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Catteau lamp for Blammoammo - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Very similar motif shown here:
  2. I’ve seen that planter identified as Shawnee, McCoy & Brush McCoy. I think the latter is most likely the correct attribution.
  3. Came to post what artfoot did. Chalice, their signature is often distorted and illegible, but unmistakable, taken as a whole. Another example:
  4. Did a little searching. Apparently those were shape #894 individual ashtrays. The mark dates production circa 1940-47.
  5. Can you add a pic of the base please?
  6. Looks like the glaze line was called “Marblo” and dates circa 1914. If you google Weller Marblo Vase, you can see a lot of examples of the glaze family. The reference book I have is >20 years old, b...
  7. Think I found a match. Vernon Kilns “Coronado”
  8. Nope, was thinking of Red Wing “Chevron” dinnerware, but it’s not a match. Sorry!
  9. Pretty sure that’s Red Wing?
  10. That link is a train wreck, sorry. Try searching Victor Volle pottery for similar.
  11. I recognize the unusual glaze but can’t recall the maker. Link below is similar, but the mark differs
  12. That marking dates it 1890 to 1922.
  13. Went through the ZSC book, no luck on finding the shape. Sorry for the red herring.
  14. Is there any exposed clay in the base? Could the body possibly be red clay with a white englobe?
  15. Pretty sure that’s Zanesville Stoneware Co., although I’ve never seen the form before. If you can’t google and confirm, I’ll go through the ZSC book and see if the shape is shown. It’s definitely cast...
  16. I think the mark is Asian, possibly Thai or Vietnamese? But could also be Chinese, since they seem to be producing 95% of decorative ceramics entering the market.
  17. My opinion, fwiw, is recent production - probably last 20 years. Here’s a similar pitcher with the decoration signed “Martha”
  18. Steuler (West German)
  19. I don’t think it’s new. I found a few more googling, with different glazes. Couldn’t find any with a firm attribution and my best guess, Zanesville Stoneware, didn’t pan out.
  20. Think the two with short outstretched wings are Metlox
  21. It does look just like their mark. I did a lot of searching (as you probably have), but couldn’t find an exact match.
  22. Perhaps Freeman McFarlin? Sometimes marked “Anthony’”
  23. You probably realize this, but just in case, the marking is ITALY for the country of manufacture.
  24. Search: Roseville Normandy
  25. I believe it’s Roseville and not a knockoff. If not Roseville, then Weller.
  26. Not too much help but I think the last line is “MADE IN ENGLAND”
  27. Padre or Catalina Pottery?
  28. sorry it took me awhile to come across this again. You might search Nippon Art Nouveau or Coralene
  29. First word may be Talavera, so perhaps Mexico?
  30. Yup. GCP “Low Swirl Bowl”
  31. Could you add a pic of the unmarked base?
  33. Found this ID’s as Walker Pottery
  34. Did a quick search, first artist may be Katherine Van Horne? Now that you know which company produced the vases you should be able to track down the artist. They’re very well documented.
  35. Both are actual antiques. Made by Rookwood Pottery. The first in 1908, I can’t quite make out the initials of the decorating artist. The second in 1901, decorated by Edward Diers (spelling from memory...
  36. It’s Porcelier
  37. It’s Fulper Pottery in their Wisteria glaze. Mark dates production circa 1916-22 and reads “FULPER” with the letters vertically stacked within an oval “racetrack” surround.
  38. Sorry, lmao emoji posted as ????. I’m seeing MRW now.
  39. Before you added a closeup of the mark, I saw a elephant, swan and camel ????
  40. Just thoughts.. could the mark be oriented vertically? Perhaps inspired by hieroglyphics rather than alphabetic?
  41. My best guess would be Schafer & Vater.
  42. What does it say under the shelf-tack covering the front left foot?
  43. Is there another initial below the “M”? Maybe potters initials rather than the first letter of a Mexican state?
  44. Made in Spain Below is a link to similar with a full mark and some info
  45. Yes, made to approximate an English registry mark. They show up on goods out of China.
  46. How is it attached to the wood? If screws or studs/nuts, I’d love to see if there are any markings and whether cast plaster/chalkware or pottery. When you press your fingertip on the finish, hold ...
  47. My knee-jerk was Gladding McBean, but clay color seems off. Can you tell if the rust coloration is in the clay, or from years of contact w/ iron-rich water? If coloration is on the surface, a q-tip di...
  48. Although an “X” often denotes a second, that X was applied pre-fire. I think it’s most likely the decorator’s cipher.
  49. Think it’s made in Indonesia/Bali. Google ‘Bali frog vase’ for others.
  50. Celadon glaze, cut out areas on body are often called “reticulated” Like Asian, possibly Thai. Google “Thai celadon vase” and search images for similar.
  51. See more


PortMeirion Pottery 1970s "Phoenix" by John Cuffley, Staffordshire, England tall coffee pot.