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Masury Ohio

I collect bicycles, funeral, and medical antiques, and whatever else that catches my eye. Building a 1950 chevy pickup, with my two sons, and working on a 1966 vw duI collect bicycles, funeral, and medical antiques, and whatever else that catches my eye. Building a 1950 chevy pickup, with my two sons, and working on a 1966 vw dune buggy. I am not a hoarder,,,my garage is !! (Read more)


  1. Thanks everyone, I haven't been on here forever. Hoot60, I'll definitely look into that. There's not a lot of visibility but it's so cool looking. AnythingObscure, it sure would, lol. Stay safe friend...
  2. Don't know about the numbers, but a great piece. Hope you have figured it out after all this time.
  3. Not sure of the year. I've been collecting these Huffman, Huffy's for awhile now, and they are my favorites. Hope to find a Dail a Ride, or Radio Bike one day.
  4. Thanks mojo80, gotta love these little Huffy's.
  5. Thanks guys, just been busy with work and some projects.
  6. Thanks toolate2, and kerry10456. I can't wait till I find time to work on it.
  7. Daytonman, so cool to hear from you on this bike. I love the Huffman, Huffy brand. Two weeks ago I picked up a convertible at a antique store, fell in love with it as well. Always looking for them. My...
  8. Thanks again crabbykins.
  9. Thanks timetraveler, mustangtony, and crabbykins.
  10. Thanks tterrag7991, Pop_abides, and crabbykins.
  11. Thanks crabbykins.
  12. Thanks much crabbykins.
  13. Thanks crabbykins, and Phatbuddha.
  14. Thanks much ho2cultcha.
  15. Thanks much DinoMan.
  16. Thanks toracat.
  17. Thanks BELLIN68, jackart, and toracat.
  18. Thanks again everyone.
  19. Thanks toracat, and clockerman. Yea, my wife will have a interesting estate sale one day. ha ha
  20. Thanks again Phil, toracat, and ttomtucker.
  21. Thanks toracat, ttomtucker, and bratjdd.
  22. Thanks DavesCoolStuff, toracat, ttomtucker, and bratjdd.
  23. Thanks toracat and stonesfan1
  24. Thank you very much Phil, and wishing you a very good year too.
  25. Yea, a nice used wheel for a Amish buggy goes for 45 bucks here, but I watched a few videos of wheel building and it is very interesting. Your cannon wheels are not so common, and a lot more heavy dut...
  26. Thanks mrmajestic1, and Phil.
  27. Thanks JSmed.
  28. Thanks bratjdd.
  29. Thanks pw-collector and BELLIN68.
  30. Thanks kerry10456, mustangtony, musikhoo, AR8jason, TRIKER, and blunderbuss2. Vontrike is a three wheeled bicycle I own that is metal flaked, and pin striped in VonDutch style and sporting 25 inch ap...
  31. Thanks much woody56.
  32. Thanks ttomtucker .
  33. Thanks chrissylovescats, sanhardin, mtg75, and everyone else for the love.
  34. OK, I did see it and loved it. Still do. Though, it would look better in my garage.
  35. Thanks everyone for the love. Oldsmobile's are better for sure, but not finding it.
  36. Thanks for the information JSmed. I used to love digging dumps, but all the ones I used to dig are on posted land now.
  37. Thanks Laureniscontent, bratjdd, and stonesfan1.
  38. Thanks spiritinthesky3.
  39. Thanks mrmajestic1.
  40. One of my favorite Toyman post. Where's he at? Anyone know.
  41. Thanks BELLIN68, and kerry10456. Been kinda slow finding bikes lately, but I have some leads to feed my addiction.
  42. I was talking on a post to AR8Jason, and I mentioned about the hearse that I had been building, but that I would not post it due to it not being real. It was built from an old Amish wagon, so I said t...
  43. Thanks once again toolate2 and officialfuel.
  44. Thanks Hedgewalker, toolate2, and officialfuel. Every time my wife sends me to the doghouse, I use this to pray she lets me back in.
  45. Thanks Love. anything. old, BELLIN68, officialfuel for the love and like on this.
  46. Thanks everyone for your love.
  47. Thanks officialfuel, toolate2, and ttomtucker.
  48. Thanks officialfuel ans ttomtucker.
  49. Love that Dew can.
  50. Thanks again everyone, and thanks epson233 for the kind words.
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