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Charleston, SC

Redline Hot Wheels 1968-1973 Automobilia, vintage bicycles Whimsical stuff, oddball stuff


19th Century Clock with matching vases - Clocksin Clocks
Advice from an LP record - Recordsin Records
Hot Wheels Mail-In Offers - Model Carsin Model Cars
Ducky Washerwomen 
Ten bucks at a garage sale - Fishingin Fishing


  1. I have one as well, but mine has just two shelves and a different topper that is sculpted differently, with "ask for Kellogg's" molded in relief, without the word "cereals". Also, mine isn't nearly ...
  2. Great color combo, looking good!
  3. Stripe art and lettering is a direct lift of the 1971 Ford Pinto logo as presented on the early brochures.
  4. Wow, hadn't looked in on this in a while, thanks for the positive attention, you guys! :)
  5. Thanks, BELLIN68 for the love.
  6. Great find, I've always wanted one of these, but I can't afford one and I'm out of wall space anyway.
  7. Thanks y'all for the comments 'n love, I appreciate this piece getting some attention!
  8. I have a similar one from among my late uncle's vast collection of (now vintage) tools. If not for woodworking and handyman projects, I can see this used as a clothespin for large laundry, like blank...
  9. I've been to a couple of toy shows and asked the comics dealers, "Got any Hot Rod comics?". Scored a few that way but I have a ways to go before I catch up with you. Yeah, it's a great niche.
  10. My aunt & uncle in Florida amassed a large collection in the 1950s-60s that now belongs to Florida State University. I used a few leftovers to decorate a clock that's buried in my attic.
  11. My sister gave me a red one for Christmas in the early '70s, maybe I'll run across it in my attic someday!
  12. I agree that the slots suggest a hubcap. Fancy pull wagon? Its pneumatic nature, what with the valve stem, makes me curious.
  13. As for the 1968, that's likely the copyright date of just that part of the mold. I don't know dolls & action figures, but 1995 and China rings true. If it were much older it might have been Hong Kon...
  14. Wowzers on those values! Really cool items, lots of character and hard to pick a favorite. Good eye at the flea.
  15. I have one with both sides unreadable, those red panels can be pretty delicate. Anybody have a source for repro decals for these?
  16. Interesting category, wonderful variety!
  17. WOW !!!
  18. I'd have to see it to be 100% sure, but these were very common from the 1970s (I had a couple and traded them away), and it's reasonable to expect that one would have this appearance after 30+ years o...
  19. I'm more of an HW guy but these make a great pair.
  20. Automobile stylists are artists and sculptors. People who dismiss cars, etc. as merely utilitarian don't see the beauty, and that's too bad for them. Hopefully your wife will surprise you with an op...
  21. Of course it's worth displaying! Some people will pay quite a bit of money for it to display! Beautiful piece in very nice shape, I need a shed like yours.
  22. I sold one unboxed at the flea market last year, working with excellent stickers for $5. I got it at a garage sale for $1... but was glad to be middleman putting it in the hands of a kid collector.
  23. I'm not a card player but I appreciate the theme. A lampshade decorated with playing cards could really make this pop! Also, I hate clowns.
  24. Can't name everything but I have a few of the same items: the plastic man on motorcycle bottom corner, one of the Barclay cars and even the plastic windup robot on the right... and a few other items f...
  25. A favorite from my youth, I have that exact car in front of my keyboard at this moment, part of an ever-changing display.
  26. Looks to be fiberglass? Kin to a golf cart, it reminds me of the the old bumper cars that have been restored and made into wheeled vehicles. Cool!
  27. Well, it's got a bar code, so probably 1980's. However, I think the graphics go back to the 1950's, and I don't think they've offered this size can for some time, so it has real potential. A good 'h...
  28. You do beautiful work!
  29. I have three.
  30. Looks like a copy of a PT Cruiser ;)
  31. I absolutely love these bathtub Packards. I've seen this before in a book of showcars and it's stunning. Would love to see it released as a scale model or diecast!
  32. Most of these are still in print and available by mail order, but of course the newer ones have a higher cover price. Fat Freddie's Cat is way cooler than Garfield or any other cartoon cat!
  33. These appear hand-painted in a manner and style to some family pieces I have, right down to the floral themes and gold trim. This was a popular hobby among ladies around the turn of the 20th century,...
  34. 1949 Ford was my parents' first car, so I always like seeing 'em. Wonder what Dad would have thought of the chopped coupe?
  35. The seat was on eBay as recently as Sept '11, probably still around. Debbie, I think these fenders were pink but have faded (and of course the front one is lost). This appears very restorable!
  36. Wish I had some input to offer, I just have an affinity for chairs and find this unusual, pretty, and appreciate its condition.
  37. I don't get it either. I had the green Jag XKE as a kid and will eventually get a replacement, have a Country Squire body MIB, also a Barracuda MIB and a few other bodies, not as many as you. My tra...
  38. I remember this one! Dave Berg, of course. "Lighter Side of __?__"
  39. Lemme have a Three Musketeers, and, a ball point pen, one of those combs there, a pint of Old Harper, ah, a couple of flashlight batteries, and... some beef jerky.
  40. I started to get the redline bug again around 1990 when I kept picturing in my mind, my aqua Hot Heap on our train layout in my folks' attic. Next trip home I rounded up my childhood cars and filled ...
  41. I'm guessing around 1953-54? Looks a lot like some of the trim on front of hoods, below hood ornament on Chevy cars and trucks around then, but not exactly the same. Might be styled after trunk trim...
  42. I would leave it as-is, sheltered. Use it as the subject of some experimental photography, colorize it that way. Also, get some large art paper and get some kids to go wild with crayons, doing some ...
  43. I have a very similar one in good shape with older fabric, your updated fabric looks great, really makes it come alive!
  44. I very much doubt that you have a genuine animation cel that was actually "under the camera". I think it's what's called a "sericel", a mass produced limited edition using a silkscreen process, and t...
  45. In car community terms, its a "Restomod". Tell him to lock it with TWO locks.
  46. Actually, this looks good enough that I wouldn't restore it. A thorough cleaning and waxing, a bit of rust removal, maybe what might be considered semi-restoration might be in order, but the original...
  47. I believe "ceramics class" is the answer. I have one of these, also Lucy, that I picked up at a garage sale a few years back. The casting is identical, no markings anywhere. Mine is nicely hand-pai...
  48. Another picture showing the front might help. 3/4 views are usually most useful.
  49. I have one just like it, the space behind the seat suggests it was a "Dude Wagon" (I think your tailgate is missing?) by Murray. Nice grab, outdoors is okay but I'd still keep it on the porch under t...
  50. I simple googled "amf renegade" and found quite a bit. Introduced in 1965 and a few different versions until at least 1975, so to be exact you need to trace it by serial number. Same search on eBay ...
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