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Deephaven, MN

I am interested in many things.


  1. I forgot to say - very nice pictures.
  2. You must have the only rooster's egg I have ever seen. Every once in a while I do find some hen's teeth but they are pretty scarce too. :-)
  3. Well it's nice to meet another member of the club! :-P Few of us make it this far without a little trauma.
  4. Great family portraits. I see the resemblance in you to your mother. "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"
  5. Great clock and beautiful photography, again.
  6. An automatic aperture setter for the early sport/news/action photographer
  7. Oops sorry again - kyratango
  8. Oh you sneaky devil you! thought you could throw me off by picturing it upside down. It is the little known but hugely useful attachment for personal hygiene, commonly called an "eyebrow plucker" ...
  9. Kyratango - 'Creature From The Black Lagoon' I remember it well
  10. 1873 graduating class of the 'Yorick School Of Mortuary Science'
  11. Grandma's "attack thimble"
  12. yeah just pop in once in a while, you will be able to see what your buds have been posting and maybe drop a little nugget of your wisdom on em from tim to time. it might not be the same hour, day, ...
  13. Im not real regular :) but once in a while get the urge to comment. I don't follow CW very closely but you are one "on the short list" SHANE, COME BACK! ...Come back Shane... Keep your powder...
  14. Window to another world, right in your own back yard!! And to think you found it "dumpster diving"
  15. Love that link
  16. Nice Brushes! I too have a brush collection, and a few like this. Here I have seen them used by barbers to brush the hair off patrons after the haircut is done. Your brushes are much nicer than...
  17. The blue/green of her dress looks almost like foil, the way it reflects light.
  18. Love the owl but the Moon is a favorite subject of mine.
  19. I like those hinges. Many of the old boxes and trunks I see have had the hinges replaced at least once.
  20. Great post! I found an old Stereo Realist viewer last week that had a few slides with it. I have seen them before, but not for a while, and was struck by the wonderful 3D quality of those 60 y...
  21. Looks Great, ...and I'd be willing to bet it doesn't have that "vintage aroma" that my studio has. :)
  22. Looks a lot like you too :)
  23. the man in the image is lighting a pipe so my guess is it is a match safe / holder.
  24. I was looking at old posts and since this is still a mystery thought I would bring it back up.
  25. I'm late to the party but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Fun group of photos. Nice use of potato, great dog. Shows why you should never get your hand close to a dog's food when it is eating.
  26. I wish the same for you Vetraio50.
  27. Looks a little more sheepish than bullish to me.
  28. Don't know what it is ...but I like it.
  29. What a fantastic machine, I wonder if one was ever built.
  30. Thank you for posting those links, I like those knives.
  31. I have always thought this type of knife was one of the best designed and made knives. I passed some up many years ago because I just a little more expensive than what I could afford at the time. No...
  32. I put in a request at and they identified it within a few hours. Manufacturer: NORITAKE Pattern Name: N3763 Pattern Code: N N3763 They don't have any replacement pieces in that ...
  33. Thanks for the tip DrFluffy. Thanks for the loves kerry10456 and aghcollect.
  34. Considering what retailers charge school kids for these it ought to be made with platinum. :)
  35. That is an incense burner, it's kind of hard to see in the pictures. I'll post some better pictures.
  36. As a side note, I did pick up a "decorator" canoe model like the first one in your post about fakes. Its 28" and looks brand new. I only paid $10 for it at a garage sale and I'll probably trade it ...
  37. Great photos. I see I'm late to the party, you guys are already "bombed" ....nyuk nyuck nyuc. :) How do you spell nyuck anyway?
  38. What a wonderful find. But as you point out BIG. If you have trouble finding a spot for it I could probably make a spot, to store it for you, at my place. :-)
  39. 182 years old and still sounds too familiar.
  40. One of the coolest things made out of leather I have seen recently. About how big is it?
  41. Oooops ...forgot to add the link.
  42. This is the best match I have found so far and now I can add buffalo skinner and fish monger to my search.
  43. Thanks for the love DrFluffy.
  44. I don't know how I missed your comment till now fhrjr2. I didn't get an email as usual. I don't think I have seen that website, I'll have to check it out. "blubber knife", "jungle bolo" hmmm, It ...
  45. Thanks for the loves petey & fhrjr2
  46. OK then. Option two. A bank of teeth from a nut crusher.
  47. I think what looks like a 7 might actually be a 4.
  48. My guess is automotive camshaft and differential housing.
  49. I still have the same brass tag from a piano I scrapped about 15 years ago.
  50. Thanks for the link to gunvaluesboard. I'll have to check it out more in depth, could come in handy.
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Mourning mother ambrotype De Vere Ltd. | Monorail Camera | 1948-52 | 5x4. Mid/Mod Italian Wire Sculpture for ROSENTHAL-NETTER These are my three Bass Guitars. Glass Clam Shell Chandelier -- Project Complete


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