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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous! Love that Frit at the base
  2. I have one of these as well, rather small isnt it? still lovely
  3. Beautiful Baby blue colors!
  4. Thats a pretty awesome little find!
  5. Gorgeous Love the hand painted decor!
  6. Thanks for the Loves guys!
  7. Thanks for the Loves!
  8. Thanks Leah, yes again I am at this point listing them as bohemian, and I have noticed that through my browsing as well, I have seen many green examples, however a purple with a unique yellow flower I...
  9. I agree Leah, I just wish I had more information... have you seen a similar piece during your travels? Thanks for the Loves guys!
  10. Thanks for the loves guys!
  11. Thanks Sklo as you can see from my post I am a fan as well, and Leah, Yea I agree, I was thinking Kralik, but I know Harrach did a lot of applied glass as well, very confusing!
  12. True, ive only had the fortune of purchasing one a few years back
  13. Reminds me of the purchase I made with the Northwood Daisy and Plume Bowl at the antique shop for $25.00, However to say I am not Jealous of your find is a understatement, Absolutely Gorgeous Bowl you...
  14. True but, I love iridescence on glass in all of its forms, thus is why I have switched my collection to focus more on Bohemian Glass than American Carnival Glass
  15. Thanks for the Loves, I purchased this from you Alfredo, correct?
  16. Great Colors on this one as well!
  17. Love the Iridescence, very Beautiful!
  18. Very Interesting! Very Nice! The colors contrast very differently, Pink and Splatter
  19. Welcome back Jericho! Lovely Bunch of Glass you have there!
  20. Hmm... I almost went to that bottle show
  21. Thanks for the new Loves !
  22. Thanks for the new love :)
  23. Thanks guys! :)
  24. Thanks for the new loves guys!
  25. Thanks for the new loves :)
  26. I agree Fran, I really really lucked out on this, even though it looks beautiful in the photos, in person it is so much more!
  27. Ohh Very Nice, I love that light blue applied glass! I gave a vase very similar to this to my sister as a christmas gift about 3 years ago and I always wondered who the maker ones!
  28. Thanks for the new loves guys! :)
  29. Thanks for the new loves!
  30. Thanks guys for the newest loves!
  31. Thanks again for the loves everyone!
  32. Thanks again for the loves!
  33. Thanks for the loves guys! Anyone have a clue as to the origins of this mystery vase?
  34. Thanks again for the loves!
  35. Thanks for the loves, this is still an unsolved mystery! Anyone with information it would be appreciated!
  36. Thanks again Kivatinitz for the wonderful comments! Also thanks again Charcoal! Thanks everyone else for the loves!
  37. Thanks Kivatinitz for the nice comment! I agree... its been a roller coast ride of a year, and it doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Thanks everyone for the loves! Anyone know the exact nam...
  38. Thanks for the loves!, anyone else have an opinion of the maker other than harrach?
  39. Absolutely Stunning!
  40. Lovely!
  41. The Mount is incredible! The glass as well.
  42. Thanks Charcoal for the identification, I am not 100% what happened to the comment you posted, but I really appreciate your link!
  43. Thanks for the Loves! This is still a unsolved mystery, anyone want to take a shot?
  44. Thanks for the Loves! :)
  45. Thanks everyone for the Loves! Thank you very much racer4four, I agree it is very nice! :)
  46. Thanks for the Loves
  47. Lovely piece! I have to say that I've looked at these abstract flowers through the years online, but you have to have one in person to really appreciate how beautiful they really are.
  48. Beautiful piece of Carnival Glass :)
  49. Ha, well Scott consider it another addition to the Applied Glass Museum we have planned! and Thank you again Martika for your kind comments. Thanks everyone for the loves!
  50. Thanks Martika! I appreciate the comment. Thanks everyone for the loves :)
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