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  1. Sorry, The correct spelling is Haeger. They had a limited palette of glazes on earlier pieces. Search “Haeger geranium leaf green” and see if the glaze is a match to your bowl.
  2. I believe it's early Heager Pottery
  3. Grueby Pottery was a later mark, following a fire and reorganization.
  4. What an amazing find! I believe that’s the Grueby Faience mark (rather than the Grueby Pottery mark) so production would have been circa 1894 t0 1909. The initials “RE” are those of Miss Ruth Erickson...
  5. The mark reads “Stouffer Fine China”. Reasearching that should give you more info.
  6. Nope handle is wrong for ringware, sorry
  7. Think it’s a Bauer ringware individual teapot?
  8. Adding a picture of the base with markings might help narrow down the production date. Nice vase!
  9. Look of the base and white clay color are wrong for Weller, Owens & Roseville. I’m thinking European. Crossed 7 numbering style is often European.
  10. Great find! Congrats!!
  11. I agree, Canadian. Not sure of which company. Great site for IDing CA pottery : You might find a similar form/glaze combo and narrow down the attributi...
  12. I can definitively rule out Hull. As Racer posted, please Add a pic of the base.
  13. Just to narrow the range a bit. The form does not appear in a 1932 catalog reprint.
  14. Found it in the Elliot-Bishop GMcB text, page 46. Referred to as a "Paint Pot". Description below states "Pot No. 100 is made in Jacob's Coat of running glazes and has the charm of a discarded pal...
  15. Should have added I gathered the info I provided from the book by Francesca Fisher "Rumrill Pottery the Ohio Years". I did find you pitcher in catalog reprints from both Shawnee and Florence. If y...
  16. Got it. It's a George Rumrill design. Produced for Rumrill by either the Shawnee Pottery Co. or Florence Pottery circa the late 30s to early 40s. Rumrill changed production companies several times. I ...
  17. Ugh. Auto correct. Could you add a pic...
  18. Could you add apocalypse of the base, even though unmarked. Might help with a positive ID
  19. I believe the pitcher was made by RedWing pottery. Think the glaze is Dutch Blue. suprised there isn't a 3 digit shape number in the bottom?
  20. If this helps, I commented on one of Esteban's posts that I'd had several Schack vases I was never able to identify. His posts allowed me to make a definitive ID on those vases. The look of the base a...
  21. Great stuff. I have a number of Gebauer drip glaze vases currently and have had several Schack vases in the past, but was never able to identify the maker until now. Glazes are much more complex than ...
  22. Pattern name is "Magnolia Matte", produced in 1946 & 47. A gloss version was produced in 1947 & 48. A desirable pattern for collectors. As you said, the base is marked with the shape designation "23" ...
  23. I recognize the form. Thought perhaps Brush McCoy or Burley Winter, but haven't had any luck researching. Typically a circle in the center of the base is a knock-out, so that the vase can be converted...
  24. If not Burley Winter, check Brush McCoy's "Art Velum" line.
  25. I can definitively rule out Roseville Imperial. Glaze is reminiscent of early production "Monterey Jade" line, by Monterey Pottery circa 1948 into the 50s. I'm certain I've seen the mark before, but c...
  26. Think Japan, circa early 60s to early 70s. Pretty sure I've seen them stickered before, but I can't think of the company name
  27. Possibly made by Royal Copley?
  28. I've seen the form before. Just a guess, Heager Pottery?
  29. I could have been unmarked or marked with a sticker. I did an image search for Niloak elephant and didn't find the form. So went to the books, it's shown in Chipmans Niloak text, 2nd ed., on page 231....
  30. Looks like a raised N on the front 'top' leg in your pic? Are you sure?
  31. I found them online identified as both Brush pottery and Shawnee pottery. There's on on etsy that states the mark reads "USA" and "712". Is there any chance there's a faint USA mark? Pretty sure I can...
  32. Note the raised "N" on one of his feet, they used that mark on smaller or unusually shaped pieces.
  33. Niloak Pottery, an uncommon form.
  34. I believe the heart-shaped surround was used by the BurleyWinter company and the crown by the Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co. (RRPCo.)
  35. I've seen the form before. Can you add a pic of the base? Could the mark say "Horton"?
  36. 819 is the shape designation. Hall mass produced restaurant ware so it may not show up on sites such as I'd guess it's a baker of some sort
  37. Walter wasn't able to identify it either - sorry. I'll keep checking the post on the other forum periodically and post here should something come up.
  38. Posted, I'll let you know what I find out.
  39. I'm certain it says "Italy". There's an Italian pottery expert, and author on the subject, who frequents another pottery forum. I'm not sure I can post a link to the forum here, but I'd be happy t...
  40. Can you add a picture of the base?
  41. I agree, Belgian
  42. Couldn't find similar, or the initials, in either the Weller or Owens text. Those were my two best guesses. I agree, Ohio. Going to check book of marks for initials on a few other companies. I'll post...
  43. Exposed clay has polychrome coloration similar to that on raku. The artist might've used a technique called "wax resist" to keep the glaze from covering the exposed areas. Can you tell if the raised a...
  44. Gonder was my second guess, searched, nothing exact.
  45. Thought she might be Roselane. Did an image search - close, but not exact. Is she a very pale green (celadon), transitioning to pink towards the base - or pale gray to pink?
  46. Sorry, that should have read "with the shape number above"
  47. Base pic is inverted, but it reads "Dryden", with the shape number below. The tan clay color is consistent with earlier production, when they were still located in Kansas.
  48. Reminds me of Winart Pottery. You should be able to google that and find images of the glaze combo, but the company is obscure, so finding an example of the form may not be possible. I know they made ...
  49. I think your jar was made by Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co. (RRPCo)
  50. I googled "usa 86" chamberstick and selected images from the result. Found one identified as McCoy Pottery.
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PortMeirion Pottery 1970s "Phoenix" by John Cuffley, Staffordshire, England tall coffee pot.