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CDV of bare chested man flexing his arm - Photographsin Photographs
Paramount Theater what is it? - US Coinsin US Coins
1930s Israel Kibbutz founding manuscript? - Booksin Books
10k silver ring? Metal detecting find - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
WW2 Themed Handpainted Pieces of Art  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1870s? Barney & Berry Ice Skates - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Photo of J P Norris Packing Grounds - Photographsin Photographs
1860s/1870s Signor Bertolotto's Educated Fleas Broadside  - Paperin Paper
1937 Gutzon Borglum Signed Postcard? - Postcardsin Postcards
WWII Japanese Peso Serial Number #87? - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Scottvez, you may be right about it being a later addition to the album. Many of the people in the album are identified, but he wasn't as I recall. Next time I go back, I'll see if I can remove it.
  2. PostCardCollector, interesting, but I don't think this is him. This man does not sport a mustache, and his face looks different. Also, I'm guessing this photo is from the 1870s, but Sandow was born in...
  3. 1970s/80s fantasy piece. Minimal value
  4. About an inch or so, not too big. It's some sort of pressboard and it'd be from the Paramount in Boston.
  5. Thank you for the answer!
  6. I was thinking that, but would it have actually hung on a seat? I was also thinking it might be a watch fob but i don't see how seat number would be tied in with that. Unless reserved seat?
  7. It says "10K Jostens" and then the owners name in script
  8. Thanks Scottvez, I just sent it out to JSA so in about a month I will let you know the results!
  9. Thanks Sean68, vetraio50, and walksoftly
  10. Thanks aghcollect
  11. That's what I was thinking but I was thrown off by the different uniforms and because they're holding plates.
  12. Vetraio50, I think the name is Joseph W Smith and according to the stone he died in 1893.
  13. Phil, I love any old photos where the homes are decorated to the 9's no matternwhat the event. I'm just wondering what the even here is since the memorial has nothing to do with anyone important. The...
  14. Thanks vetraio50 I didn't even think of contacting them.
  15. Not much value considering its a mass produced collectible piece less than two decades old.
  16. Thanks fhrjr2 I researched it and I found that you are right about it being a series number: "On the one peso notes only, blocks 80 - 87 had no serial numbers (they were produced in haste after the Am...
  17. Thanks everyone!
  18. Thanks Sean!
  19. Thanks Windwalker
  20. Thanks blunderbuss2
  21. Thanks petey
  22. Its a vintage fantasy piece.
  23. Hows the store going?
  24. Thanks, I just emailed them.
  25. Thanks. I haven't found their website yet but I'm looking.
  26. Thanks I wasn't sure if it was something made as a momento later on or something actually from the war period.
  27. Thanks fhrjr2
  28. Thanks blunderbuss2
  29. Thanks Scott. There were other African American cards in the album but I have hundreds to go through right now.
  30. Thanks Scott. Many cards in the album were from he 1870s to 1880s so I'm thinking maybe early 1880s.
  31. I recently just bought the same trade card but its in an album. The album is falling apart and I was wondering if anyone on here might know of a safe way to remove them.
  32. As far as I know from internet searches this is the only newspaper from that time with that headline.
  33. Thank you zguy2112. Out of the 50 or so issues this is my favorite.
  34. Thanks everyone for the loves. Zguy2112 I found this in a stack of American Socialist League newspapers.
  35. I agree blunderbuss2
  36. Thank you both for comments and militarist, sadly that is most often true today.
  37. Blunderbuss, yes its surprising that even a pro-Nazi newspaper would print a headline like that in America.
  38. I don't see an error in the photographs.
  39. You're welcome Scott. You have many amazing items posted on here and this is exactly the kind of item that I would collect.
  41. You're welcome. According to an online source he was a sergeant at Lexington as well as a shoe maker.
  42. I am not sure if you have found this info already but his father, Joseph Bancroft, was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War.
  43. Thanks hulalady56
  44. He was released from the POW camp in September 1944 and this uniform is dated October 6, 1944.
  45. I didn't find much more than you on his military career other than him being a doctor in a German POW camp and learning to speak German. I got it from someone who buys a lot of stuff at auction.
  46. Yes I can't understand it either. If you Google his name there is a lot of info on him and he seems to be somewhat famous in the medical world.
  47. I've been doing a lot of research and apparently the man died last year and was very important in the medical field.
  48. Thanks Poop.
  49. From what I've found he was famous for his research on strokes and also served as a doctor in a German POW camp in WWII.
  50. The pants had a name which I have ID'd to surgeon lieutenant command Charles Fisher.
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Antique Photo of NH Naturalist CDV of man with photo album showing image 1920s Photograph of Roosevelt at Camp Unknown Unearthed Object Baseball Player 3 Antique Armenian Books 1847 Document


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