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St. Louis, Mo

This all started way back when I started picking up pop bottles for candy and pin ball money. I'm showing my age when I say I used to get 5 cents per bottle. Just enThis all started way back when I started picking up pop bottles for candy and pin ball money. I'm showing my age when I say I used to get 5 cents per bottle. Just enough for a game of pinball or a candy bar. Then I started finding bottles that the local confectionary would not take, oddballs. I figured that some one would take them so I kept them. These bottles, were stored in a closet and forgotten about until I returned home from the Navy and were rediscovered. Then I thought it would be fun to find the oddballs. And that's how it all started. At one time I had close to 2,000 bottles in my collection, but decided to downsize and only collect soda's bottled or related to St. Louis. I'm down to approx. 800 or so soda bottles. I collect painted label, embossed and paper as well as photos, labels openers etc. I'm still having fun collecting. (Read more)


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  1. Looks like an Anheuser Busch beer bottle to me. Hard to tell from the photo but more than likely an eagle flying through the A. These bottles date from the mid 1960's to early 1970's and are NDNR (no...
  2. I believe the 33 refers to the number of calories in the drink. Also Rolling Rock sponsored an Area 33 at a local casino that was used for concerts.
  3. Thanks for the info, Ulee.
  4. Wow! A built in opener, never heard of it til now. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Cool looking bottle with the foreign script on it. Someone just stuck a cork in the top, it does not go with the bottle, would have had a typical metal crown top.
  6. I agree, the I inside the O started I believe in 1952, yet the bottle does seem older. I magnified the bottom of the bottle and 2 looks to have a double stamp, like another number may be under the 2. ...
  7. Thanks junkbuddy and Ms.CrystalShip for your cool stories. Ah yes those were the good ole days!
  8. Agreed, maybe one day we will figure what GC stands for!
  9. I have several small bottles approx. the same size as yours, but mine are clear bottles. Not a 100% sure but I think your sister is correct in being some sort of medicinal bottle.
  10. oops, I guess I look at too many bottles. LOL
  11. Post the green version, would love to see that version also!
  12. The label surely looks legit to me. I have a quart size bottle with a paper label that looks very similar to yours. Hard to tell from the picture but your label seems to be a bit more faded than mine,...
  13. Awesome Display!
  14. I read it as instructions for some sort of syrup for a soft drink, maybe a root beer, just guessing. "ADD CONTENTS AND 1 CUP OF SUGAR TO 1/2 GAL. ICED WATER" "FOR GLASSFUL USE AMOUNT SHOWN BY EACH L...
  15. Wow! Thanks
  16. By the way, what does the C.P. stand for??
  17. Good information! I did not know that they started in Minneapolis and ended up in Florida. Again Good Luck in finding more C.P. stuff.
  18. Well I do really wish I had something for you, the only bottles I have are the ones pictured and they are part of my collection of St. Louis soda's. C.P. bottles are really getting hard to find. Goo...
  19. Thanks for your input Lghoffman!
  20. Quite a variety of different bottles you got there. Nice!
  21. Wow! I was only joking, who would have known. Good research Thomas
  22. The man looks like Mr. Peanut from Planters Peanuts!
  23. That Red Fox bottle, to me anyway is the nicest of the bunch. It should clean up rather nicely. In my opinion the last bottled pictured is a soda.
  24. I have seen Hanover Club bottles before but never a Cranberry Cola. Neat bottle Thanks for sharing!
  25. Looks like 1967 to me. Nice find!
  26. Nice bottle! I have two Howdy's with the same design as yours and both have Owens-Illinois marks for the early 1930's. Those lips marks appear to be in the same manner as a Glenshaw bottle but maybe ...
  27. I have the same bottle, but mine is dated 1968, I also have a red label version dated 1968, and soon to get a white label version. Not sure when they stopped bottling Howdy?
  28. I am glad you like it. Looking forward to see your version.
  29. Looks like an old Jim Beam whiskey bottle to me. Possibly from the late 1950's
  30. I especially like those NuGrapes, Thanks for sharing!
  31. Neat little bottle, should clean up nicely. I am an old guy and back in the day you would have to pay a deposit on soda bottles when you bought them. Bottling companies would reuse bottles over and o...
  32. The glass makers mark is referred to as a diamond oval-I, and represents the Owens Illinois Glass Co. The 4 is code for the Clarksburg, WV plant, at one time there were 26 plants in operation. The num...
  33. Nice educational post! I agree, you'll never what can be found unless we look.
  34. Cool bottle! At first glance I thought for sure I was looking at a quart size soda bottle. If it didn't say motor oil on the bottle I would have identified it as a soda. Thanks for sharing.
  35. Most definitely an old soda bottle. Hard to say what was in it with no other marks on the bottle. I have several bottles in my collection with the same shape as yours. The I in the O in a triangle is...
  36. I am going to guess your bottle dates to the early 1920's into the mid 1930's, hard to say without a date code or more research. In the period of time mentioned there were hundreds of different shapes...
  37. That's a cool looking Sparklettes carafe! Love the texture. I'll bet $800 worth of pennies was pretty heavy?
  38. Congratulations! Its always nice to add a long sought after item for a collection.
  39. Very, very nice. Thanks for sharing!
  40. I would like to add that Vess started using that type bottle in the 1930's and the only way to accurately date your bottles is to do like iggy stated, and check to see if a date code is on the bottom ...
  41. The Vess bottles shown have the earlier version of paper labels Vess would have used for that type bottle. I have many Vess bottles similar to yours and mine are dated to the mid 1960's.
  42. Thanks to all for the love taps and Happy New Year!
  43. That's a nice assortment of different Teem bottles. I remember drinking Teem as a kid. Don't recall the smooth glass pattern though. Thanks for sharing!
  44. Thanks Thomas, I have had a few A&W's in my day. Good Stuff!
  45. That red color is fantastic!
  46. I found numerous ads for Puritan Ginger Ale in The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City dating 1907. I am guessing your bottle dates to the early 1900's. Found nothing on the company. Good looking sel...
  47. I would maybe put an ad in your local craigslist or similar site and put a "make an offer" type deal. Someone may want them. The clear bottles with no embossing are not sought after much.
  48. Well Watchsearcher, that's a machine I haven't seen before, but would have liked to. I don't research cans or machines at all, only bottles that are in my collection.
  49. Thanks iggy! We all know there are hundreds of different sizes, shapes and flavors of Canada Dry out there. It would be fun to try and find them all.
  50. What a haul! You have a nice assortment of different style bottles.
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