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An incurable collector who has discovered this website and is very curious. Lovely things to see, lots to learn, and more to share. I've dove into our Mystery File tAn incurable collector who has discovered this website and is very curious. Lovely things to see, lots to learn, and more to share. I've dove into our Mystery File to post some challenges and look forward to discovering others' mysteries as well. (Read more)


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Oh no, not another studio potters mark! Is it a Swan? - Potteryin Pottery
Art Deco Scarabs & Smudgiest Impressed Mark - Potteryin Pottery
Anyone know who is doing these? - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Bunny...?? What on earth is this used for? - Figurinesin Figurines
WMF, Carl Wiedmann Vase ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pulled Drape Bowl marked M - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Great CSL Mystery Vessel - Potteryin Pottery
Studio Pottery Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Oriental Flow Blue - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
West German? - Potteryin Pottery


  1. You bet. This is the fun part!
  2. Thank you for taking the trouble of signing up! I see where you're going with that; a quick internet search yields a near identical mark. She's British, so it fits with the Provenance. Now to do more ...
  3. Its a beautiful bowl. We're trying to track down a positive ID as well. I read somewhere once that these were produced for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection. A reproduction of a piece...
  4. There are a lot of De Vity fake out there; he had enthusiastic followers. It has the atelier stamp on the back so likely all good. Just an FYI when relying on the signature alone.
  5. A Tonalist judging by the first picture? Probably dating from the turn of the Century or just prior. The stretcher doesn't have biscuits; they help keep the painting taut. Professional artists usuall...
  6. @hotcultcha my thoughts exactly. I'll fall of my chair of the concrete is original. Holycowelsie, is the rim ground? or fire polished (smooth and rounded)?
  7. Hi vetraio50, The writing on the small impressed mark is in English if my memory serves. It was placed in storage to rotate the displays and has gone missing so I can't double check. >.< The quality o...
  8. Have no idea who these are, sorry. But they are marvelous! :-)
  9. HA, so Kralik. For the splitest of seconds it was a wonky Orpheus. Bizarrely delicious.
  10. Lost CW password and could not log-in, not ignoring folks. Its found! Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. The overlay process is all I can think of as the nature of the 'fractures' is d...
  11. (Lost CW password and haven't been able to comment back.) So very much LoetzBuddies, Alfredo, et all! Can one report this listing violation to eBay? They are neither Loetz or Antique. The same seller ...
  12. Thanks guys. Yes, that is my concern. It would be so much easier if signing /marking was required. Jan Zeman is possibly the attribution of the last.
  13. How horrifying! Kudos to the postal service, they must have handled it delicately. That's worse than the electronics I once order that came in a regular envelope. Really love the sparsity and movem...
  14. Fascinating, thank you so much this was thoroughly enjoyable to read. Would it be plausible to say European etc. manufacturers did Secessionist style overlay vs. Americans who did Art Nouveau floral s...
  15. Lovely vase! It certainly doesn't need a Loetz attribution to be stunning. Does this form have a name or number? We just picked up a little matching sterling overlay perfume with similar tendrils (tho...
  16. Wow, had no idea these were so pricey.
  17. They look great displayed together. Particularly love the colours of the three tall vases in the back row. Thank you for sharing. That Museum Wax sounds like a good idea.
  18. Roly poly's are too cool! We have one in the basement just like yours! Fell in love with it as a kid. They would make a novel collection.
  19. We are a creative bunch, that's for sure!
  20. Responses! :-D Really need to log-in more often. It could be a flower pot. The opening is awfully small, perhaps an inch and a half long max. In this case the holes on the sides would be to help fi...
  21. *Hops on the Belgian train*
  22. Try Henry Birks & Sons? They have a similar BHB mark on their ring boxes.
  23. Yes vertraio50 that is were the last photo was found (should have posted the link, sorry). Those are very plausible suggestions. I've put out a word on a couple Khmer & Thai language forums to see if ...
  24. Ha, did a double take. Thought it was a picture of our bedside table... then noticed. Far too clean and organized!
  25. Take it they are prints? Probably early-mid 20th. Find what type of print they are that might help pinpoint the era.
  26. Nice vase Katzl. Love the sandy texture to the top tan glaze. It does look Belgian, Thulin does sandy glazes like that.
  27. Yes, it could well be Canadian. The texture is different than other similar Canadian glazes we've encountered such as in BMP slate though this is not ruled out. And the base is glazed unlike the BMP S...
  28. Thanks racer4four! I completely understand your "collect ANYTHING" approach our house has always lived under the motto "we collect anything that collects dust." :-)
  29. Thanks nuts!
  30. Terrific arrangement and so organized! The central vase is a stunner with the folded and pulled back leaf mouth.
  31. Cookie Time! Om nom nom. This is loads of fun. Thanks for sharing!
  32. Interesting, this is the same mark on our "Turkis" vase. There doesn't seem to much information out there on these..
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