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  1. Good Morning Vintagemad and Thank You!!
  2. Yep~ :)
  3. this a hugely wild guess on my part, but stylistically at looks like midcentury Italian and the underscored B made me guess possibly Bitossi.
  4. 585=14k gold I can see that Schraeger lines in the heart which is a good indication of Ivory from a elephant or mammoth tusk (depending on angle).
  5. Theresa like Chadakoin said, the first item is an invertrabate called an Ammonite. the rock appears to me to a pyrite, hence the ability to create that rainbow like coloring in some areas. At l...
  6. Sure~ i am still up gathering photos~ :D You can email me if you like at: lisaalton@yahoo.com Sincerely~ Lisa
  7. My pleasure! Something to keep in mind if you begin collecting Chinese jade is not to consider nephrite of lower value. In fact most of the very oldest pieces are nephrite! :D More important is to ...
  8. From the picture, it appears to me to be jadeite over nephrite because a) a granular texture over fibrous (nephrite) and it has a more/shiny glassy sheen rather than oily (nephrite). Hope that helps!
  9. Is there a stamp on the bottom of the vessel or inside? If so, please upload pic~
  10. famatta127~ I have a Loetz glass vase with a stag horn handle. The top of the vase I have, however, is missing a metal piece. Below is a pic of what it should look like complete. Can you recommend som...
  11. Wow! Never have I seen one like this and such perfect condition!
  12. Oh, those covered vases are beautiful! Personally, I haven't come across anything quite like those~
  13. My money is on Art Deco! :D
  14. *~*GORGEOUS*~*
  15. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/fts/tucson_200601A28.html Yep~you are right!~ that's the story I saw~ My brain must not have remembered the decimal in $5000.00 lol! *blush* Memory embellishment lol~
  16. i meant hand drawn... all thumbs, I am, probably why I'm not paid for my mad map making skills, lol~
  17. *~*I LOVE MAPS!!!*~* I was an obsessive map maker when i was a kid~ Then when I had kids i made maps for them of the yard, then the block, then neighborhood, and then the trails,and we give everythin...
  18. *~*Great Story Lawat56 About Your Son!! I Love It*~* *~*Those Are EXACTLY The Same Angels I'm Talking About!!!*~* *~*Lisa*~*
  19. It is Qing Dynasty....likely late Qing, so late 1800s-early 1900s. My guess is made within a few years of the World's Fair~ :D
  20. *~*Thank You So Much lawat56 and Woman34!*~* I am forwarding the information to an auction close by, which happens to be in St Louis. So I think it will appeal to collectors in that area as well. ...
  21. I cna't get over the craftsmanship of the first one. Unbelievable how he wound the silver around the ivory in such a perfect fit to make it look like branches that naturally weaved together without sn...
  22. My favorite is the first! :D
  23. Awesome signs!! Such well preserved color! Is it my imagination, or did the artist of the bathing beauties in photo 1 run out of paint for the red bathing suit..... ;)
  24. *~*An Update*~* I received some information from today~ The censer may very well have been purchased at the St Louis World's Fair, but not as I put it, "a souvenir of the 1904 World Fair itse...
  25. I'm guessing Victorian here..... What's the answer? I'm dying to know! :D
  26. Was this solved? I am guessing Georgian!~ I think I have officially "loved" all your jewelry now lol!
  27. "Fab" is right! ;) *~*Lisa*~*
  28. shrinkage!!!!
  29. *~*Crazycool!*~* Thank you so much for posting!~ :D *~*Lisa*~*
  30. *~*I Love It!*~*
  31. Hello~ Can you take some pictures of the bottoms and post? Also, here is an excellent site for Chinese and Japanese ceramic marks~ www.gotheborg.com Good luck!!! *~*Lisa*~*
  32. Gematim~ I just received my appraisals this evening. If you like, email me at: lisaalton@yahoo.com and I will show what one of the appraisal certificates looks like. It never ceases to amaze me ho...
  33. Gematim~ Mitchell Chen is a Stanford professor who can do an online appraisal. He is very very good and I highly recommend him. He appraised (and translated) the nephrite plaque in my collection g...
  34. *~*Wow and thank you so much!*~* I live near St. Louis, so I stopped by the1904 World's Fair Exhibition room at Missouri History Museum today. A volunteer gave me some information about the World'...
  35. What an amazing piece! I would love to know the story of how you came across it. Is it from your family? An auction?
  36. It is worth a lot!!!! :D
  37. Okay~there is no way I'm sitting on that thing~I'm just saying.... ;)
  38. Amazing~ Thank you for uploading and posting this~
  39. *~*Thank You So Much!*~*
  40. I have one of these in mint condition that a friend of mine asked me to sell for her on E-bay. I just measured the cork which is an inch in diameter and has a gold-tone ring attached. If you just want...
  41. Hi Shawn~ The lowest I've seen for the 1905~$300.00 The highest so far~ $600.00 :) Lisa
  42. I know exactly what you mean about, "that feeling"! :) Speaking of that feeling...I have the feeling that 2011 is THE year for the Cubs!!!! Oh yeah! :D
  43. This is why I love Craigslist! :)
  44. Thank you officalfuel! Also, what I probably didn't develop a full appreciation for until much later in life, was the rich essentially hands-on history lesson I was given due to growing up around all ...
  45. How freaking fantastic!!!! Your bio. department definitely trumps my bio. department lol! Thank you for sharing this~ :)
  46. I saw this on American Pickers last night, too. I think (not positive) that Mike said he thinks he could get $150.00 for it.....
  47. No, mine is not 1st edition. I believe the 1st edition, published in 1895, was privately distributed. However, I do not think the private 1st edition has as many illustrations as this one and future e...
  48. Thank you so much tikiray and Savoychina1! :) I would love to post more of the illustrations, if possible...and to think I picked it up in the early 1990's for $2.00!
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Pair of Opalescent type vases similar yet different, Anyone know about them? hard to find opalescent cranberry pitchers from the 1800's Wondering if it's Moser? Ornate Cast Iron Plant Stand Pencil signed Picasso, "The Artist and His Model" Kinji Toda Japanese Woodblock Print Circa 1930 Another Art Deco Ring! Red Photo Album from 1800's...Picture Found Of Ulysses S. Grant...18th President Of The United States Of America (1869-1877)


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