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Am a mad keen carnival glass collector. I have been collecting for about 5 years. My collection is approximately 100 pieces. My pride and joy of my whole collection Am a mad keen carnival glass collector. I have been collecting for about 5 years. My collection is approximately 100 pieces. My pride and joy of my whole collection is the very rare Kiwi nappy bowl. I also love collecting antique books and anything on the Titanic. (Read more)


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Northwood Town Pumps - Glasswarein Glassware
Anthony Hordern's General Mail Order Catalogue 1924 - Booksin Books
Anthony Hordern Mail Order Catalogue - Booksin Books
Fenton- Lattice & Grape Water Set - Blue !! - Glasswarein Glassware
Imperial Purple Decanter - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton Paneled Dandelion Tankard - Glasswarein Glassware
Imperial Grape Decanter - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton Amethyst Mikado - Glasswarein Glassware
Prince Dande Lion by May Gibbs, 1st Edition - Booksin Books
Little Ragged Blossom & more about Snugglepot & Cuddlepie. - Booksin Books


  1. This is Fenton. Thank you
  2. Yes very pretty.... it's called Singing Birds.
  3. Hi there, Sorry, I wouldnt know about sewing machines. Best to join a Anthony Hordern facebook page and see what interest and info you could get through there. On fa ebook there is an Anthony Hordern...
  4. Wow small world. The suburb of Bankstown I'm in is Birrong, next to Regents Park. A very small world.
  5. Yes, Amazing. It's a real shame that they did not keep Anthony Horderns building like they did Queen Victoria building. They destroyed a great piece of history.
  6. Hi Zowie, I'm in Bankstown which is south west Sydney. I only needed some help in identifying the age of the Imperial Decanter, not any other pieces, but thank you. Are you a collector of Carnival G...
  7. Thank you Zowie, I am a super keen collector. I live in Sydney, Australia, where are you ? Robyn
  8. Thanks, I thought it was just beautiful and even more so in real life.
  9. Hi there, Not sure if you realise, the title of the book is wrong. Its called Obelia not Odelia. Just thought you should know , somebody might want to find this book in here. Robyn :-)
  10. ooh ok, thanks for that info. I had no idea on some of that. Will look into getting a book on Imperial. Thanks so much for this info. Robyn
  11. Hi there, Thanks for your message. But Im pretty positive this is called Grape. There is no peacock on the glass. I have 2 others which are definitely called Grape by Imperial. Just unsure of its age...
  12. Thank you , one of m favourite pieces.
  13. Hi there, Unfortunately your set is not very old or rare. The colour is smoke. It is very similar to the set being sold in ebay, the link already given to you above. The difference between that set...
  14. It is rare to get the whole set complete. Lots of people want the whole set.
  15. Hi there, I paid nearly $1,000 Australian dollars.
  16. Glad to spark some of your childhood memories :-)
  17. Hi there, Its actually quite weird that you posted your comment just now. I was in the middle of reading an email from someone who has another one for sale which I hope to buy. I just had mine out to...
  18. I have most of the books , 1st editions but havent loaded them here yet. There is another one she did before all those and she had it printed over in the UK. It was called " About Us ". Been searching...
  19. Hi Gypsyprincess, I had already seen the site but never saved it. Thank you for the site.
  20. Totally agree, I bought a lot of mine from Abe and some at auction. I also find very good as well, they have all sorts of things and I got a few of my books from there. Rub...
  21. Hi Mary, The book is best advertised on a site like ebay or maybe an american site ( if you are american ) such as There wont be many people here looking to purchase it sorry. This is whe...
  22. Liked your story about drooling as he dropped the price hahhaa I drool a lot of carnival glass and antique books hahaha
  23. Now that is an awesome bowl ! I collect lots of carnival glass but never seen one of these !
  24. I buy a lot of my antique newspapers from ebay . Hindenberg & titanic ones.
  25. After all the above info , this is a very very stunning bowl !!
  26. Never thought of that. The 1st pic it does look quite small. Might post a new pic on it with something next to it. Thanks for that.
  27. thank you, love these myself.
  28. Thank you for that info. Thought it was a little older.
  29. Absolutely gorgeous !!!!
  30. Yes I am very pleased with my sweetmeat. It is a very beautiful piece. It took me a while to get it too. I can understand you loving this as much as me :-)
  31. Maybe if u go here, they might be able to help u get more info
  32. U are sooooo lucky you got it that cheap. Mine which is an 80 yr old German clock cost me $2.500 ! Is your name David ?? Because the comment I found was attached in another site to the very same look...
  33. It is a veryyyy beautiful grandfather clock, I too have one , not a Kohler and it is 80 yrs old. Love yours.
  34. I did find something not much though. Somebody else enquired about the same thing as you. Some one replied saying that these clocks were registered in 1925 by a Karl Kohler. So your clock is possibly ...
  35. I am after an old Amethyst set though , been looking for a very long time :-(
  36. Hi Jim, Thanks for that. I was pretty sure of this myself too. I research carnival glass every day lol. I just cant seem to get away from it. It is my absolute passion. I know about seam lines and ...
  37. Thanks, I have heaps more photos of my collection to upload but am missing a lot of photos. I have punch bowls and the most gorgeous bowl of all my bowls but might have to take it all out of my cabine...
  38. Yes I know what you mean and I live in Australia lol. I find the shipping on some items coming from USA very high, some of it over $40 , then others will sell the same item from USA for half the ship...
  39. I too have been after an amethyst master Piping Shrike. So we might be competing for the same bowl lol. I have been looking for about 2 years now. I missed an auction that fell through, start p...
  40. Ok, Did some more digging and it is an Amber set, some people are selling an identical pitcher as Gold.
  41. pattern is called Butterflies and it is a Fenton. Go to and type in butterflies fenton or butterflies bon bon, its a bon bon dish. It will show you a pic of your bowl in green and roughly i...
  42. You might find some info here .... From what I have read on these they are just called hand vases, seems hundreds of varieties. But I have n...
  43. Being an aussie, these aussie pieces are some of my most cherished pieces. I was told they are very sought after pieces, I also heard that on an antiques show. I have a few of the aussie ones but stil...
  44. I just purchased an Apple Tree Pitcher with 2 tumblers. Got it a few days ago. I am unsure if mine is an old set. It doesnt quite look like marigold. I read about an amber set once, now I cant find th...
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One of the Few Daisy and Plume Blue Candy Dishes Known in the World Titanic First Class Dinner Plate-"Large" Pattern Indiana Glass Carnival Glass hostess dish Imperial Rococo Small Bowl in Smoke 110 Year Old Imperial Smooth Rays Plate w/ Starburst Pattern Dugan Four Flowers Peach Opalescent Small Plate Kohler German Granfather?? Mystery Pattern & Maker of Beautiful Fruited Design Bowl Northwood Marigold Stippled Peacock on the Fence Peacook Plate Fenton Vintage Apple Tree Water Set


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