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  1. AmberRose, I had a hunch it was a tourist piece. It does seem to be of a good quality. It was awkward when using it to drink coffee & tea due to shape of the lip. It did not stain from either. th...
  2. To Collectors Weekly Support, Thanks for moving this cup to a category. I was not sure where to place when I posted it.
  3. Appreciate your input Jim, Thank you When I searched I was unable to find any of the same design. I have 8 total, but have only used the same 2 for coffee & tea. The cups retain a coffee residue/s...
  4. WoW! thanks
  5. AR8Jason, Thank you Guess none are "special" as I hoped. You know the key to a the National Treasure. ha ha
  6. tempusfigit & AR8Jason, Thank you
  7. Magazine Rack ! That rings a bell & make sense. Iwill edit the title to reflect this. Yet, there is something about the design I remember being told that made this "rack" special. thank you
  8. Manikin, In a Nut Shell: Abvailable online only or not @all. I covered it all. However, @ Aarons Brothers I purchased a sheet of Usukuchi thin Rayon paper. Told it is acid free & used for photos....
  9. Manikin, Amazing u would mention KMart. Early this a.m. I did another Google search & got "Kreinik" Acid Free Tissue Paper @ KMart. Need 2 b in that direction so hopefully it won't b a wasted trip. ...
  10. Manikin, You have been most informative. ~ Thank you I did not think what they sold me @ Michaels was correct. Armed with your information I have contacted Joanns, Michaels, Staples, Office Max,...
  11. Manikin, Appreciate your input. & your Show & Tell. Went 2 Michaels & got "Vellum Paper" 29lb. Heavier than I expected. Any further recommendations?
  12. scottvez, Reviewing your "Show & Tell" I can see why u would appreciate the artwork. It has shown me a part of my Father no 1 ever knew. Hoping 2 find a way 2 copy the pages w/o breaking the cre...
  13. He seldom spoke of this time. I doubted the game until I saw the scores in this diary.
  14. Earthling_, Thanks 4 ur input. 1 of my many desires is 2 learn Locksmithing. It is becoming a lost art, but there still are a lot of old safes & such that need to be opened. I find the whole conce...
  15. WoW ! You people are Fantastic! Thank You ALL! There is so much to know, & learn. I have no idea what a P, L, or S would connect/refer to. Her maiden name began w/ a G. Unless it could be the 1st ...
  16. WoW ! You people are Fantastic! Thank You ALL! There is so much to know, & learn. I have no idea what a P, L, or S would connect/refer to. Her maiden name began w/ a G. Unless it could be the 1st ...
  17. I remember the 1st Troll I got & this brought it back to me.
  18. miKKoChristmas11, Thank you So is the letter located on the back where the bowl & handle connect an "S" ? Also, I just did a seperate post of 4 more detailed pics.
  19. chinablue, I did a seperate post of 4 more detailed pics. Using a white background seemed to help. You appear to be correct on the city inscription on the top
  20. My Mother was raised in Ohio; so Gallopolis, Ohio makes sense. Thankfully you have better eyes than me. I will post a better picture 2day @ the earliest.
  21. While @ in a Numismatic office I showed him this ash tray. During his examination his associate came out of his office, since he is a WWII buff. Neither had ever seen 1 of these & were intrigued by th...
  22. Met a Spoon Collector 2day & I recommended this site to him.
  23. Have shown this ash tray to some collectors who found it interesting, but did not know where to start researching.
  24. Have been busy trying to catch up. I still want to post more. Posted this spoon on eBay, but have yet to get any response. Hope I did a good job. Thanks again to all.
  25. Hems303, I posted it as "Romanian Royal Guard Ash Tray from WWII". I posted it under "WWII" & someone was good enough to also post it under "Ash Trays". So far I have been impressed w/ this site &...
  26. Hello Hems303, Appreciate your information relating to this spoon & I hope I can repay your help in the future. I noticed you have an interest in Militaria. I have some items from my father, such ...
  27. vetraio50, Thank you again. You have quite a collection. Myself I collect Cobalt Blue glass. Just starting. Hope to return the favor(s).
  28. To vetraio50, Thank you for your input. I appreciate you taking the time to reply & hope I can repay the favor.
  29. Impressive piece & thanks for yor support on my post.
  30. Thank you fourpeepsake. I appreciate you taking the time to provide this info. on my car. Hopefully, some day I can repay the favor.
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