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New York City


  1. That is really beautiful. I love the detail.
  2. WOW! There is no way I could ever find such wonderful items in a Goodwill bin here in New York City. They are really beautiful and if they could speak, would probably have amazing stories to tell. Gr...
  3. HEY! That's where I left my Hubba-Bubba bubble gum. : ) Those were the good ole' days.
  4. Thank you boonsborotrunks for the additional pics. Just what I wanted to see. The handles and the inside. Once again, you do fine work. Keep em' coming.
  5. They look like loads of fun. Enjoy!
  6. I love the scooter. Really cool!
  7. You have a nice collection. The one in the third picture of your collection is my favorite so far. You should show more inside pics and pics from the back with the lid open. You do nice work show more...
  8. I love old trunks. Yours is a really nice one. People in my building throw trunks out quite often. I have a few of them, but none as nice as yours.
  9. You have a great collection. I've never seen anything like those before.
  10. I may be one of the only non-smokers who loves cigarette signs, ads and machines. Very nice!
  11. Please post more pics. Other sides and a little interior would be nice to see. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I have model #3 grinder currently looking for the jars. Check out the link below. I found it to be the best for information about these wonderful grinders. Good luck! http://www.coffeehouseinc.com/hi...
  13. Cool crate. Hope you'll be loading up more interesting pics of your newly acquired collection.
  14. Holy kitty cat Batman! That room is AWSOME! I wish I were as passionate about something. That room is way cool! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Great row cart. I love it as is, but it is a great candidate for a restoration.
  16. Interesting shape. I like the font of the numbers.
  17. Love it!
  18. OMG! I remember this lamp. These pics snapped me right back into my childhood. My best friends parents had one in the 70's. I remember being fascinated with watching the oil run down this thing. I als...
  19. Or this one. http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-double-ended-glass-jar-zinc-lids
  20. Check this out. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250962339517+&item=250962339517&lgeo=1&vectorid=229466
  21. I've never seen anything like that before. It's absolutely beautiful. Love it!
  22. You did a fantastic job with the restoration. Good work on your kitchen stool also.
  23. That bike brings back great memories of my childhood. My friend had that same bike and we trashed it. We would ride three at a time, do wheelies, and ride recklessly down hills in central park in NYC,...
  24. That trunk is way cool. I have an old military foot trunk that I wanted to turn into a bar, but I never thought to turn it vertical. Fantastic idea!
  25. That is a fantastic gas can and you did a great job with the restoration. About what year is it? BTW, Jacob is adorable!
  26. LOVE IT! You're right. That is a good friend you have there looking out for you. Can we get a picture of the face and knobs? Thanks.
  27. Thanks to everyone for all of the great info.
  28. I love this sign. That is the wonderful thing about living or being in an area with old barns with great history. Living in New York City is a little tough to find great gems like this one. Even thoug...
  29. A large bowl of buttered popcorn, a Coca-Cola, while watching a western on your flat screen tv there on the shelf. I can't think of a better movie night. Great find. Enjoy!
  30. This kid has great taste and his negotiating skills are way better than mine. I never get those crates the cheap. Good for him. Keep up the great work!
  31. WOW! If you adopt me, I promise to keep everything polished. I would kindly pay for a tour. GREAT STUFF!
  32. These are the similar bottles I recently found on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Middle-Eastern-Perfume-Bottles-Set-Two-/150717539592?pt=Antiques_Decorative_Arts&hash=item2317772508 http:...
  33. You're right. Yesterday I found something on ebay that looks similar. They describe it as a vintage middle eastern scent oil bottle cruet silver, glass. Check out the ebay bottle and tell me if you ag...
  34. Thanks filmnet. You inspired me to share my coins.
  35. Thanks for the info. You always have an answer for everything. Here's a couple more to answer, how do I authenticate the coins? how should they be stored? Right now they are in a plastic baggie sitti...
  36. Nice pitcher. Looks heavy. I know absolutely nothing about glass, but yesterday I purchased a pitcher from Goodwill and was wondering if you would take a look and share some info on my purchase. Thank...
  37. I love this box. I just saw the same box in a picker's shop in Honesdale PA. The owner wanted $700 for it. I asked him why? Was it filled with $650? :) So either keep it, or don't sell it cheap. Gre...
  38. Nice collection filmnet. Well who knew? I had no idea these things were currency. I have a few of the one in the second pic, bottom left. They were in my dad's jewelry box. I put a leather string thru...
  39. Manikin, thanks for the info and great history lesson. Yes, it is bronze. I dug down about 2 feet and there I see this cool little item. I do know that the garden sits atop a building that was demolis...
  40. Great find. I guess you're going to pop a huge bowl of popcorn and start reading. Please share a few interesting notes.
  41. WOW! Absolutely beautiful. Please leave it as is. No restoration! No restoration! :)
  42. I saw this very same piece in a Goodwill here in Bklyn NY last month. As much as I LOVE Coca Cola items, I passed over it for some reason.
  43. Thank you officialfuel. Happy New Year to you too!
  44. Love them all. Great collection. I just found the round Maxwell House and the Premium Saltine crackers can to add to my collection. Keep Picking!
  45. Great items. The new sign fits nicely into your collection. Is it as large as it looks? Whoever used it for target practice, was a pretty good shot. Nice grouping. :)
  46. I LOVE this piece. Whatever it is, please don't polish it. If you're planning on selling, you'll get more cash as is. Good Luck!
  47. My grandparants used these back in the early 70's for milk or syrup.
  48. FANTASTIC! Hey I'm looking to get away from the high rents of NYC. I would paint the front door red, and call it home. :) Great pics!
  49. You are living my dream. All I want in life is to get away from office computers, pack a toothbrush, grab my little dog and ride off into the sunset in my Chevyvan camper. Have fun with your restorati...
  50. Thank you all for the help. Now I can see how they may be oilers or scent bottles. Czechman, I looked at your bottle and it's beautiful. I love the dark glass. If nothing else, doing the research on t...
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