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Rome, Italy

My small wunderkammer is packed with natural specimens, medical antiques, anthropologic and ethnic curios, and other oddities that have something to do with grotesquMy small wunderkammer is packed with natural specimens, medical antiques, anthropologic and ethnic curios, and other oddities that have something to do with grotesque, gruesome or macabre themes. (Read more)


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Mourning frame with hair-lock & PM photo - Photographsin Photographs
Meteorite, moray & Siberian mammoth hair - Animalsin Animals
Chinese Doctor's Lady - Asianin Asian
Victorian Mourning Lady - Photographsin Photographs
Post mortem photo - Photographsin Photographs
Funeral wake picture - Photographsin Photographs
Anatomical Christ (XVII Century) 
Three etchings on Spanish colonialist massacres in West Indies - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Anatomical prints - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Das neue Naturheilverfahren (1900 approx.) - Booksin Books


  1. @TassieDevil Yes, in all probability I saved it from being disposed of. I felt it was sort of my duty to cherish this little treasure.
  2. Thanks kyratango, appreciate it!
  3. Thx fortapache.
  4. Thanks racer! :)
  5. Thank you ho2cultcha!
  6. @Efesgirl Indeed! :) @rucklczglass Thank you!
  7. Yes you could be right.
  8. Also, placing on him those distinctive signs, referring to a vocation he devoted his entire life to, makes much more sense in a PM photo.
  9. His hands look quite dead to me, especially the one placed under the book.
  10. Thx Sean. :)
  11. Thank you kyratango, yes it's just wonderful... It shows some cracks here and there, and some fingers are missing. But overall, if you consider it's made of wax, the state is great. :)
  12. @blunderbuss2 LOL :D
  13. Thx Roycroft!
  14. Thanks kyra! ;)
  15. @kyra lol
  16. @freiheit Well I guess that partially explains why I love them. :)
  17. Thanx kyratango!
  18. @kyratango spectacular post!
  19. Just wonderful!
  20. Well, sometimes Western corsets were not that different, back in the time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tightlacing ;)
  21. Sorry Roy, of course I meant YOU were right about vellum... and vetraio too, who later posted the link. Actually I'm not much into ancient books per se, more interested in the contents. My bad, cheers...
  22. @vetraio You might be right about vellum - and your Italian is very good! @Roycroft Books bound in human skin might be "more common" than we think, but still are museum pieces. Saw one of the most ...
  23. @Roycroft Unfortunately, it's just made of paper... I say unfortunately because to own a book bound in human skin (it's called "anthropodermic bibliopegy") would mean I'd be a millionaire! ;)
  24. Thanks nuts!
  25. It is indeed. I still don't know exactly what insect this is from... but it's beautiful. :)
  26. Happy Xmas Weirdpuckett! ;)
  27. Happy Xmas, vetraio!! ;)
  28. It's a leaf insect. :)
  29. Thank you Vintagefran! ;)
  30. @scott Yes, I've waited a long time before buying one, I wanted to find one that was really beautiful to me. I immediately fell in love with this one - ornated but still very simple. @Sunnybrook Yo...
  31. Thanks Scott. Here's the back. (Out of laziness, these are the seller's photos...) :)
  32. I uploaded the text. As you can see, the recurrent name appearing is Absalom, third son of David.
  33. No prob. :)
  34. @getthatmonkey, of course I know it! Just beautiful. :)
  35. You can find more pics in my Flickr album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bizzarrobazar/sets/72157628173092089/
  36. @headhuntress, yes, it's a monkey. Head hunting trophy from Borneo. ;)
  37. Fine specimen!
  38. Thanks, headhuntress!
  39. @Parkerhouse: are you sure it's a bracelet? Looks like rosary beads to me. But anyway, your guess is exactly what I thought too.
  40. When the tradition started, photography was quite expensive and these pictures were in fact, most of the times, the only professional photograph taken of the deceased during their whole lifetime. They...
  41. Hey Scott. It's not a rppc, definitely a snapshot printed on what looks like albuminate paper (but I'm no real expert there).
  42. Thanks Lou, yes, she almost looks smiling. By the way, I'm saying "she", but it's not that obvious the depicted subject was a lady. The mask shows no facial hair other than the eyebrows, yet it has so...
  43. Yes, well, you seem to have a "special humor" too, judging from your nickname! ;)
  44. Thanks Sean!
  45. @ Zowie: The picture was pasted on cardboard for hanging reasons. It's still a beautiful photograph though. @ vetraio50: I take it as a compliment! :)
  46. This is just awesome.
  47. Thanks vetraio, happy holidays to you!
  48. Thanks Bellin68! :)
  49. Pure awesome!
  50. Thanx for the love, folks! :)
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