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Music is my first interest.I m a big Rolling Stones fan.That is where the name Mick come from it's the name I use for the net.


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Old amber bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
3 pc set of Fawn. - Animalsin Animals
Music Box Teapot - Kitchenin Kitchen
Very detailed wood shelf - Furniturein Furniture
Antique Solid Brass bell. 
Antique Brass Blow Tourch - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Original M.A. Leather Decanter Made in Italy 
Universal Electric Coffee Percolator Vintage Landers Frary & Clark - Kitchenin Kitchen
1930's Planters Peanut Barrel - Kitchenin Kitchen
 Delicate Porcelain  Flowers - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Hey blunderbuss2, I don't like very many people either.I don't care what they say about you I think you are tha kind of person I do like.
  2. Thank you miKKoChristmas11 it is a nice piece .You should see all the stuff my neighbor has .I think everything in his house is antique.He's 92 and loves my cooking and baking.I always sit down while ...
  3. If you get mail most of the time. Im guessing it's bills so you can pay for the electricity you do have that don't you.LOL
  4. blunderbuss2 ,I just looked at some pics of wher you live and it is beautiful.I also sent a reply to the email I was sent to tell me I was in trouble and don't know if they will delete my account lik...
  5. blunderbuss2 ,I just got home from work or I would have gotten back sooner.
  6. Please you terrorists .I thought you were a vintage ultra blonde man with a frayed label.I can't talk about that stuff anyway I got in trouble for it .LOL Where you love sounds really sounds nice,but...
  7. Do you have any idea what the price for a shelf like that would be since you do make wood pieces.
  8. Hey everyone I found it by accident.I was searching for some old cast iron trivets I have and this came up. vintage antique parlor stove finial top trophy dragon handle pitcher brass.
  9. Thank You
  10. To strange it's driving me crazy not being able to find out anything about it.Maybe someone who knows what it is will run across it soon.Thank You for looking.
  11. That is beautiful.I just looked at some stuff kind of like that on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/sch/sis.html?_nkw=Antique%20Miniature%20Silver%20Filigree%20Work%20Carriage&_itemId=230435430697
  12. If that's a bullet it's a pretty one.
  13. Thank you BELLIN68 if I only knew something more about them then who gave them to me.He is no longer around to ask.He just knew I always liked to look at the stuff in his office so he left it all to me.
  14. You would need a really big junk drawer for that.I bet it would clean up nice.Since you are a wood carver maybe you can tell me something about my shelf I posted.
  15. I think you might want to take the thing that looks like a diamond ring out of the Junk drawer.
  16. I have all three pieces still in the box never used,but mine is aqua.I even have the soap that goes in the soap dish.It's still wraped in paper it's has raised roses on it. There is a pitcher and bow...
  17. You need to stop. I am trying to make antique sound vintage and your not making it easy with the frayed label thing.LOL My hair is true blonde also and has been since I was born.
  18. Remember the older the bottle the finer the wine.
  19. Thank you blunderbuss2 now that I know that.Do you have any idea how old it is?
  20. blunderbuss2 - Thanks for the info.I'll call it vintage if will make you feel better.LOL It seems like just about everything in my basement is now vintage,antique or collectible.
  21. The little pot just has a lid.I don't even know if it goes with the percolator it just looks the same to me.It was in a very big box of stuff my father in law gave me.He always said we are the only o...
  22. rocker-sd Thank you I now know what kind of bottle it is,but still can not find it anywhere on the net.I did find some that look a lot like it just can't find the Hill And Hill name.I hope that means...
  23. scandinavian_pieces - Thank you so much.I now know the marking that I have been looking and looking for.
  24. That's some bottle collection you have got.I was wondering who dust all thoughs. LOL
  25. Still can't fine this bottle just who made it.
  26. I still need help with my other bottle.Thanks everyone.
  27. I found the bottle.when you said hole in top. I looked closer and it was clogged.I put a toothpick in it and finally got the lid off by soaking it in water and could smell cologne. Vintage Stetson...
  28. I am not sure if sourmash is whiskey or liguor.
  29. There's no hole on the top.I have searched for this bottle on the net for over two years.Thanks to the both you.
  30. I hope somone knows something about this bottle.It's driving me crazy.
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HUGE .800 Silver Filigree Carriage! - Opinions? Star (Fastener) Stapler with Curly Tail c1896 need a bigger junk drawer! Huchinson bottle Junk-drawer stuff spinning wheel watch vs train Crest bracelet The BallJarz Room Vintage 1960's-Early 1970's Beatles-George Harrison Poster Collection


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