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  1. Nice, but I do not see Al Kaline's signature.
  2. My guess is Matt LaPorta.
  3. Thanks Rustfarm!
  4. Glad you like it. Thanks!
  5. The very same bottle that is in "It's a Wonderful Life". Check it out in Martini's bar.
  6. Here is mine...53727-king-whisky-display-bottle-http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/53727-king-whisky-display-bottle-195153727-king-whisky-display-bottle-1951
  7. very nice!
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  11. Many thanks to AzTom and Sean!
  14. Thank you Foundaroundtown!
  15. Many thanks to egreeley1976, leighannrn and SPEEDWAYPICKER!
  16. Many thanks to Chevelleman69, officialfuel and Designer!
  17. Very similar to a sign I posted a couple of years ago. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/37860-1940s-drug-store-style-coca-cola-sign?in=user
  18. Many thanks to sklo42, officialfuel, farmlady, Lady_Picker, Bigpapamike7272, trukn20 and sugargirl!
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  27. thanks gargoylecollector. it was just as dizzying and frustrating as taking a picture and it refusing to rotate! This was my next best option!
  28. Thanks for the comments Sean & Trey! Also thanks to Jewels and aghcollect!
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  30. Thanks Trey!
  31. Amazing, I need a sign like this!
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  41. I search Worthpoint and found one that sold on ebay in 2008 for $122.50; two in 2012 on ebay for $466.00 and $150.00; and two in 2013 on ebay for $250.00 and $76.00. They were all in similar shape. ...
  42. Thank you SEAN68 and aghcollect!
  43. Cecil Fielder.
  44. They came with certificates of authenticity when they were originally sold.
  45. They appear to be real.
  46. That's a nice group.
  47. Don't mess with it. Leave it in its orgininal state.
  48. Thank you Sean!
  49. I knew if I walked away from this a few days and came back I would know who this is. It is Omar Vizquel.
  50. Thank you Manikin!
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Old Bar Room Photos.... Early 1900's(?) Wool Soap Porcelain Sign