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This all started way back when I started picking up pop bottles for candy and pin ball money. I'm showing my age when I say I used to get 5 cents per bottle. Just enThis all started way back when I started picking up pop bottles for candy and pin ball money. I'm showing my age when I say I used to get 5 cents per bottle. Just enough for a game of pinball or a candy bar. Then I started finding bottles that the local confectionary would not take, oddballs. I figured that some one would take them so I kept them. These bottles, were stored in a closet and forgotten about until I returned home from the Navy and were rediscovered. Then I thought it would be fun to find the oddballs. And that's how it all started. At one time I had close to 2,000 bottles in my collection, but decided to downsize and only collect soda's bottled or related to St. Louis. I'm down to approx. 800 or so soda bottles. I collect painted label, embossed and paper as well as photos, labels openers etc. I'm still having fun collecting. (Read more)


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  1. oldandodd, I am glad you like the Pop Kola's. The ones in the pic are the only ones I have and are not for sale. If I were to find a bunch of them I will let you know.
  2. Caperkid, The only thing I know about Pluto Water is that it was bottled in French Lick Spring, Indiana and was claimed to be somewhat a cure all for all sorts of internal problems, mainly constipatio...
  3. Iggy, The Howdy is one of my favorites also. Hard to find version with the Stoecker name on it.
  4. Sorry, I now realize you are in England! Love that pic of the hotel!
  5. Great find Just curious, Which state is Hitchen in?
  6. Amazing story, I did not think there such an item as a dollar bottle anymore. I have dropped many bottles over the years and some like yours come away with little or no damage, I had them break in two...
  7. Thanks to all for the love taps. Hard to believe that the span in age of these three bottles is only about 25 years.
  8. Yea, the camels are cool! I would like to find a sign advertising Camel Soda.
  9. Yea, Breweries were bottling all kinds of goodies during prohibition. Probably some sort of soft drink!
  10. In my opinion the bottles look to be from 1917 also. The number 8 you mentioned is actually a B. I am guessing the 17 is for 1917 and the B would likely indicate the Buck Glass Co. out of Baltimore, ...
  11. Nice bottle, Don't know if you will get this or not it's only been four years! The "C" represents Cardinal Soda Water Co. The diamond is the mark for Owen-Illinois Glass Co. I am guessing your bottle...
  12. Thanks SpiritBear for the nice comments. Thanks to all for the Love taps.
  13. Nice bottle! The symbol on the bottom of your bottle is a keystone. K in a keystone, Knox Glass Bottle Co. The main plant was located in Knox, Penn. Knox had many plants and I am unsure of which o...
  14. Nice bottle! You are correct in that the bottle was made in Bridgeton N.J. (#14) The #2 would more than likely be for 1932, if there was a dot after the two it would be 1942. The # 11 is a mold numb...
  15. A John Landis Mason, had a patent for a fruit car with a screw top lid in 1858. Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Co. had a jar called the Ball Perfect Mason. That's where the Ball comes from! Check o...
  16. I believe your bottle is from the mid 1960's or later, that's when the one way bottles were in favor. This link may help!
  17. The marking system in reference is only for bottles manufactured by Owens-Illinois.
  18. Looks like a diamond/ oval /I to me. Owens-Illinois Glass Co. # 7 being the Alton, Illinois plant #1 being 1931, looks like there may be a dot or period next to the one and that would indicate 194...
  19. Nice color on your bottle! The diamond/oval/I mark stands for the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. The #3 mark says the bottle was made at the Fairmont, WV plant. The #6 mark indicates the year which would...
  20. I agree with your statement, I believe you are referring to the 24 0z dated 1939. This bottle has the diamond-oval-I marks with a three to the left (Fairmont WV plant) and a nine with no dot which sho...
  21. SpiritBear, I am not sure I understand your question.
  22. I did some quick research and found an Edward R Williams and an Edward M Williams that were associated with the Coca Cola Bottling Co. of Akron. The Coca-Cola bottling facility was located at 101 N. h...
  23. SpiritBear, with that being said, this bottle looks as though it had been tumbled. Thanks for the info!
  24. Iggy, I do not have a tumble set up. I simply clean them with a mixture of soap & vinegar, or a product called barkeepers friend. Sometimes I get them in really good condition like the Voelker. (which...
  25. I am glad you like it! THANKS
  26. I seen your bottle and posted a comment. Your label, I believe would be similar to the bottle to the left of the red label bottle shown above.
  27. Nice bottle, too bad the front label is gone. Your bottle would date from the mid 1950's to the early 1960's. The N in a square says that the bottle was made by the Obear-Nestor Glass Company, East St...
  28. Nice bottle. I found a Harry B. Biedenharn and a Lawrence C. (Willie) Biedenharn in the 1921 & 1926 Vicksburg city directory that listed them as proprietors of The Coca Cola Company. Look like they ...
  29. Well I'm glad you like the bottles. I used to go to the Belleville flea market on a regular basis but haven't been there in years. Bought a lot of bottles there.
  30. Nice bottle. I found a Frederick Cheadle listed in the 1880 & 1881 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania city directory as a bottler, Main n Mill, Hbg (Hbg I assume being Holmesburg). Spirit Bear was right on...
  31. Great find and a very informative history on the bottles. I would not consider this useless information, I enjoyed reading it. Hope you find more!
  32. Canada Dry had many different flavors, your bottle may have had ginger ale or something else. The bottle cap would have defined which flavor it was. Your bottle would have been filled by the bottling ...
  33. Great story. It would be neat to see it in operation!
  34. Good to know SpiritBear! Thanks for the info!
  35. Good to know, Thanks
  36. Just curious. Does the bottle have the same graphics as these?
  37. Ha, She kinda has the same expression as I do when I find a new bottle to add to my collection!
  38. Good to know iggy, Thanks
  39. iggy, now that you said it I had to compare the 7Up to the Mt. Valley. Even though both 7 ounce bottles were manufactured by the Owens / Illinois Company around the same time period, the 7Up is a shad...
  40. Your bottle is exactly as you describe, A 1980 Coke bottle commemorating the Lake Placid Olympic Games. There are hundreds of commemorative bottles out there bottled by Coke, Pepsi RC Cola etc. Here ...
  41. Great story and a neat jug. Thanks for sharing!
  42. Yea, I like the horizontal bars also. Don't see too many bottles with them!
  43. Thanks for the comments iggy!
  44. "Pure and without drugs or poison" That's always good to know before taking a drink! Never seen that wording on a bottle before. Cool Bottle!
  45. Good to know iggy, Thanks for doing the detective work!
  46. Nice bottle! I enjoyed reading about the history of the company.
  47. Thanks iggy! Is your Howdy one of the ones I posted or is it a different color combination.
  48. Thanks iggy! Just curious, how many 7 ups do you have in your collection? I've seen some of your past posts your 7 up bottles look in near mint condition.
  49. I do have a couple small Smile clear embossed bottles in my collection but did not post them. It's cool to know how they were used. I like your comments on the theater and the promos. Yea, I wished th...
  50. I am glad you like them iggy. Thanks for the input.
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