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Catteau lamp for Blammoammo - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Could the word towards the bottom of the ink mark be “BELGIUM”?
  2. Probably dates from the teens to early 30s, just going by the style. The mark is shown on But not ide...
  3. What does the mark say?
  4. Think you can scratch Brush McCoy. I just did a lot of searching and couldn’t find a match. Also, the clay seems a bit too orange-y for BMc? I believe the sticker remnants are just an old price tag
  5. My best guess would be US production circa the 1930s-40s. One of the large companies. Base looks like Brush McCoy, but I don’t typically think of their wares when I see a solid matte blue glaze. Might...
  6. Great! Glad you were able to figure it out. Really stunning piece
  7. Dig = sig
  8. I’d agree, newer. Think I’d call the form organic. Closeup of signature is clipped, what’s the first letter? Try dusting the dig with cinnamon to increase the contrast.
  9. Saw y0ur comment on the wire, are they solid cast?
  10. I think the theme might be harvesting or the harvest. Figurines look really familiar, particularly the eyes. Searched Images for the last hour but came up with nothing. You’re certain it’s cold paint ...
  11. When you search, Use Catherine Covalenco - omit the maiden name for a lot more results.
  12. It’s the artist mark of Catherine Pissaroff Covalenco.
  13. Clay seems too dark, and glaze too translucent. May just be the photos though. As an alternative, perhaps KY or NC pottery?
  14. Any markings on the back?
  15. You might also try dusting the base with cinnamon then use your finger to spread it into the markings to enhance the contrast
  16. Typically “very heavy” = a student piece. Probably hand built from slabs of clay
  17. Think it’s early Haeger - there were some tie-in’s between early and late Fulper.
  18. Also check Pittsville Pottery
  19. Can’t tell if the clay is white (and discolored) or buff. If white, you might check Muncie Pottery
  20. Could you add a picture if the bottom, even if unmarked
  21. Also similar to Bulgarian pottery. Google ‘Bulgarian Pottery’ and then look at the images. Not saying it’s not Swiss, just a remarkable similarity.
  22. Oops that reference should have included: Page 78.
  23. Galván family potters of Tonalá. I believe the decorator is Angel Solis. Is the pitcher 11 1/2” tall? If so, I found an identical form (but decorated by, and signed Galván) dated ca. the 1960s-198...
  24. I think it’s H.F. Coors of Inglewood California - not Colorado Coors Pottery.
  25. Check Treasure Craft or Pottery Craft.
  26. Also potentially Uhl Pottery
  27. I’ve seen the form numerous times. Perhaps Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co or Monmouth Pottery?
  28. I’ve seen a few Overbeck pieces and all had consistent markings. You might contact the Overbeck museum for their opinion. They’ve seen hundreds of examples.
  29. I’ve exhausted every guess I had but can’t find anything even remotely similar. Because of the mixed media, I suspect your humidor was produced by an arts community/consortium. One that produced both ...
  30. Incredible piece! Have you checked the lid carefully for a mark - that might be of more use in attribution.
  31. Check Chatham Pottery or Chatham Potters
  33. That was supposed to be a smiley face, not ??? CW is apparently not emoji-friendly. :)
  34. Just gotta add this, pretty sure none of the animals depicted on the dinnerware line actually live in the Serengeti ????
  35. According to it was made by Villeroy & Boch and discontinued in the early 90s. I’m guessing Gallo Design was a subsidiary of V&B. No start of production date is listed. https://ww...
  36. If you’ll search Poole Pottery Delphis vase, you should find plenty of info.
  37. Yes actually produced by the Robinson Ransbottom pottery company of Roseville OH
  38. Just a wild guess. Could it be a Karlsruhe mark?
  39. You can search for “Brush McCoy Barrel Pitcher Stoneware”
  40. My first thought was Brush McCoy. A google image search for “Brush McCoy 24 Pitcher” turned up another on Etsy also ID’d as Brush McCoy - for what that’s worth.
  41. Just from the look of the base, I’d guess 50s-70s Japanese.
  42. Or Pottery Craft (same company) - but searching Pottery Craft is more likely to return a match.
  43. Perhaps Treasure Craft pottery of California?
  44. Pic of the base please
  45. Think that’s 1576 (European style crossed 7). Neat piece!
  47. Did a little more looking and the pattern is very similar to those I’m seeing when searching Mason’s Ironstone Pitcher. That’s another area to search. If not Masons, likely in the style of.
  48. Tired an image search with no luck. You might try adding the terms “ironstone” and “pitcher” (rather than jug) to your searches.
  49. Found this: (think it’s ok to link since it’s sold)
  50. I believe it’s either Monmouth Pottery or Vance Faience. Can you make our the pencilled marks? One is likely the shape number and the other either the height or capacity
  51. See more


PortMeirion Pottery 1970s "Phoenix" by John Cuffley, Staffordshire, England tall coffee pot.