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St. Louis, Mo

This all started way back when I started picking up pop bottles for candy and pin ball money. I'm showing my age when I say I used to get 5 cents per bottle. Just enThis all started way back when I started picking up pop bottles for candy and pin ball money. I'm showing my age when I say I used to get 5 cents per bottle. Just enough for a game of pinball or a candy bar. Then I started finding bottles that the local confectionary would not take, oddballs. I figured that some one would take them so I kept them. These bottles, were stored in a closet and forgotten about until I returned home from the Navy and were rediscovered. Then I thought it would be fun to find the oddballs. And that's how it all started. At one time I had close to 2,000 bottles in my collection, but decided to downsize and only collect soda's bottled or related to St. Louis. I'm down to approx. 800 or so soda bottles. I collect painted label, embossed and paper as well as photos, labels openers etc. I'm still having fun collecting. (Read more)


  1. Great research!
  2. What you have is a really nice art deco bottle. Probably dates to the mid 1920's to the mid 1930's. There may be a glass makers mark, usually on the bottom or may be on the heel of the bottle. This ma...
  3. Very clean, attractive bottle! I agree, the yellow paint on the green glass is cool!
  4. Cool Looking Bottle. I found an ad from 1936 that mentions a Dr. Pepper Love Bottling Co. that was located in Muskogee & McAllister Okla. Your bottle looks to date in that year of 1936. Looks like ...
  5. That style of Pepsi bottle is what they were using in the mid 1940's through the 1950's. I personally cannot give an exact year because I am not familiar with the glassmakers mark on the bottom of the...
  6. Cool looking bottle. I agree with Watchsearcher, most likely an ink bottle. Check out page 54 on the link, the page shows ink bottles, one that is similar to yours.
  7. Not a rare bottle at all, in fact they are somewhat common. Unless a Danville, Va. version is harder to find, that I am not sure. I have three Dr. Pepper's similar to yours in my collection and they...
  8. I did another story on Western on another website site that also shows a copy of a photo of your ancestor.
  9. Sorry, I do not have another one of these bottles. A hard bottle to find!
  10. Awesome display! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Cool! I have discovered since I first posted this that Dream Soda was franchised from the The Dream Company, Los Angeles, California. They would have sold their syrups and bottles to any bottling co...
  12. Try asking your question on There are lots of Canadian bottle collectors on that site that may be able to help.
  13. Your bottle looks like a soda bottle called Bob - O -Link Do a quick search and you will see similar looking bottles.
  14. Art deco soda bottle from the 1930's to the 1940's
  15. Good to know, thanks for the added information!
  16. The 73 on the bottom of the bottle is more than likely the age. 1973
  17. Welcome to the site. I would like to see more of your bottles, so share away!
  18. One way bottles from I am guessing the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's.
  19. Western, This bottle I would consider rare. Thanks iggy. Thanks to all for the "love it" taps.
  20. David, There are lots of different stories out there on the web for different soda companies. I see you are a bit confused. Here's what I know, Charles Leiper Grigg founded the Howdy (Orange) Co in...
  21. Cool bottle! Your bottle looks very similar to what is described as a "round prescription". Check out page 26 on this link,
  22. You are quite welcome RichmondLori! Thanks to all for the "love it" taps.
  23. They kinda look modern to me. These might be show bottles. check out page 70 in the catalogue link.
  24. The symbol on the bottom of the bottle we refer to as a diamond/oval/I, and it represents the Owens Illinois Glass Company. Owens would have made the bottle for Kruschen Salts. The numbers you mention...
  25. Cool bottle! Definitely a one-way bottle, like Western said 1960's
  26. I'm not a tool collector, but those look awesome.
  27. Thanks Iggy! Thanks to all for the "love it" taps
  28. Thanks Western, A bit of work but I enjoy the hunt for info as much as the hunt for the bottles!
  29. Thanks Western & Watchsearcher for the nice comments! Once again Thanks to all for the "love taps"
  30. Thanks Bill for the nice comments. thanks to all for the love it taps.
  31. Although Ball produced a ton of jars they also made all other sorts of bottles. I have several old soda pop bottles in my collection made by Ball. Honestly it looks like an old Wish-Bone salad dress...
  32. Your bottle probably dates from the mid 1950's to the late 1960's. Wellcome Chem Works is or was located in Dartford, Kent. I find several ads from the above time period in The Guardian newspaper out...
  33. Good to know. Thanks for the comment!
  34. No deposit / No return or one-way bottles were popular in the mid 1960-1970 timeframe or longer. Your bottle, if I am reading it correctly is dated 1968. You bottle has a image of the bottle within th...
  35. The I in the O actually stands for The Owens Illinois Glass Co.
  36. I purchased a tumbler late last year and have been deep cleaning some of the collection.
  37. Cool Bottles! I don't recall seeing to many bottles with that wide top.
  38. You are Welcome Bay. Its always fun finding new treasures!
  39. Thanks Western, The stars are a nice addition to what would be an ordinary slug plate.
  40. Thanks to all for the love taps!
  41. Thanks iggy! I bought a tumbler late last fall and cleaned this one this past week.
  42. I have the same bottle but mine has a paper label from Glory Beverages of St. Louis which was a soda. Glory may have repurposed the bottle or someone simply stuck a label on an older bottle. Anyway,...
  43. Looks like a soda bottle to me. Safeway is or was a grocery store chain that had their own brand of soda called Cragmont. There is one on E-bay with which you can compare it to.
  44. Cool Room! My brother has a similar room dedicated to hockey, but his team is the St. Louis Blues who finally, after 50 years won the big one. I am sure the Wings will be back to the top at some time.
  45. Possibly a bung tool. Used for opening different size caps on barrels and/or drums.
  46. You are welcome WesternPA-Collector, I have since added 4 more versions of different Whistle bottles to my collection.
  47. Thanks iggy, now I need to find the big one gallon size.
  48. Thanks purvis, I enjoy your posts as well.
  49. Excellent, I am digging all the different colors. Thanks for sharing!
  50. Hey Thanks, I'm always a bit curious as to where different sodas are bottled.
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