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I have been collecting Art Nouveau shades for over 25 years. Inspired by the workmanship, colour and intricate designs of these fascinating shades. I've quickly becaI have been collecting Art Nouveau shades for over 25 years. Inspired by the workmanship, colour and intricate designs of these fascinating shades. I've quickly became engrossed in the work of Tiffany Studios, Steuben, Quezal, Lustre Art, Fostoria, Durand. The collection was born. (Read more)


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Bellova lamps and Ceiling fixtures - Lampsin Lamps
Quezal machine threading shade - Art Glassin Art Glass
Quezal zipper shade - Art Glassin Art Glass
Steuben lily shades - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jefferson lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Quezal dome shade - Art Glassin Art Glass
Steuben Calcite dome shade - Art Glassin Art Glass
Quezal short hooked feather shade - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pairpoint Puffy lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Steuben perfume bottles - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Wonderful Steuben/Hawkes perfume bottle.....Great find. If you're looking for new replacement top, try this email address paradise@sunset.net or buy a cheaper bottle with the same hardware. Good Luck!
  2. These shades are definitely not Tiffany Studios. Without closer examination, these may be Kew Blas Art Glass shades produced in Somerville, MA, by Union Glass in the early years of the 20th century.
  3. "Corning Museum of Glass" have the same shade displayed in their gallery and listed as Durand shade. I've posted the same shade 8 months ago.....do check it out!
  4. Hello Lisa, very nice shades and I do have one in my collection. These shades definitely Durand and they were the only firm to have done this with a bright red iridescent linings. Check page 26 "Colle...
  5. Check with Paul Crist Studios in California, may be the studios produced these candlesticks?
  6. Beautiful vases…..seldom seen in collections and you have 2 of them. Great found!
  7. Carnival in Lights, by Helen Greguire. They are shown on page 35 as painted Marigold castle. Hope this help.
  8. Nice clock......love it!
  9. Frank, thank you so much for posting these shades. All the years of collecting I have never came across a paper label still on the shade. Howard
  10. LoetzBuddies: Nice shade...is the original paper label with this shade and do you have a picture of this label???? Howard
  11. Thanks for the nice comment!
  12. JJZ, keep them coming......Love it!
  13. Jack, agreed with you 100%. Howard
  14. I love the stretched rim.....Another great shade! Thanks.
  15. dasullywon, I don't think is Lundberg but I will contact them to check. Thanks for the comment.
  16. JJZ, beautiful shades. Do you have the fixture???? Howard
  17. Thank you........Really appreciate your inputs especially from the advanced collectors. Do you think these shades are contemporary?
  18. Very nice set.........just in case that you didn't know. You could contact Shari Hopper at Paradise & Co for the missing parts.
  19. Thank you for all your nice comments.
  20. Nice gold iridescent lily shade! Thank you!
  21. I don't have one of this.....I'm so jealous! Howard
  22. Jack, thanks for posting and sharing all these wonderful shades and Vases. Can't wait to see more of your wonderful collection.
  23. Another super shade!
  24. Hugh shade.....thanks for sharing it!
  25. Jack, will you sign your book for me???? Howard
  26. Jack, hope you have sometime future to re-take your collection digitally.....That would be something to see!
  27. Another great Quezal shade!!! Thanks for showing it.
  28. Great shades Jack !!!!!!
  29. Beautiful paperweight shade!!!!!!!!!
  30. Jack.....another beautiful piece of Art!!!!
  31. I'm still seeing new pieces everyday after over 25 years of collecting.......Thank you for showing it.
  32. Thanks for showing.....I've never seen these shades before of all the years of collecting, especially executed with paper weight technique. I was so sure that they were Durand when I first look at the...
  33. Will try get an inside photo later! Thanks for the comment.
  34. Very nice Devilbiss perfume bottle...thanks for showing it.
  35. Saw one today...asking for $3500. It was in excellent condition.
  36. JJZ, very nice shade.....I have the exact blue iridescent shade with the same decoration. I will post it later.
  37. JJZ, yes...he did!
  38. Are these glass pieces made for lamp shaft??? They are very nice!
  39. Very nice set of miniature shades. Do you have a fixture for them?
  40. These shades are beautiful ! Thanks for showing them.
  41. Considered myself to be very fortunate to own one of the finest shade by Quezal. Wondering how many of these shades are out there?
  42. Wonderful Art Glass collection ........thank you for sharing.
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