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  1. Well thanks Rob! It makes perfect sense, much safer than a screwdriver, especially when there's sulfer dioxide doing the cooling. Thanks again and aloha, Mark
  2. FYI, This unit had corrugated cardboard insulation, what was left of it anyway. There were some top filler pieces of soft board (1/2" tripled) around the top which were visible when the upper unit was...
  3. George, Are you in treatment for your addiction?...LOL. I think I've been bitten by the same bug! I'm curious to learn what temperature settings will be on the box when it is in day to day use. I re-...
  4. Thanks for the tip George! I have been looking for those....I just bought 2 sets.
  5. Nice save!!
  6. Amber, very cool but must've been an 'extra' on the traveling weight huh?...Anyway, I saw a post you made on another item, and you mentioned that you were on your way to Vegas and might stop by Pawn S...
  7. Wow....If you are on a quest, I just saw a similar tin in San Jose at I posted a picture in "Show & Tell" earlier today of the Hungarian baby bathtub we bought which sat 10' no...
  8. Excellant Robert! Everyone has advice, which is usually worth what you pay for it. Looks like you have a great start on the quality of your life, and doing something you love is the best start you can...
  9. Boy I couldn't agree more about how much 'schtuff' can build up. I have been doing some garage cleaning, and have boxes of bottles from a construction site dig unearthed in 1984! Still uncleaned and l...
  10. Fantastic restoration work!
  11. I worked in Bakersfield for a few years in the 80's and I once bid on a construction project in Mojave. The company refined x ray and other film to recover the silver. I don't remember the name of the...
  12. What is really amazing is that you got change back at a gas station....LOL
  13. Very special items there. Glad to see they were passed through your family.
  14. I was just going through a bunch of coins I bought from my son and daughter-in-law before Christmas (she works at a bank and saves silver coins she finds!) There are about 3 dozen Kennedy half dollar...
  15. I love the Morgans. This one minted in Philadelphia came from a rather large minting of 17million +. It currently would fetch 25-30.
  16. Who can NOT like shipwreck gold?!?!
  17. I'm SO glad I started out my first post with "I'm no expert..." I just happened to run into this interesting tid bit.
  18. I was just looking at my Morgans today....Beautiful coins!
  19. I'm no expert on the subject, but what we have here is a replica of a $20.00 Liberty Head minted from 1849 to 1866. Doubtful it was ever made to fool anyone, as she doesn't look the same as the actual...
  20. I'm not a 'clock guy' but yours caught my eye. It is a beauty!
  21. I live in California, and came across one almost like this one. It had red knobs and accessories, and I actually found another one at a salvage yard in this town, which is in the middle of nowhere!!! ...
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Nichol Kola embossed sign 2 Paintings by J Waterhouse  real or reproduced??? Vintage Tiffany and Co. designed by Schlumberger Pen Seven Chrome Carbs  CHRISTIAN F HEISE SILVER STRAINER 1929. The American Foursquare House...1895-1930 My antique store. Gumball machines restored/themed Coca Cola My mystrey fish 1865-S $20 Gold Double Eagle from the S.S. Brother Jonathan Shipwreck 1887 Morgan Silver Dollar, 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar, 1922 Peace Silver Dollar 1845 Kellogg & Co. money clip Telephone Token or Test Coins bottle collection my 1901 coke bottle Art Deco Hammond


Happy Easter! 1795 $5 Gold Half Eagle Dr. Parsons $5 Colorado Territory Gold Morgan Dollar 1880 s, my favorite coindesign 1885 morgan dollar  no mint mark 1843 $5 Gold Half Eagle from the S.S. New York Shipwreck 1941 Wheat Penny From Hawaii Coin Necklace


posted 9 years ago
posted 9 years ago