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I buy & sell a wide variety of vintage collectibles & antiques. I have a store on eBay. The items that I post here on Collector's Weekly are things that I have solI buy & sell a wide variety of vintage collectibles & antiques. I have a store on eBay. The items that I post here on Collector's Weekly are things that I have sold or I may need some help identifying.~~~~~~~~~~~Feel free to visit Collectibles Unlimited on eBay: Fan Page: (Read more)


  1. @katherinescollections This piece was made by the Millersburg Glass Company, not Fenton. It was made some time between 1909 & 1911.
  2. @carolinabluelady @JoyceC. @ OneGoodFind Thank you for your comments :)
  3. @southjerseybob The 4th jar is labeled "COCAINE". The person that I bought the other 3 jars from found the 4th jar some time after I posted this.
  4. @TallCakes Thank you for your help :)
  5. @vetraio50 Merry Christmas!
  6. @SEAN68 Merry Christmas!
  7. That is a beautiful piece!
  8. Very nice!
  9. @vetraio50 Thanks again for your help.
  10. @SEAN68 Thank you :) @vetraio50 I was able to find the glassware that you are talking about in the Glasrevue of 1970 (with the bird pattern). It looks like Borské Sklo is the maker. Thank you for ...
  11. @Michelleb007 Thank you for your help :)
  12. @Darseth I am sorry for my late reply. All I did was clean the phone. It was in that condition when I bought it.
  13. Thank you. Yes, the clock runs great :)
  14. Thank you for your help @Booston @pw-collector. I posted it on & this ...
  15. Thank you BELLIN68. It was my $1.00 thrift store find of the day :)
  16. According to this site the mark on this plate was used from 1890-1897.
  17. Thank you Vetraio50 for your help :)
  18. Thank you BELLIN68 :)
  19. Thank you for the comments/loves :)
  20. That is very nice!
  21. Thank you for the comment Jonima :)
  22. I believe that 5 digit numbers changed to 5 digits & two letters in the 1950's. The amount of digits varied depending on the size of a city.
  23. That is a very cool paper weight. (I am a green fan :))
  24. Thank your for the comments :)
  25. @Pam-and-J.C.Elliott Thank you for the info :)
  26. Thank you :)
  27. The plating likely wore off. It looks like it has been through a lot. I don’t know the exact reason why they didn’t have a lot of money. Harding (their Republican opponent) had a 4 to 1 spendin...
  28. I have a folder full of things that I want to post on here. But I am off to bed for now. I have to work in the morning. Have a great weekend!
  29. Happy belated holidays :)
  30. It is a cool knife. It was mixed in with some bayonets/trench knives from the world wars that I purchased. I sold it a while back. I could not find another one exactly like it anywhere when researc...
  31. Thanks :)
  32. You're welcome :) Have a great day :)
  33. I do not believe so. I cannot find any information on the company. The only skates I see for sale that were made by them are listed as vintage.
  34. Yes it is missing those parts. I am not going to restore it but the person I sold it to will be :)
  35. The one I have here sold for about $35 at auction on eBay if I remember right. Is yours still in the package? My book says $450 for mint in package, $125 for near mint, & $35 for excellent condition...
  36. Thank you :)
  37. @kimjcmurphy~That sounds like a great idea for gifts! @AmberRose~Thank you :) I will post more in the future.
  38. Thanks :)
  39. I found an example & replaced the 4th image in this post with it :)
  40. There is another piece for these that goes on top which has a manual/hand crank beater attached to it for mixing eggs, cream, etc.... It is hard to find these crocks with the tops.
  41. Yes I believe so. I also have a Mustang from the same year :)
  42. Thank you :)
  43. Thanks :)
  44. Thank you for pointing that out :)
  45. Howdy :)
  46. No markings unfortunately.
  47. It is in it's original condition.
  48. Thank you for your help :)
  49. She is about 16" in length. I think her face may be felt. There are no marks on her feet & I cannot find anything on the seams of her clothes.
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