craft.
  48. Also potentially Uhl Pottery
  49. I’ve seen the form numerous times. Perhaps Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co or Monmouth Pottery?
  50. I’ve seen a few Overbeck pieces and all had consistent markings. You might contact the Overbeck museum for their opinion. They’ve seen hundreds of examples.
  51. See more


PortMeirion Pottery 1970s "Phoenix" by John Cuffley, Staffordshire, England tall coffee pot.