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Millersburg, PA

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yo my name is blair charles lentz. i love titanic and dukes of hazzard. i'm single and looking for that special girl. my favorite color is orange then red then blue.yo my name is blair charles lentz. i love titanic and dukes of hazzard. i'm single and looking for that special girl. my favorite color is orange then red then blue. i love the civil war and jesus. i listen to 97 persent country, 1 persent rap, and 2 persent rock. i don't play much video games but i get informed from a friend about the new games and systems. i am the oddest person you will find. i got 2 friend that are like brothers to me, and i don't like to fight bc i'm not good at fighting but i'll glady step in to a fight for a friend or girl. (Read more)


  1. i love this it looks awsome
  2. the serial number should point you in right way as to the year nice piece um also i don't think it would be old then 1863 i think because before then it was ball and flint i think is the word i'm look...
  3. $100 mint in box
  4. $35 mint in box
  5. one a 57 chevy convertable parked in front of school
  6. ok cool thanks
  7. do you know where i could get a door for it (back door)
  8. thanks guys
  9. really it seems older
  10. oh ok thanks
  11. yea im missing mine too
  12. i like that green one
  13. i have the first image i a little better condition
  14. yea i forget when my dad got it
  15. the local sub shop has one just like it
  16. um well western flier made bike and wagons i think so that the brand if im correct and is it a skip tooth
  17. i have one them
  18. thats all i can do as for the pictures cant help you there
  19. thanks
  20. sweet
  21. just like this
  22. oh ok thanks
  23. if i died this is my heaven
  24. any questions
  25. thanks
  26. like id like to know more about these dog food cans
  27. ok thanks
  28. robyn i think you just became my new best friend lol
  29. my grandfather work in the factory in camp hill, pa for 30 year in i think my dad worked there for 10 year
  30. yes thank so much
  31. isnt wooden rims for the 1800's
  32. that would be great for a train layout for a city police station lol just bc they all look a like
  33. i have that one on the right end
  34. i can get those mini balls and musket balls for 2.50 a peice nice bottons thought
  35. nice collection
  36. both are in the hot wheels guild but i dont remember how much and i lost my guild
  37. thanks so much glad to hear that
  38. redlines are the best in my opinion
  39. that is a great find
  40. its not but it looks like mine bike
  41. lol do you know what it might be worth
  42. thanks that cool to know
  43. yea i thought so
  44. thanks
  45. ok i just did a little looking thanks
  46. you think these are worth something
  47. ok thanks
  48. thanks
  49. made in the late 1800s there was a seat with a back rest and you could sit on it and use the wagon bar to stear in better condition it could be worth 700 800 dollars in present state maybe 200 or 300,...
  50. its 1959
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