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  1. Hello Agram! I have a piece of old jewelry I'd like you to take a look at. Its a linked bracelet, marked 800 but looks heavily rhodium plated, set with marcasites. Very sparkly, strange hallmark. ...
  2. Really nice Folk Ark, probably American, first quarter of the 20thC maybe
  3. Signature looks added later. The bottom is very scratched up and definitely has some age.
  4. Ha! I wondered about that too! Come to the Francois? The come, Francois?
  5. Hello Agram! I see you still love that beautiful pietra dura, I remember that was one of your favorite things to collect. I hope you are doing well
  6. Anyone?
  7. bump................................................
  8. Bump?..................................
  9. Nope, nothing written anywhere
  10. Who made them?
  11. Yeah it does look like Mimosa. Thanks!
  12. Can you re-type that about the Jones family? It seems CW deleted it for some reason
  13. It can be read as "beautiful decoration"
  14. Oops, looks like CW doesn't support kanji, its showing as question marks. Try this
  15. Hello Agram, I hope you are doing well, this is the mark on your beautiful brooch: ?? - Wenmei It is very hard to find corresponding info in English about old Asian gold and silver marks unless the...
  16. You used to be able to catalogue-order Nazi reproduction stuff in the 60's and 70's. In particular I've seen these "German Luftwaffe" paratrooper folding knives at antique malls that are a little old ...
  17. Yes it is! Someone on FB just ID'd it Thank you!
  18. Wow! Thank you, that's extremely interesting. I did some research and 1881 coincides exactly with the missionary activities. I was wondering, what do you think its purpose was? It doesn't hold any scr...
  19. Did the French ever make stuff like this?
  20. 7" by 2.5" - The walls are really thick, about and inch
  21. I actually found that name too when I was Gooogling, that urchin-like pair of white vases
  22. Lirianeya?
  23. Did you read the comments? Karaja tribe from Brazil
  24. Sklo or Welzbub, any idea on age? Like I mentioned in the description, very few items in the house were under 100 years old, and everything was good quality. Bohemian maybe? 1920-30?
  25. That's a good enough lead for me to go on, I'll start the Googling process Thanks a lot Sklo!
  26. Thanks, yeah I found it on Google Images a few seconds after he suggested P&R
  27. Peters and Reed
  28. Thanks, I'll check Peters and Reed. Grueby would be nice ; P
  29. Nope, no marks at all, I had to look at it a good while to determine if was REALLY gold. I've never seen such a thing and it really, really looked like costume jewelry
  30. They've been making variations of this kind of stuff in Mexico since the 20's. You'll find tons of things that are similar....
  31. It's open through the stem, down to the ball
  32. Probably 14, can't imagine such a large, ornate bangle being any less than that. Fantastic piece by the way. Sure it's not marked *anywhere??* Take it to one of those gold buying places and have them...
  33. By the way........ Can anyone tell me the correct pronunciation of Harrach? Hair-ack? Har-ok?
  34. Thanks for posting this valuable knowledge for everyone, I learned a lot!
  35. Well it is, those symbols are actually real, just the meanings behind them were embellished or made more "colorful," you know?
  36. Oh yeah, duh, California... They didn't have swimming pools in Italy in the 60's. What am I thinking. Its probably California studio pottery huh? Thanks ho2cultcha!
  37. I'm a total gold-hound. I learned early on that if you want to make a lot of (semi) easy money, learn how to sniff out gold, especially unmarked gold. Plus my family has a huge background in jewelry, ...
  38. Lol okay sure! I'll post all of it. I got that bangle in the back during a pre-sale, it's a lot thicker and heavier than they usually are. She told me there would be a lot of gold the next day, so...
  39. It's just one of those hollow clamper bangles that has flowers and stuff on it, nothing earth shattering, but it's big and heavy
  40. Don't you love that European gold that's not marked with a K so few thrift store clerks or estate sale companies knows what it is? Another one of my favorites it's the 14KP, they think it means "plate...
  41. I have one of these too, though mine was made by Charles Loloma's girlfriend. It's on my page somewhere. Same scarab and "hidden meaning" underneath sorta
  42. AH!! I can repay you now! I am from Phoenix and I actually happen to have the *exact* same Thinderbird mug (somewhere). The Clay Shop was along the route of the Fred Harvey tours, that's where this st...
  43. How'd you know right off the bat?
  44. Good one Efes, thanks : )
  45. No drawers or compartments, just a blue enamel inside I actually did find one sort of like it on 1stDibs, but it was "unavailable" The other one they were asking $4,850, it was like 2 inches big...
  46. Ahhhh!!! Yes!!! That's it!! I've had tons of this stuff over the years but never knew wha it was! Thank you guys!!
  47. Harrach!..... That's the name that was on the tip of my tongue. Certainly ozzmarty's piece has all the same points in common, amethyst, white enamel, and gilding. I'm sure that's it. Thank you yet aga...
  48. Ah you got it, I missed it going through their catalogues Thanks swfin!
  49. Thanks everyone! When I saw it at the sale I thought "no WAY......" I actually had to (quickly) dig through the entire Google Image page before I found another example, on the cover of a book. One sol...
  50. My middle school teacher kept a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun on her desk
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