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  1. Really masterpiece, thank you, Radegunder!
  2. Thanks for all comments, ladies and gentlemen, and especially to vetraio50 for the link!
  3. Wonderful picture. And such an inspired light on the folds of the robe... Great!
  4. Thank you Chadakoin, I'd suspected something like ancient sea urchin, but there are such a lot of taxa, so one can get mad Thank you, lady sarahoff, Thank you all!
  5. Marvelous classics: Enamel dial with Roman numerals, any single gear-wheel of the movement is clearly seen to be made on a lathe... Great
  6. Hehe, Great! Who can imagine, that in this coffin is hidden a magic lantern :) The brass parts are wonderful, so the uncovered rotary disc shutter - this is the very begining of the XX c.
  7. Guys, do the links I post count as advertising?! If yes, I'll remove them...
  8. strange... o_O
  9. For nothing! It's a pleasure to share any experience, that's why we are all here :)
  10. Pekka is more an artist, than a craftsman, especially after his collaboration with Spyderco, so his prices now are nearly sky-high; I am not sure the blades of the young generation Suomi blade smiths ...
  11. The second link is dead... Sorry :) Try this:
  12. Great, plum-colored glass - these are just wonderful! There are at least two sets of these - two piece and three piece set with different shapes of the bottom of this figurine and different bowls. Min...
  13. Right, bradjdd, that's what lady Pamela Wiggins calls sleeper ;)
  14. Great! Shape, engravings, patina - marvelous!
  15. This is a great piece, but don't you think it is whipping top?
  16. @ vetraio50: It really resembles some Gurschner's pieces, but there is not a mark on it except these, I mentioned before. I'll take a snapshot of markings and will post them.
  17. Well, it turns to be the grandfather of that: :)
  18. Looks like a industrial heater or heat exchanger... but is very small and the tubes are closed at the bottom, maybe the clue is hidden in the closed tube.
  19. Thank you for the comments, guys! I think we have found enough clues and answers with a mutual efforts! Thank you once again!
  20. The item on eBay is notably overestimated IMHO. I had bought this for about $40 and my first thought was, that it is underestimated - I haven't seen such kind of level before, so when I had seen it...
  21. Yes, it is casted bronze with a bit file work; Thank you for the useful link, walksoftly!
  22. These are such a valuable documents, lucky days, when laser printer was not invented yet.
  23. @ walksoftly; something with the settings, I suppose; Try next steps: First link: 1. Open; 2. Find on the left "Merchants & Manufacturers" link; 3. On the letter P there...
  24. Thank you, Tom! I've posted some more pictures with my next item :)
  25. @ blunderbuss2: Soon you'll see the principe, guys! I made some restorations, so I'll show the level in action soon. @ walksoftly: Here you can find some info about libella; http://insidethework...
  26. Thank you, Sean! I'm very glad to add such a masterpiece in my collection :)
  27. Thank you, Sean; Vintage tools are really great!
  28. Thank you for your comments, guys! I'm glad, that my post made you a bit happier, fhrjr2; Concerning compass, IMHO they still use it in naval navigation.
  29. Wonderful secession ornaments, typical Art Nouveau style, congratulations!
  30. Sure, people didn't even know what is computer aided design :) :) :)
  31. Thank you, Sean! You're welcome!
  32. @ vetraio50 on handwriting styles: Sure, I'll check my lockers; I got ready pics of some old recipes - especially for you :)
  33. The calligraphy of the early XX c is great!
  34. In fact, it is. Usually such well preserved cloth items are part of a trousseau, which is kept and passed down from mother to daughter and so on.
  35. Hat pins more likely... But these are by no means a standard type of jewelry. They look like some strange craftsman's personal invention.
  36. :) Thank you, guys!
  37. Hehe, found it on Aliexpress, surely China. Let it stay. Thank you, Lady AmberRose!
  38. The Usual Suspets :)
  39. Sure, Phil! Thank you!
  40. Very nice piece, this is very likely to be uranium glass, test it in black light
  41. @ DrFluffy: heheh :) nope, I'm the short, fat fawkes beside him
  42. Thank you, it's my pleasure!
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