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I collect Petroliana, vending machines, signs, neon and pretty much anything from the 50's-60's. Bright colors and lights usually get my attention.


  1. Thanks Aimathena Here is a link to where I got it, they have LED as well as neon. Rod
  2. PostRetro, Good eye!
  3. Also, I had misread the litho date, it 1935 not 1937.
  4. TGBWC, Yes it is two sided but the previous owner (or someone else) painted out a section of it (like cleaning a brush). I'll get a photo of it later. No I did NOT add more holes to it; There are two ...
  5. Thanks for the info, Lundy.
  6. Hey Les, I expect to see that rolling down my street sometime this spring.
  7. Yup Les, Now I'll have to find a Rose decal.
  8. Hey Walksoftly, I like the idea of smiling friends visiting, but at my age there is entirely too much drooling going on here as it is. There used to be spittoons, is there such a thing as a drooling ...
  9. Thanks all for the responses. The lady in question is about to be having more fun, my wife is giving serious thought to committing me, and I'm sitting here smiling :).
  10. Ok guys, How would this work? Back to the game, GO DUCKS!
  11. Schhhhh ;)
  12. Thanks for all the comments and information guys. I see where ebay has some in a little different configuration. Rod
  13. Very cool, Les, I didn't know you were an artist. You learn something new every day. Oregon Ducks colors too. Go Ducks!
  14. Frosty the snowman ...........Now sing along .... was a very.... Rod
  15. Merry Christmas Les, "M" Too. You wearing a safety harness when you climb that mill? Great job!
  16. Thanks for the reply s, Actually I new it was a gas cart. What I meant by the request for information about its use was, were they used to service airplanes, large gas powered equipment etc; things t...
  17. Phillys57, Yup, I got it off ebay and IIRC "Jerk a trout" was the guys handle, out of the Seattle are I think?
  18. Cool story and cooler item. Rod
  19. Great job, I'd keep it as well, in fact that seems to be my problem ;). Rod
  20. Very nice job EJW-54! Rod
  21. Love the Tireflator and oil rack, and the GB pre-visable. Rod
  22. Thanks Signaholic, Yup, 57 bird. More of it here:
  23. Outstanding!!!
  24. No offense taken. Thanks to all who have commented, I'd like to respond to each but time is a problem at the moment. The color thing is a big deal with me, I'm thinkinf of doing the Gas cart in a Gre...
  25. Hey young fellow, You need a few more projects ;)! Rod
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