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Houston, Texas

I mainly collect vintage bicycles but also have several other collections from oil cans and old tools to signs and records albums.


  1. Heartbreaking! I can only imagine what you're going through Youngblood, my heart sinks just looking at the pictures (and the 'before' pics too).
  2. It looks like a Franken-trike to me. The frame appears to be from a generic girls bike and there's no telling what the rear came off of.
  3. Sometimes you can still read the model on the chainguard. The checkerboard decal on the seat tube make me think it's an 'American' though.
  4. Neat bike but boy do I hate it when someone repaints them (and paints over EVERYTHING)!
  5. I just picked up a '51 Schwinn from the original owner, it's missing the tank and rear rack but has the same colors as yours. Like mine, yours has the skip-tooth 'sweetheart' sprocket!
  6. Hard to tell with out a head badge or chain guard but it could be a Western Flyer (I saw one just like it recently).
  7. I agree with 'npence', I'd leave it as is, go through the bearings and replace the tire and tubes and just ride it! I've got a '53 Monark and that's what I did with it
  8. Thanks guys! I'm thinking about repainting the tank and rack a more accurate color, more of a candy metallic red.
  9. Wow, those look great!
  10. Just so you know, a full restoration is not necessary. I have several 'patina' bikes that I've rebuilt (regreased bearings, hubs and new tubes and tires) and ride 'as is'.
  11. To me, the sprocket looks like a Shelby. I've never heard of Keller & West but back in the day lots of department stores re-badged bicycles with their own badge. Post it up on the CABE (Classic, Anti...
  12. Definitely early '50s, you might look under that seat cover, it might've saved the original seat. I looks like it was repainted at one time, I believe the front and rear fender tips would've been whit...
  13. I've been into bikes for quite a while and that's the first one I've seen. I would guess it's late 50s or early 60s. You might try putting it on the CABE (Classic Antique Bike Exchange) forum, someone...
  14. The bike is probably late 50s or early 60s, I would guess '61 or '62. It looks to be in great shape, all it needs is buffing and polishing (plus going through the bearing and new tires/tubes) to make ...
  15. Wow, that's cool!! I'd never even seen 'hot rod' comic books before now.
  16. Wow, great find!
  17. Lol, that's what I thought!
  18. Another nice find! I'm guessing that the 2-speed is a kick-back hub. I like how you said 'I think I found...', I have trouble remembering where I got all my bikes too!
  19. Nice find, I'd leave it just like that and ride that sucker!
  20. Man, that cleaned up nice!
  21. That's in great shape, did you restore it?
  22. Cool Scooter, I've got the same one but it had been painted over so I couldn't tell what brand it was, now I have an idea!
  23. Thanks guys! GV, did your's ever sell on ePay?
  24. Nice find! I rarely find bikes this old at garage sales here in Houston.
  25. RatRodBikes just started up the build-off#7, you ought to enter this!
  26. I hear ya, I've been a lot better about not dragging stuff home but then something really cool pops up and then I have to make room for it!
  27. The Firestone is a basically the same as a Monark, the rack and the 'tombstone' rear reflector are the same on both bikes.
  28. Wow, I'm impressed!
  29. Nice bike! I have a Murray X-63 (pics are on here) that was in similar shape when I got it. I kept the paint original (buffed it out though) and cleaned the chrome, etc...of course I went through the ...
  30. More, more!!
  31. Update; here's a pic of the finished product. I blew the bike completely apart straightened all the dents and fender braces (which was a little more difficult than usual as they are curved), re-grease...
  32. Thanks Vontrike, I love it too! I blew it apart last night (came apart really easy considering the rustiness), gonna replace the wheels, go though the bearings, straighten some dents and leave the r...
  33. Cool bike! I've got pair myself, a Dyno and Kustom Kruiser Roadster. You're right, these are just about the best riding bikes ever!
  34. Wow, what a great story AND bike! What are your plans? I'd put a Nexus 3 or 7 speed set up on it and ride the wheels off of it!
  35. Great job! You said it was painted over in blue, is this the original colors? What type of paint did you use (rattle can or automotive)? Love those Persons sirens, I've got a couple myself. I love...
  36. Wow, that's cool!
  37. Nice score, looks pretty complete for an old skip-tooth bike. That springer almost looks like a Schwinn but different.
  38. Could still be a bicycle seat. You might post it on the CABE (Classic Antique Bicycle Exchange) forum, I'd bet you'll get an answer pretty quick.
  39. Thanks Vontrike, I've been waiting to see yours! Ultimately, I used a dull razor blade to scrape the clearcoat off. It's still time consuming but it was the quickest way I could come up with!
  40. Ahhh, the HAMB, I should've though to look there, I thought I recognized 'gvgordon'!
  41. That is possible, I'm not a Coca-Cola expert by any means, but I love it anyway!
  42. Thanks for the comments guys! Being that it's JC Higgins, I imagine that they were possibly sold though Sears.
  43. That's awesome, I love these old books! When was it first issued? It looks like sometime in the '50s.
  44. It kinda looks like a welding helmut without the lens. What are the knobs on the side for, is it a flip-up helmut?
  45. Cool bike, what are your plans for it?
  46. Judging by the tank and rack, I'd say it's a '50s model, not '60s. Look at it again I noticed it's a skip-tooth, so that should make it pre-'52. I wish I had friends with stuff like this just layi...
  47. Nice! I love the patina on this can. I know a lot of guys only want cans in pristine condition but ones like this are far more interesting to me!
  48. Absolutely love it, what a great find! What are your plans for it? Personally, I'd leave it as is but make it rideable (I have several that way)! I'm not too hip on the Cadillac bikes but i do kn...
  49. Usually, the only identification on these bikes were on the tanks and the chainguards (sometimes you can still see the ghost image of the bike name on the chainguard). Comparing the frames, they are...
  50. Agreed about the restoration, I'd bet that the original decals are still there just painted over!
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