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Pinstriper, hot rodder, general gearhead. Love garage sales, auctions, flea markets anywhere a new discovery may be lurking.


  1. All I did was wash it.
  2. OK, not as old as it looks then. Thanks for the info
  3. Got new tires and found a second chain guard for it. It's a hoot to ride, steering from the back seat without a passenger gets lots of looks.
  4. As I understand there was an early and a late version of these. The early ones did not have chain guards (I have been told). I have a later '39-'41 version with the "eyebrow" guards. (see my gallery f...
  5. I bought new tires for it. When I get them on I'll give you a shout.
  6. Thanks toy_passion. I thought maybe a promo, evidently pretty rare.
  7. No markings at all.
  8. Had fun at church today telling people I bought a little red corvette in memory of Prince. They ask what year, and I told them 1958 (didn't want to lie in church!). Then I showed them a picture. lol...
  9. Wow, thanks for the info. I love random boxes. Been awhile since I have posted, pick a good one to jump back in with. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the info
  11. I ended up selling this to a musician friend of mine who had it gone through and is playing it regularly. No other info.
  12. Danged Hoarders! Keep all the cool stuff for themselves. OK, you are officially the old bike king of N.W. Oklahoma (with the possible exception of Micha). Where are you keeping all these, house mus...
  13. Thanks, a quick search turned up an article on the New Haven Clock Co. in the CW archives. A model would be nice if I could find that out.
  14. Thanks for the info. Very helpful
  15. You've been busy since I saw you last. Great looking stable of bikes!
  16. Never hurts to make an offer LOL
  17. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/39096-my-small-bugatti-collection-etc Found my post.
  18. OK went back and looked and I must have deleted my pics of mine sorry.
  19. Resin construction, Decor piece. I have the Bugatti listed in my section. Could be at least 20 years old because I bought mine at a second hand store about that long ago.
  20. Yep, penetrating oil is only for freeing stuff up. The wheels will come off, the axles cleaned up and greased.
  21. Sweet score man. Meerry Christmas dude.
  22. Yep, that's the one. Very well built little trailer. Think I bought it right too.
  23. No branding that I can see. Plays well Nice rich lows.
  24. Yea, Dave. It is niche market for sure. Not a lot of folks are aware these existed. Makes them somewhat affordable so that's OK. Thanks for the comment.
  25. Thanks for the links, shed a lot of light on the questions I had.
  26. I'll ad you to the list of people who have had the same reaction (myself included) LOL. Let me know if you come up with it.
  27. Well I have about decided this is a Hansel doll, as in Hansel and Grettle. The more I looked at the "overalls" the more I decided they were lederhausen. There is an H on the red cross piece between th...
  28. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/33594-flying-o-scorpion?in=user Link to the bike I cleaned up.
  29. I stripped red paint off of an old muscle bike with laquer thinner and 000 steel wool. Left the original green and graphics intact. Work fast and dont let it set on it too long. Try it in an unseen ar...
  30. patience grasshopper...
  31. I have a deck that belonged to my dad. My little brother and I used to sneak them out of his drawer and look at them when we were young and inquisitive. It is called a "STAG" Deck.
  32. Has a cretain Daliesque quality to it., very nice!
  33. was underneath (is missing, , the 'brake" lever on the side actualy was a light switch.
  34. Flashlight bulbs. Like in a handheld lamp. Not the photographic type.
  35. If you ever want to go back to the 3 X 2 set up, I have a friend in Michigan who is a master with multiple carb set ups. Very nice Biscayne.
  36. And you didn't bring the flathead Harly home for me!? What kind offriend are you. lol
  37. Mid century modern stuff is getting hot right now. $10 was a steal! Guessing it would go for $100+ in the right market.
  38. Sounds like it got you agitated. LOL
  39. Nope still here, she bought it out of a second hand store about 12 years ago. I have no idea of the age and there are no makers identifing marks.
  40. Never been to the Round-up. I do know a lot of car guys from down that way.
  41. The purple fleetline Chevy belongs to Jimmy Vaughn of the Fabulous Thunerbirds, The silve and red chopped shoebox Ford belongs to a friend of min Gregg and the interior was done right here in Enid.
  42. I have one just like that on E-bay right now except it is Dallas TX. Yours is the only other one I have seen. My wife wasn't impressed because her dad was a milk route driver for Blue Bunny when she w...
  43. Why does looking at these make me want to open a bag of M&Ms?
  44. Thanks for the information, don't have any idea where he got it so it may well be older than WWII. I just know that's when he was there.
  45. on a small little shelf in the hall. Shhh, don't tell.
  46. Thanks for the information, Makes sense, and you sure couldn't blame momma! lol
  47. Thanks guys. I enjoy doing it.
  48. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?p=7236540#post7236540 Link to the discussion of this on the other forum. All old hotrodder and ragracers.
  49. Gordon Johncock ran a Bell helmet with a narrow opening like that as did Shirley Muldowney. Have pics but can't include thin in this reply.
  50. Vontrike, could we see a back shot of this.
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