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Little Rock, Arkansas

It's a lot easier to buy things than it is to sell them(: So I guess I'll just start a collection.


  1. That's the weirdest thing ever.. Is the frame made of metal or plastic?
  2. Does anybody have, or know where to get parts for this thing?
  3. Man.. I passed up on one of those spaceship banks a while back, probably should have bought it when I had the chance. How much would one be worth?
  4. I don't think the frame has been cut, I think this bike most likely had a tank/bar that was removable and it's just gone. There was a lot of bikes like that
  5. Wow I'd love to have that if you'd part with it, those are my dads initials(:
  6. Sorry, I just meant that people wanted a lot less back then for items back then before they realized how much things are worth now because of things like the internet. For example this sign, what he p...
  7. Alright thanks, I did okay on it then. Yeah you're right, it is 20" x 28" . I must have read the measurement wrong. Thanks for the information!
  8. Well just my luck.. I sold it a couple days before I found a bike that matched it perfectly. I even had a sissy bar for it.
  9. well.. Maybe ill just have to make one(: I'm 6ft 3 so I don't think they make one tall enough!!
  10. Wow. Love the seat!
  11. perhaps gilmore?
  12. Cool. Thanks
  13. At one time I did look all of them up but that was a while back and I forgot since then.
  14. I'm planning on restoring it this winter. I did find a new chrome sprocket and hubcap for it so I'm pretty happy about that. Yeah I'm glad that the lens isn't broken because I'm sure it would be near ...
  15. Are they worth more if they are full? Or does it matter?
  16. I will sure be on the lookout for some
  17. Is it hard to find the chrome hubcaps that went on the sprocket? This bike was supposed to have one but it wasn't on it when I got the bike.
  18. How did you get the yellow paint off?
  19. Do you know how old it is?
  20. I honestly have no idea
  21. Do they glow in the dark?? Or do you have to have a blacklight?
  22. I'll upload pictures when I put the bike on here
  23. I have one, I'm not sure what it is supposed to be used for but we just put firewood in it, it works great for that
  24. Wow. This is my dream bike.. lol
  25. I have one of these, somebody painted over it and made a regular red and white coca cola sign and it didn't look right so we sanded all the paint off and this sign was underneath. Great find!
  26. At the moment, I have over 13 bikes but about 5 of them are still outside in the weeds, one of them that I found has a tree growing through the middle of the frame and I have to go cut the tree down.
  27. Everyone that comes in and sees this pedal car absolutely drools over it. I've never seen another one like it.
  28. The headbadge says FOREMOST
  29. I've only seen pictures of ones, but this was the first one I've ever actually found.
  30. It is a Junior Roadmaster bike. I have one listed on here if you would like to see it
  31. Do you know what year this bike was made? I can't find anything about it. All I have found is one that says Renegade III on the chainguard.
  32. isn't this a girls bike though?
  33. I cleaned it up and the head badge on the front of the bike says Roadmaster. You can barely read it but thats what it says. So i guess it is made by AMF
  34. thanks for the info
  35. After about a month of trying to get it apart, the bike is completely in pieces right now except for the crank. I need to get some more sand for the sandblaster before I can start working on it. Excep...
  36. My dad is planning on restoring it so that he can pull it behind his 55 chevy
  37. It would be likely that it is an AMF bicycle because there used to be an AMF plant nearby
  38. Also, that part hanging down on the back isn't an extra kickstand, whoever owned the bike before me, when they put the banana seat on there they also put a sissy bar on there, that is part of it hangi...
  39. Finding replacements for all the parts is easier said than done, the parts cost more than I paid for the entire bike. My has a 57 chevy that when restored is going to be turquoise and white. When he g...
  40. i wish i could find stuff like that in the trash..
  41. thanks so much for the info!!
  42. i have the vending machine that sold tom's peanuts, ill post it on here later
  43. Restored, the machines can be worth around $2000 and up. The globe that goes on top of the machine is really rare, because most of the time they are broken over the years. They were made around 1949.
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