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Catteau lamp for Blammoammo - Potteryin Pottery


  1. This won’t help much, but that’s actually a water pitcher depicted in the raised mark. I’ve seen the mark before but I’m drawing a blank
  2. Chamberstick/candleholder would be my guess.
  3. It Zsolnay, made in Hungary
  4. It looks consistent with forms produced by Hyalyn, but I’ve never seen that exact figural. Writing may just be a misspelling from a uniformed previous owner. Could alternatively be Harris Potter...
  5. I keep coming back to this post because the figurine is triggering something I ca’n put my finger on. Penned signature looks like Edwin Shipes, probably not relevant - added later by someone mis-r...
  6. Pretty sure it’s Camark Pottery. They used that “cornmeal-colored” clay (a term used by collectors) for only a few years circa 1930-35.
  7. My mistake, absolutely Fuchsia not Snowberry!
  8. Agree. Genuine Roseville Snowberry
  9. Just a guess on the rabbit, Artesania Rinconada ?
  10. Glit Lava from Iceland and Inarco, made in Japan
  11. I’d bet a previous owner used bleach to attempt to clean the interior. That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause that type of glaze loss. If that’s the case, it’s not repairable, and will ...
  12. This:
  13. David Gil for Bennington Pottery? Alternate guesses: Harris Strong (mostly tile, but some pottery too) or Glidden
  14. Sorry meant to link one
  15. It says Louise Cohn. A few examples out there but I couldn’t find any artist info.
  16. Probably not what you were hoping for, but it’s a contemporary Chinese import. Likely made in the last 20 years.
  17. Amazing piece, no markings?
  18. Went through the Swingle/Stoin text, google image searched and then looked at hundreds of pics from a standard search - but no match for the form. Roseville Crystalis is an interesting suggestion....
  19. Could you add a pic of the base?
  20. Here’s a similar occupied Japan example
  21. Apologies if you already know this. I don’t know what a Primavira is, but my guess is that’s it’s a figural ash receiver. These were popular in the 1930s, 40s
  22. Don’t think it’s misspelled. If they were trying to mistakenly “cross” the l, then wouldn’t the horizontal line overlap the vertical line? Very neat piece!
  23. Sanpei flag stamp + country of origin “Japan” marks together = 1890-1922
  24. Not Weller Pottery of Ohio 1872-1948. Perhaps potter’s last name was Weller.
  25. I’d agree, crafter/hobbyist molds with commercial glazes.
  26. Possibly Roselane?
  27. Here’s a similarly marked vase. Not a lot of additional info though.
  28. Glaze: 849-1 Shape: Th...
  29. I’d agree, West German. Really great glaze!
  30. There’s a “Mex” marked one here
  31. I’d agree with 1940s. Anytime I see that tan-mustard matte glaze, I think production during WWII. Other oxides were in short supply during that time, so that glaze was prevalent
  32. Chief Wolf Robe. Dates to 1900 (exact date, not "circa"). An absolutely amazing find! Artist full signature is likely the other mark. Initials or a cipher...
  33. Additional terms used to describe this type of pottery are: marbelized, swirlware, mission swirl and scroddled/scroddleware. Niloak Pottery produced a considerable amount of this type of pottery in t...
  34. Very similar motif shown here:
  35. I’ve seen that planter identified as Shawnee, McCoy & Brush McCoy. I think the latter is most likely the correct attribution.
  36. Came to post what artfoot did. Chalice, their signature is often distorted and illegible, but unmistakable, taken as a whole. Another example:
  37. Did a little searching. Apparently those were shape #894 individual ashtrays. The mark dates production circa 1940-47.
  38. Can you add a pic of the base please?
  39. Looks like the glaze line was called “Marblo” and dates circa 1914. If you google Weller Marblo Vase, you can see a lot of examples of the glaze family. The reference book I have is >20 years old, b...
  40. Think I found a match. Vernon Kilns “Coronado”
  41. Nope, was thinking of Red Wing “Chevron” dinnerware, but it’s not a match. Sorry!
  42. Pretty sure that’s Red Wing?
  43. That link is a train wreck, sorry. Try searching Victor Volle pottery for similar.
  44. I recognize the unusual glaze but can’t recall the maker. Link below is similar, but the mark differs
  45. That marking dates it 1890 to 1922.
  46. Went through the ZSC book, no luck on finding the shape. Sorry for the red herring.
  47. Is there any exposed clay in the base? Could the body possibly be red clay with a white englobe?
  48. Pretty sure that’s Zanesville Stoneware Co., although I’ve never seen the form before. If you can’t google and confirm, I’ll go through the ZSC book and see if the shape is shown. It’s definitely cast...
  49. I think the mark is Asian, possibly Thai or Vietnamese? But could also be Chinese, since they seem to be producing 95% of decorative ceramics entering the market.
  50. My opinion, fwiw, is recent production - probably last 20 years. Here’s a similar pitcher with the decoration signed “Martha”
  51. See more


PortMeirion Pottery 1970s "Phoenix" by John Cuffley, Staffordshire, England tall coffee pot.