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  1. Thanks rocker-sd
  2. Stillwater,sounds good but the bottom is not black.Its a real deep brown.I still cant find one close.Thanks
  3. Thanks for Info.sarahoff.I'll check it out
  4. Love the shirt & your hair looks Bet your a blast at outings...
  5. Still looking for pattern name and age.
  6. Thanks Hedgewalker, found out this is an Urn and im missing top.
  7. Thanks 4 the Love
  8. Thanks Bellin68
  9. vetraio50, Your right on the spelling.To be honest with you I didnt see it marked Dobrich when I got it.Its all white and it was hard to see.Ive seen horse figures with same marking but just cant fin...
  10. Thanks toolate2
  12. After many hours searching for this I finally found it.Its in the University of Wisconson-La Crosse Murphy,Special collections.Identifier .Neg 5466.Tells the whole story and proves this is real.Thank...
  13. Thanks NELLIN68
  14. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant should have been and still listen to them.Nice find...
  15. just wondering if any new people could help me with this one.
  16. Yes, when paper money gets in real bad shape they distroy it and make another with same number plus the star.I had a dollarbill once and where your star is mine had an "x".Not really sure what that wa...
  17. I cant say 100% on that but Ive seen them between $3000.00 and 8,000.00.If I were selling mine I would ask 4000.00.And I would GUESS 5k is fair.
  18. rocklandman,if you look at my things youll see the bench restored.Its to bad ya dont have the sides.
  19. Maybe this year he'll sweep ya off your feet and take ya out.
  20. Yes TeresaD,Its out on the front porch now.No Party poopers here.Hope he dont get shot out
  21. I have one just like it.I, like to put mine in my sons room when hes out.It gets him every time.My dog just wants to tear him up. We got lucky when we found ours.Marked down in a store my wife work...
  22. Ide really like to find these but if you ever see for sale dont buy.They were stolen from my shop.Im hate people who steal.
  23. Yes Mary its worth something.Are you asking how much?
  24. Sorry guys.I didnt want to get anybody upset.I will have it checked out and let you know if its the real deal.Thanks again
  25. Thanks Cindy...
  26. I went back to UW La Cross and looked at photo of card.I dont see any differance between the two .Mine says everything it says to the T.What am I not getting?
  27. Bottom right corner says, AGENT. And in the white it says MO.REPUBLICAN PRINT.Thanks for your time guys but, this is just something I need to take to somebody who can see it in person.To hard to tell ...
  28. scottves,heres some more pics.The paper this is on is thick and textured.Almost can see strands on the edges.Very hard to see through.I really dont think its fake.I dont think the frame is original.Th...
  29. Thanks officialfuel
  30. Thank you very much solver.That gives me more to work with.Do you think the card I have is old?Worth looking into????Or is scottves right?Thanks again.
  31. scottvez,your right.The red writting dont look like a pen did it.Has the same look as the rest of writting.I did find out the printer was a news paper printer.I will get pictures out of frame a/s/a/p....
  32. Still wanting to find out anything I can on this.Anybody?Anybody?Thanks
  33. rocker-sd,Ive searched high and low to find out more about it.Figured I could get a picture of the building it was on.Wrong.....I know it local because my Grandfather brought it home along time ago.He...
  34. Thank you Cindy1Treasures.It is a sewwt lil' plate.Its hard to think after all these years ,nobody ever broke it.Not even a tiny weeny chip.Good luck with your Storage units.In thinking about doing it...
  35. cocacolakid97, If ya rebuild one like I did you could make it work.But being the back of bench you would have to brace the porcelain sign so it wont bend.
  36. Thanks so much earlycocke,that right there makes the time it took worth it.I'll leave it to ya in my
  37. Thanks,I looked this up and found 10 other people are selling one just like itThey range from $1999.00-$8000.00.I know the 8000.00 is crazy but with this kind of range whats it really worth?Has anybod...
  38. Paul71,I wish it were Carnival glass.What a sight that would be...
  39. what type do you collect?
  40. It had alot more value 5-6 yrs ago.I just like it because theres only a few around.The markets really gone down on everything.
  41. Thanks Shawn, It was given to me as a gift by two very special people.
  42. Thanks scandinavian,still not cut.Guess I'll rent a saw and do it myself someday.
  43. Wow...I had a large collection of Budweiser many moons ago.Still kicking myself for letting it go.Where did you find it?Will it ever see Ebay???
  44. Thank You James
  45. Thanks bigrob31
  46. Thanks gotwire,Ill check it out.
  47. Thanks thriftman.Glad you like...
  48. I checked there and see no marking.Maybe it is Vallerysthal.That would be nice...
  49. Thank you AR8Jason.Im getting ready to call them now.I'll post it again when I get it cut.
  50. Where would a man go to get this cut in half the right way?
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Bud Man Neon Sign Beatles Photo.. Clint's Vintage Bud Man Budweiser Sign 1972 Chevelle Superior Confections VMC 242 Coca-Cola Machine Hide Your Daughters, The Fleet Is In {----Old Medicine Bottle----} Motorized Display Case ONLY ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD - 1980 Honda 650 Classic - ORIGINAL 340 miles - value? anyone? My Dads 1956 Canada Dry Pam Clock Baby Face Table Lamp Great Grandmothers Vase A sword marked India... Waltham Ladies Pocketwatch


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