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A Mystery Dark Amethyst Faceted Vase.... - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks TallCakes and Loumanal, Both are similar, the gold decorated one is almost identical. Maybe one will surface with a paper label... :)
  2. Here is a similar piece to mine on Ancient Point with gold decoration described by the owner as Moser...
  3. Moser said it was not one of theirs...
  4. Here is my vase...
  5. Moser replied that my vase was not one of theirs, odd, it is so similar to your piece...
  6. I know how to add a photo when starting a new thread, but there is no "Add Photo" to the reply section that I can see...
  7. I have a similar, but different unmarked vase. I don't know how to load an image to a thread...
  8. Claudia, who did you email in Vienna about the archives? Thanks, Keith
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Would This be a Ludwig Moser Karlsbad DECO VASE? Brick of Jade carved jade Huge Jade Carved Pendant 19th century The Oddest Finds *~*A Metaphor Carved in Jade*~* Highly Carved Green & White Jade Pendant~Bird Lotus & "Hidden" Frog~ Beautiful Jade Carving Unknown Animal Chinese Brass Pot Tsukamoto Kaiji Dish Japanese Meiji-Era Satsuma "1000 Butterflies" Bowl 20th Century Chinese White Jade Brush Pot Strange Hammered Sterling Hemisphere - Middle Eastern?? Yabu Meizan Satsuma Bowl Chinese Armchair identification - Can anybody help please?


posted 13 years ago