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Shy sweet girl, collector of odd things and shrunken hearts.


Bloodletting Fleam Set 
 Calling All Spirits... Paranormal Ghost Wanted.   - Gamesin Games
Xx Our Babe xX - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Xxx Death Dust xxX - Advertisingin Advertising
Capucinus Monkey Skull   
Fraternal All Seeing Eye 
Embalming Glass Bottle With Original Paper Label.  - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Oh he's a good one. Very nice!
  2. Ha Thank You ! ;) @vansky
  3. Yes! Truly a beautiful thing PM photography and vastly misunderstood. Very special this PM is. I have a few cabinet cards and CDV's in my collection that you might enjoy. I'll try and post a few soon.
  4. Very Nice! Thanks for sharing your flicker link, beautiful feed and such an intriguing collection you have. I love your monkey skull, even better that he's from borneo. I am slightly obsessed with the...
  5. Maybe monkey? I just noticed possible teeth.
  6. Your mask is very lovely, but I'm trying to make out that pretty looking skull in your glass dome. A fetal?
  7. LoL! Yes way ahead of you, I found your case a few days ago. I like!! Thank You ;) vanskyrock24
  8. Yes this tin has it all! Skull, death, insects, kill / poison. Gosh what more could a girl ask for. (x_X) I'v only seen one other in 7 years and the condition was horrid. Very rare ! fortapache
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