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  1. I can’t tell from the pic. There should be a little line or bar, above or below, one of the letters in Royal, Copenhagen or Denmark. Can you tell me which word, letter and if over or under?
  2. I like it! Can you add a pic of the flat base of the figurine, even if unmarked. Caped cat holding a candle. I get a “Made in Japan” vibe from it, just for the ‘weirdness’ factor - but it could be ...
  3. It’s RRPCo. The /- mark (sometimes referred to by collectors as a “slash and dash mark”), preceded by the shape number, is a dead giveaway. It’s shown on page 97 of Sanford’s Guide to Robinson Ran...
  4. Oops.. that’s ‘trivet’. Google “Wheeling Pottery Trivet” and click on the images tab. I couldn’t find an exact match but there are several Pegasus tiles, the “Wheeling” portion of the mark appears sim...
  5. Size and shape would be about right for a hot pad/trivit- but I’d think the gold decoration wouldn’t be particularly durable if metal pans were set on it.
  6. perhaps Wannopee Pottery, looks like their glaze
  7. Artesania Rinconada - you can just see their AR marking on his foot (hoof?)
  8. Thanks for taking time to post all the info on clay types and firing temps. Good stuff!
  9. I can’t ID it, but the term you’re referring to when you say “hard & strong - like a sink or a toilet” is “vitrified” or “highly vitrified”. That bit of info you provided may help you narrow down the ...
  10. Can’t help with a maker. Probably a necklace and style looks 1960s-70s to me, but those are just guesses
  11. Agree. Italy
  12. Can’t ID it, sorry. But FWIW it’s not one (or two, three) of a kind - like a student piece might be. I’ve had several pieces with that mark over the years. Despite a lot of attempts to attribute, neve...
  13. Great find. I’ve collected crystallines for years and have quite a few Mankameyer examples. His are some of the best
  14. Try searching these keywords and see if you can find similar: Albany slip glazed jar
  15. Can you add a pic of the base. My first thought was Japan but the more I look I’m leaning toward European, perhaps German circa 1920s-30s
  16. I’m not seeing a sig? Just the UE logo, Sweden and the shape designation number. Am I missing something?
  17. Perhaps Metlox? Search “Metlox rooster plate” and see what you think. I see a lot of similarities to their Poppytrail dinnerware line, the rooster looks slightly different (no raised leg) and there’s...
  18. I think the circular portion of the marks reads MADE IN ENGLAND?
  19. Maybe a turkey or peacock? I like it!
  20. Never seen another like that. No clue to maker. Wild guess on age would be 20s to pre-war 40s. . If no one here can help, contact They’re great about helping with attributions and us...
  21. After staring at it a minute I realized the tin etching is Snoopy (Peanuts cartoon) in his biplane, so that kind of limits the age range. No idea on the vase.
  22. I’d guess Belgian and I agree circa 30s or very early 40s. Possibly Thulin.
  23. Probably just a shape designation number. Perhaps the the letter B is an initial of the decorator. The glaze pits are likely from bubble pops during the firing process. Sorry I Don’t know which compan...
  24. Re-read your last post. The translucent celadon interior glaze you describe was not a Frankoma production glaze.
  25. Hmm. Frankoma did use a pale tan, sometimes called “honey-colored”, clay mined from an area near Ada Oklahoma. This clay was used in the early pre-Frankoma years and into the 1950s. Frankoma later swi...
  26. Went through both the Bess and the Schaum Frankoma texts, nothing shown. You might contact the Frankoma collectors society, I’ve heard they respond quickly to questions. Frankoma collectors are avid (...
  27. Got to be Frankoma. Perhaps a piece made for a restaurant. Never seen one before and I know Frankoma very well. Can you add a picture of the bottom?
  28. Red herring, sorry. Brush McCoy’s star logo had rounded points, resembling a gear. I still believe your crock is Ohio made, but I don’t know the company.
  29. I believe it was Brush McCoy that used the star marking. The #3 is the capacity in gallons.
  30. Just realized I misspelled one of those. Correct spelling is Troyan.
  31. Just clicked on a few of the images and found one marked Troyan Made In Bulgaria. Search Tryoan pottery and you’ll get tons of examples.
  32. Thinking it’s Bulgarian. Google Bulgarian art pottery and scroll through the images to see what you think.
  33. Sorry, The correct spelling is Haeger. They had a limited palette of glazes on earlier pieces. Search “Haeger geranium leaf green” and see if the glaze is a match to your bowl.
  34. I believe it's early Heager Pottery
  35. Grueby Pottery was a later mark, following a fire and reorganization.
  36. What an amazing find! I believe that’s the Grueby Faience mark (rather than the Grueby Pottery mark) so production would have been circa 1894 t0 1909. The initials “RE” are those of Miss Ruth Erickson...
  37. The mark reads “Stouffer Fine China”. Reasearching that should give you more info.
  38. Nope handle is wrong for ringware, sorry
  39. Think it’s a Bauer ringware individual teapot?
  40. Adding a picture of the base with markings might help narrow down the production date. Nice vase!
  41. Look of the base and white clay color are wrong for Weller, Owens & Roseville. I’m thinking European. Crossed 7 numbering style is often European.
  42. Great find! Congrats!!
  43. I agree, Canadian. Not sure of which company. Great site for IDing CA pottery : You might find a similar form/glaze combo and narrow down the attributi...
  44. I can definitively rule out Hull. As Racer posted, please Add a pic of the base.
  45. Just to narrow the range a bit. The form does not appear in a 1932 catalog reprint.
  46. Found it in the Elliot-Bishop GMcB text, page 46. Referred to as a "Paint Pot". Description below states "Pot No. 100 is made in Jacob's Coat of running glazes and has the charm of a discarded pal...
  47. Should have added I gathered the info I provided from the book by Francesca Fisher "Rumrill Pottery the Ohio Years". I did find you pitcher in catalog reprints from both Shawnee and Florence. If y...
  48. Got it. It's a George Rumrill design. Produced for Rumrill by either the Shawnee Pottery Co. or Florence Pottery circa the late 30s to early 40s. Rumrill changed production companies several times. I ...
  49. Ugh. Auto correct. Could you add a pic...
  50. Could you add apocalypse of the base, even though unmarked. Might help with a positive ID
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PortMeirion Pottery 1970s "Phoenix" by John Cuffley, Staffordshire, England tall coffee pot.