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I love collecting Jack Daniel's and petty much do not collecting anything else anymore. I learn something about Jack Daniel's every day and I look forward to findingI love collecting Jack Daniel's and petty much do not collecting anything else anymore. I learn something about Jack Daniel's every day and I look forward to finding that next item. The thrill of the Hunt!!! (Read more)


  1. Its a Jambiya dagger, tourist made piece. 1900-1920's. Golan style, made in the village of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights possibly...
  2. I thought you would be interested to see your input was spot on. I have just started to get back to the research and have not found anything new relating to the family yet.. I had to put it on the bac...
  3. scottvez Just want to update you. I found his obituary in some family documents. See the 4th picture I added to the post. Thanks
  4. Thanks vetraio50, brunswick, ho2cultcha, katherinescollections, fortapache, inky, SpiritBear for the love !!!!
  5. I am told it a test plate. The numbers represent the finish, colors, and design. Still do not know the maker or pattern so I will keep looking.
  6. Thanks Calvin83 and roddyq !!!!!!
  7. Thank you Caperkid and Zilla !!!
  8. Thank you aura !!!
  9. They are in a dark, cool and dry cabinet!!!
  10. Thanks SpiritBear . I appreciate the information.
  11. Thank you brunswick for the love and comment. I think they are in great condition for there age. We handle them as little as possible because we don't want anything to happen to them.
  12. Thank you inky for the love and your wonderful comment.
  13. Thank you TassieDevil for the love !!
  14. Thank you Irishcollector. for the love !!
  15. Thanks PoliticalPinbacks for the love!!!
  16. Thanks clmason456! The ledger is about the middle of volume 2. Hopefully they will stay in my family.
  17. Thanks whyatt I thought that's what it might be. Appreciate the information...
  18. Thanks fortapache !!!
  19. Yes He looks sneaky in that one!!
  20. Thanks blunderbuss2 for the comment. Yes it does look like it has had a rough life. There is no telling where it has been! You are correct on the time Eickhorn has been in business. I found that there...
  21. Thanks brunswick and officialfuel !!!!
  22. Thanks blunderbuss2 !!!
  23. Thanks fortapache!!!
  25. Thanks brunswick I have the negatives but I am having problems getting them developed correctly. Check out my other post with launch photos..
  26. Thanks!!!!!
  27. Thanks Nicefice that bottle was the start of my collection and abscission with Jack Daniels. The guitar was part of a display.....
  28. Thanks jameyrd I will have to check it out!!!
  29. Thanks Trey !!!
  30. Thanks aghcollect !!!
  31. Also that was 1st bottling and Mr. Frank Bobo was the Master Distiller!!!
  32. hang tag...
  33. The Belle of Lincoln is one of the big 7 Jack Daniels decanters. In my opinion it is the most common and easiest to find. The hand tag is harder to find and worth more than the decanter itself. You ca...
  34. Thanks paulmartin !!!
  35. Thanks Trey !!!!
  36. Thanks aghcollect !!!
  37. Thanks Trey, fortapache, and aghcollect !!!
  38. That is very cool !!! I will see what I can find out for you!!!
  39. I can help with sites for bottle marks and identifying screw tops if you need it.
  40. Thanks jerryn !!! I love hunting them down and then researching them, But I like the Pre Prohibition even more Though.
  41. Very Cool !!! Where do you find all these signs? I live in your neck of the woods and never see any down here.
  42. Thanks Trey !!!
  43. Thanks Trey !!!
  44. Thanks vetraio50 !!!!!!
  45. Thanks vetraio50 !!!!!!
  46. Thanks fortapache !!!!
  47. Thanks fortapache !!!!
  48. The bottle with the cap is actually a Hiram Walker bottle and does not have the federal writing on it. It was probably sold in Canada and brought to the USA. It was only required on bottles sold in th...
  49. Thanks aghcollect !!! My best estimate after my research from left to right in picture 1 1935 Mosser Glass Company, 1942 Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company, 1934 Owens-Illinois Glass Company,...
  50. Thanks aghcollect !!!
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