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Howdy: I am a retired Air Force Major and ex-NATO Division Chief. I got the antique bug while living in Europe for 5 years. I am most fond of European lamps, art glHowdy: I am a retired Air Force Major and ex-NATO Division Chief. I got the antique bug while living in Europe for 5 years. I am most fond of European lamps, art glass, bronzes, and pottery. (Read more)


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Set of Lead Crystal Drinking Glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
Royal Worcester Parian Figure, circa 1862 - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Tall Rindskopf Vase? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wine Time Bar - Furniturein Furniture
Sevres Porcelain Royal Service Tea Set  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Belgian Bronze by Karel Lateur 
Large Ship Wheel 
Galleria Frilli Marble/Alabaster Bust 
Emmanuel Villanis Bronze Bust "Fille De Boheme" 
Pair of French Marble & Bronze Pedestals 


  1. Malkey - It is signed/etched in the glass "DAUM".
  2. Bailey: The signatures in the glass look OK, but I have not seen cased glass used by Schneider (Le Verre Francais) - so I'm not sure. The metal bases of the candleabras (misspelled) are suspect in my ...
  3. IVAN49: Thanks for the info! Regards.
  4. Thanks to both dlfd911 and NativeJewelrylovers. Regards.
  5. Hello - OK all. Which is it -Pepita vs Greneda? Regards.
  6. Awesome!
  7. LoetzBuddies: Thanks for the ID. Regards.
  8. Hi Epson: Just viewed your Galle lamp - very, very nice. Regards.
  9. Epson: Thanks for the warmth. regards.
  10. Epson: Yes, chicken house auctions are great - but tough to find any more. Regards.
  11. Hi Epson: Your Galle lamp is awesome! Is it period? Does it have any interesting history? Regards.
  12. Hi MiKKo: When I think charger, I think large plate. Of course, with the high relief, this piece was never intended to hold food/fruit/etc., but rather is ornamental, usually hung on a wall - hence th...
  13. Howdy: My further research indicates that this piece is Yugoslavian by STS Abel Zagreb, circa 1927-41. The birds are pigeons. Special thanks to TallCakes for the lead. Regards, Nootch
  14. Hello TallCakes: No, there are no marks on the underside of my bowl, but your examples seem so similar that I can't help but wonder if the examples that you provide are by the same maker. Who made yo...
  15. Howdy: Just received an input from Chris Stewart, author of "A Brief History of George Davidson and Co." He claims this piece is either German or Czech? Inputs? Regards.
  16. Thanks for the comments, guys!
  17. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris: Thanks for your input. I mention that I consigned these pedestals to Sotheby's (Amsterdam), Catalog 567, Item 1096, Sep. 29, 1992. I do think that this auction house is sligh...
  18. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris: The reason that I still own these pedestals is that I realized that I liked them too much to part with them, paid a Sotheby's withdraw commission, and pulled them from the a...
  19. Stillwater: I find your comment quite accurate - women do seem to gravitate to this lamp! Regards.
  20. AmberRose: Believe it or not, no - I don't regret it. I'll post what I purchased in lieu of the other 11 lamps in a few moments. Regards.
  21. Vetraio: Thanks for your input -could be the 20s - my guess = 30s. Regards.
  22. Scott: No, the auction was not catalogued. It was a very local country auction that no longer exists. The auctioneer had no clue as to what this was.
  23. Stillwater: The color is somewhere between olive and amber - note the last picture. Don't forget the first 3 pictures have a blue backgoround - and amber and blue = olive (Art 101). Thanks. Regards.
  24. Howdy: I just located the Ebay listing from this purchase in 2005. The seller attributed this vase to Steinschonau (style of Stanenhumpen), circa 1862. Regards. ???
  25. Hi Phil: Thanks for your input. They may or may not be by Brandt, but they were purchased in 1925, so they are not modern knock-offs. Regards.
  26. Stillwater: Yeah, I did! No cigar.
  27. Thanks czechman. Do you know the maker? Regards.
  28. Hi Musikchoo: This is exactly what I did. But upon hitting save, it reverts back to the previous order of pictures. I also tried deleting all 4 pictures, but the browse buttom does not come up to rei...
  29. Musikchoo: This the the best dark room photo I can provide (note that there is a small blue bulb utilized). I was able to delete one of my 4 previous photos, and upload the dark photo, but now cannot ...
  30. Greetings Greatsnowyowl: I examined the line you refer to both under a strong light, as well as a magnifying glass - and really cannot tell if the line you refer to is due to mold or pancake syrup. ...
  31. Hi manddmoir: I agree with you that "Galle" was to most prominent way his works were signed. But as you suggest, on earlier pieces, as well as smaller pieces, he sometimes signed "eg". Regards.
  32. Greetings manddmoir: Thanks for your comment. I really don't think there is any additional signature under the metal - the "g" is not obsured at all and nothing follows the "g". Please refer to Victor...
  33. Hi Alisa: Thanks for confirming. Regards.
  34. Greetings all: Thanks for the inputs - seems like "Legras". Regards.
  35. Hi twentiethc: It's possible. Thanks for the comment. Regards.
  36. Hello cogito: Please see my current 1st photo. The honeycomb gilding is applied paint. Regards.
  37. Yo: I'm fairly new to "collectors weekly". Do all of your postings generate this much controversy? It seems to me that Alfredo, in referencing a Ketterer (well-respected auction house since 1954 and b...
  38. Hello Ozmarty: I agree that the paintwork is outstanding. I was told that the treasures were rescued. A good number of the items were purchased before I got to them (Tiffany, Lalique, etc.) - but I a...
  39. Greetings all: Guess what! Please refer to current Ebay item 190544718882, listed from Austria. Mine is 10" tall vs the listed pair at 6.6" tall. Thanks again. Regards.
  40. Greetings: Mucho thanks to czechman and Alfredo for confirming Kralik as the maker of this vase. Alfredo - your indepth knowledge (ref: Ketterer Catalog / 1979) is amazing. Would you be, per chance, ...
  41. Howdy: The battle continues - Kralik vs modern glass! Keep the comments coming - maybe someone will locate a picture. Regards.
  42. Hello: Thanks for the comments. While I am no expert, I am an advanced collector and not exactly a novice. Like I said, there are differing opinions concerning this vase, but to me, the vase just does...
  43. Thanks Greatsnowyowl. I,too, think this is middle-eastern. "Anat r" = Antalia? Regards.
  44. Hi vetraio50: Thanks for your comment. Yes, I too think the ZH is as you suggested - PZH Gouda signed its wares in many ways. Regards, Nootch
  45. Hello partyoffive: German salt glazed jug, probably Westerwald, circa 1880. See current Ebay listing # 230913996033. Regards, Nootch
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Dorflinger Honesdale American Cameo Vase


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