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  1. Interesting piece, I immediately thought Hungarian - but looks like Tagines would likely be North African in origin. Did a little research and CASSR could stand for Crimean Autonomous Soviet Sociali...
  2. California pottery for sure. Perhaps Treasure Craft?
  3. Ok. I’m rethinking that. The piece looks like Awaji ware but that particular mark I’m not finding as an awaji marking. Perhaps a competitor that produced in the style of. Someone should be along to fi...
  4. I believe it’s an Awaji mark.
  5. Try googling “Red Wing Pottery canister” - then click “images”, you should be able to find similar canisters and cookie jars in brown and white.
  6. I believe it’s Red Wing Pottery. Would’ve had a lid originally
  7. I’d bet she dates circa the first half of the 1940s, due to the prominent USA mark. I don’t recognize the form. I’ve been searching for the last 30m assuming she was likely produced by Brush McCoy, Hu...
  8. I found this on Worthpoint. Stylistically similar but not identical.
  9. Were you able to find similar with a definitive ID. My initial post was only a guess based on the form - not meant to be definitive.
  10. I don’t think it’s BMP. Looks like a Royal Hickman design, perhaps it’s Haeger?
  11. Line name is “Florentine”
  12. It’s Roseville, drawing a blank on the line name but someone will add that - it’s a common line
  13. Can you add a pic of the base, even in unmarked?
  14. There’s some good info at the link below. Great find, I’m sure not many of those still around.
  15. Made by Upsala Ekeby, nice piece!
  16. Recent Chinese pottery is sometimes marked with western markings. In my experience, it’s more common to find western markings than Chinese markings. Often they have western markings and a made in Chi...
  17. Actually I think it’s Asian, probably Chinese circa the last 20 years.
  18. Unusual color combo for Calif. Perhaps GMcB? - maybe one of the Catalina line shape families? I can see the California script mark. I’ve been trying to make Cemar or Catalina out of the other mark, bu...
  20. Yeah. Think it’s Jais Nielsen for Royal Copenhagen. Very nice!
  21. Possibly Royal Copenhagen?
  22. Yep, Brad Keeler it is
  23. I believe I found the form on page 165, a catalog reprint, of the Rans, Ralston & Russell ZSC text. Identified only as a “flower bowl” with no shape number given. Available in four sizes: 5”, 6”, 8” &...
  24. The linear/rectangular stilt pulls are a dead giveaway when paired with the glaze and form. Most likely only the “10” shape designation on the base. ZSC rarely marked their wares.
  25. It’s Zanesville Stoneware Co.
  26. Nice piece! Did you mean Savoy China?
  27. Can’t provide much more information, but the number is most probably the shape designation.
  28. Check Weller “Nile” for similar glaze. I agree, base looks wrong and the mark isn’t what I’d expect on a piece from the Nile line.
  29. Very cool. Any markings?
  30. I can’t tell from the pic. There should be a little line or bar, above or below, one of the letters in Royal, Copenhagen or Denmark. Can you tell me which word, letter and if over or under?
  31. I like it! Can you add a pic of the flat base of the figurine, even if unmarked. Caped cat holding a candle. I get a “Made in Japan” vibe from it, just for the ‘weirdness’ factor - but it could be ...
  32. It’s RRPCo. The /- mark (sometimes referred to by collectors as a “slash and dash mark”), preceded by the shape number, is a dead giveaway. It’s shown on page 97 of Sanford’s Guide to Robinson Ran...
  33. Oops.. that’s ‘trivet’. Google “Wheeling Pottery Trivet” and click on the images tab. I couldn’t find an exact match but there are several Pegasus tiles, the “Wheeling” portion of the mark appears sim...
  34. Size and shape would be about right for a hot pad/trivit- but I’d think the gold decoration wouldn’t be particularly durable if metal pans were set on it.
  35. perhaps Wannopee Pottery, looks like their glaze
  36. Artesania Rinconada - you can just see their AR marking on his foot (hoof?)
  37. Thanks for taking time to post all the info on clay types and firing temps. Good stuff!
  38. I can’t ID it, but the term you’re referring to when you say “hard & strong - like a sink or a toilet” is “vitrified” or “highly vitrified”. That bit of info you provided may help you narrow down the ...
  39. Agree. Italy
  40. Can’t ID it, sorry. But FWIW it’s not one (or two, three) of a kind - like a student piece might be. I’ve had several pieces with that mark over the years. Despite a lot of attempts to attribute, neve...
  41. Great find. I’ve collected crystallines for years and have quite a few Mankameyer examples. His are some of the best
  42. Try searching these keywords and see if you can find similar: Albany slip glazed jar
  43. Can you add a pic of the base. My first thought was Japan but the more I look I’m leaning toward European, perhaps German circa 1920s-30s
  44. Perhaps Metlox? Search “Metlox rooster plate” and see what you think. I see a lot of similarities to their Poppytrail dinnerware line, the rooster looks slightly different (no raised leg) and there’s...
  45. I think the circular portion of the marks reads MADE IN ENGLAND?
  46. Maybe a turkey or peacock? I like it!
  47. Never seen another like that. No clue to maker. Wild guess on age would be 20s to pre-war 40s. . If no one here can help, contact They’re great about helping with attributions and us...
  48. After staring at it a minute I realized the tin etching is Snoopy (Peanuts cartoon) in his biplane, so that kind of limits the age range. No idea on the vase.
  49. I’d guess Belgian and I agree circa 30s or very early 40s. Possibly Thulin.
  50. Probably just a shape designation number. Perhaps the the letter B is an initial of the decorator. The glaze pits are likely from bubble pops during the firing process. Sorry I Don’t know which compan...
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PortMeirion Pottery 1970s "Phoenix" by John Cuffley, Staffordshire, England tall coffee pot.