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Birmingham, Alabama

The nick says it all "YARDSALEMAMA" A yardsale is like a treasure hunt, you never know what you might find and I LOVE IT.


  1. Amazing, I love finding arrowheads . You got a great deal and paying $3.00? Wow! Thanks for posting.
  2. Thank you officialfuel
  3. I still have my ViewMaster. Memory lane is exactly right. I would look through mine for hours, I think all my slides are gone except for a few. Thanks for posting.
  4. Thanks Mark
  5. Thank you officialfuel
  6. Thank you Mark
  7. Very sweet story.
  8. I have the same Cars album somewhere with many others, I think they are in my dads basement among all the other treasures that lurk in the hidden corners. If, I venture down those stairs, I may not b...
  9. Oh wow, this scares me. It looks like it could come to life and chase you., LOL. Keep a watch on those eyes Jim Linderman.
  10. I loved my Mrs Beasley doll also, I carried mine around too. Thanks, for bringing back a great childhood memory.
  11. olegaclockman47, Thanks for the approval of the lantern, you would love to walk through my Mothers and Fathers house, clocks are everywhere since she was a collector 70+ years. I was raised in Georgia...
  12. I would love to have that sitting at the end of my bed. Very pretty trunk.
  13. Thank you thriftfan :)
  14. Thank you officialfuel
  15. What a cool looking can.
  16. Thanks for the comments.
  17. Thank you bahamaboy
  18. It's beautiful.
  19. It looks like an old clothes washer wringer to me.
  20. Thanks for your help everyone. I'm going with teapot. I'm going to display it in my kitchen. When I first found it at a yard sale , my first thoughts were I'm going to use it as a planter outside o...
  21. Thank you Philip
  22. Very nice car!
  23. I really like your collection. I love arrowhead hunting. It's one of my passions. I can go out hunting for hours and I've always been like this since I was a little girl. Looking forward to seeing ...
  24. I would like to thank everyone for their comments, I agree with some and disagree with some, I do apprecitate everyone's comments and I wish I could thank everyone personally for their thoughts. Whate...
  25. Barbara, Would you happen to know how old this item might be and who made it? I have been researching this for a week now and I have yet to find anything that even resembles it, honestly I also think ...
  26. I have just posted new photo's, maybe they will help in solving this mystery
  27. bahamaboy, thanks for the comment. Coke is my favorite soda all the way when I drink soda also. I'm glad you like my sign. :)
  28. 1. Thank everyone for their helpful tips, there are so many things that this object could be, I'm in the process of cleaning the pot and stand as I write this, the detailed engraving is starting to co...
  29. I can't blame your wife, I wouldn't let it in the house either, not even the dog house, LOL
  30. This is so pretty.
  31. Vesta, thanks for your help and the link. I think I'm getting closer ??? (hopefully) to solving my mystery with everyones tips and information.
  32. Vestawind, thanks for your help, but it's too small. I will be posting more pics today beside a soda bottle for comparison.
  33. Pop_abides , Yes that sounds like a great idea. It does look like a can of sterno would fit underneath to keep something warm. I will keep researching. Thanks.
  34. Hi Mike, Love the show. I want to go pick with you and Frank. LOL. Ya'll should come to Alabama, you would not believe what treasures I find here in this small town I live in . I'm adding to my c...
  35. StihlCollector, thanks for the information. It's not in good condition. Still a cool decorative piece.
  36. Wow Vintagemad, what a bargain. Very pretty. I love buying the whole box myself and going home and looking at my treasures.
  37. Thank you for the comment bahamaboy.
  38. Thanks for all the comments and the help trying to figure this object out. I'm still researching. I have an aunt in Kentucky who has been a picker for years and it baffles even her. I'm losing sleep...
  39. Pop_abides, I'm not really sure about it being a pot for melting wax, the pot has been fully engraved in fine detail. I have not cleaned the pot yet, so maybe the engraving can't be seen well enough,...
  40. Thank you VikingFan82
  41. Thanks for the information Pop_abides.
  42. Hi davyd286, No it's to large to be a braclet , and to small to be a necklace. It has no opening clasp either. I'm still trying to guess??
  43. DMK678, No doubt in my mind, after a couple of minutes of searching for antique bottle cappers, you hit the nail on the head or should I say, you put the "THE CAP ON THE BOTTLE" . Thanks for the he...
  44. DMK678, Well, I was always told it was a bottle opener, but your idea about it makes more sense to me, hmmmm, I better look up old bottle cappers. Thanks for getting my mind in gear. Husband of Yar...
  45. Thank you imander, now if I could only figure out what it is?
  46. Absolutely amazing to look at.
  47. Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for the help in finding the value of the coffee grinder, but as Toyman said, its a cool piece for decorating, so I will let it continue to hang on the wall. Thanks again,...
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