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I'm Dave, and I have been collecting glass since around 2000. I started out with little colorful vases and pitchers, then decided I liked iridescent glass. NaturallyI'm Dave, and I have been collecting glass since around 2000. I started out with little colorful vases and pitchers, then decided I liked iridescent glass. Naturally I found some nice iridescent Bohemian glass, and the rest is history. (Read more)


  1. I was notified yesterday about the passing of my long-time friend Alfredo Villanueva. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.
  2. It looks like dogwood to me also
  3. Excellent! I have a Luna on the way, the stars aligned.
  4. Wonderful Warren!
  5. Oh yes, now that's what I'm talking about!
  6. My Cytisus is one of my 5 favorite pieces. I find that when I look at the cabinet it is usually the first vase I see. Excellent example of the decor Warren!
  7. An exceptional piece Warren, glad to see it in your hands.
  8. Hi Mac, I neglected to add my usual disclaimer that this post was written by my colleague Andy Jelcic of Croatia. Unfortunately it is not in my possession.
  9. Yes, it's Rindskopf. I would suggest moving this post to the Bohemian category as it is not Loetz.
  10. I thought about pulling the trigger on this one, but I have more Papillons than I need already.
  11. I am in agreement with Andy's statement. It may well be Loetz, although a decor different than 2/467, which has a silberiris-type gold in the wavy lines. Yours are more like pulled-feathers. I have mo...
  12. Hi Alan, Andy Jelcic asked me if I could share his comment on your post: Dear Alan, sometimes things in life run that way. I had the vase on my list, believing it was Loetz (I still think so), a...
  13. I wish it was mine Tony. This beauty belongs to Andy Jelcic in Croatia. A lot of rare and unusual things appear in Europe if you know where to look. Thanks Jericho, I completely agree.
  14. Right Frank, I was just referring to the shape.
  15. I thought it looked familiar... http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/84262-loetz-ausfhrung-157-vase
  16. Steve, could you send me an email at the gmail address in my profile, I may have some information for you.
  17. I would not complain about your photo, it's perfect, these look great when backlit.
  18. Steve, here is Andy's comment : "This is exactly what I think CW is for - to share the insights and expand the knowledge, thank you. Your examples in different colors on clear ground - Kristall in ...
  19. I like the original diasporas in all colors, but this variant of that basic decor is outstanding in my opinion.
  20. Most likely a hydrant wrench. The hook on the side would be used to tighten the hose coupling.
  21. Nice Frank, I used to have one in this decor.
  22. I have 2 Ovations, a Celebrity and a Legend, and will probably buy a 12-string Elite or Adamas this month. Love them.
  23. Oh, and Anne, I had that other profile pic on here for a long time, but I think this is my new favorite.
  24. Thanks Anne, you do understand.
  25. Thanks Warren, you know it. Thank you Gary, Sean, Deb. It feels good to post something new from my own collection, it has been a while.
  26. Exactly!
  27. Why does Kim Kardashian come to mind when I see this.
  28. I totally agree, Tony. Very unusual decor and great quality, it would be hard to display it without some kind of base.
  29. I have an identical one that I use regularly. It's a perfect size and shape for flowers.
  30. It's about 12" including the mount. I'll post about the UV reactiveness later after Andy has a chance to check it.
  31. Oh yes, that would be this one: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/144846-schliersee-pewter-mounted-aspasia-deco
  32. I love diaspora, and this particular version is my favorite.
  33. It really came out perfect. Usually these things don't fit exactly and look out of place, but this one looks like it was always there.
  34. Although I haven't changed the CW post or the photo title on my website, I am quite certain that my vase is heliotrop mit dunkelblau und silber. Unlike typical blue silberiris finish which looks spray...
  35. Very nice, John.
  36. Whatever it is, it is not Loetz. You should move this to American art glass category.
  37. Incredible addition to an already great collection Warren. Congrats!
  38. https://sites.google.com/site/loetzglass/ The biscuit barrel is on the Kralik page
  39. Not a problem, Ian. I have all my photos on my website to help people ID their glass.
  40. The photo of the "stabchensplitter" (bacillus) decor is mine, and I still have the piece. Definitely Kralik.
  41. Loetz Austria
  42. The thickness of the glass at the rim looks to be heavier than normally seen on Loetz or MK pieces too. My own one piece looks to be about half the thickness as this, and as you say, has a pontil and ...
  43. Thank you my friend, the same to you!
  44. Thanks Antiquerose, I agree. And the beauty really comes out in the photos. The lights in the cabinet don't do these justice, but the photo really makes them pop. By the way, this is the first time I ...
  45. Thanks Tony. I have always loved putting things together this way.
  46. Happy to help, Alan. Authentic signatures are nice, but never buy a signature. First authenticate the maker, and if you like it for what it is, then buy it. I have a few authentic Loetz pieces with fa...
  47. http://loetz-bohemianglass.com/identifying.htm
  48. Here a link for you. https://sites.google.com/site/loetzglass/marks
  49. Alan, Frank is correct. This is not Loetz, so the mark must be fake. Having said that, look at the loetz.com website under "identifying" and look at the signatures on there, then compare to yours. Or ...
  50. I have one of these. After some discussion I am now calling it Josephinenhütte. The glass is thicker than I would expect from Loetz, but I like the handles.
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