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Being retired,and not bored as you can see. An interest in life is attempting to bring things back to where they once were,and saved from being destroyed.


  1. I didn't rebuild the wheels,a lot of detail work will be added.
  2. Manikin had fun driving the Chevy,I can tell.
  3. Having corner windows were one year away from the option on the Chevy,but it looks like someone was trying to make one as you can see.
  4. Check out the wendling collection and full story on the 33 Studebaker.
  5. If I had it,The bottom would be removed,and I would use it for a pier block form,just trying to be funny.
  6. I was wondering about that also, The Model A was new,so they must have had something, maybe they got out ahead of the others. His Job while working in Winfield was with the rail road,and the new job a...
  7. Note the cheese block bunks for hauling big logs, would they use them over stakes now days?,I think not.
  8. I think the wieghmaster would have had the catch of the year,or maybe he thought too much of his portable scales to ruin them.
  9. Very good,I have one on my shelf ( it is kind of small from what I have seen) the horn is missing,so do you think it will stay missing? I haven't seen extras.
  10. Great job of restoration.
  11. A nice restoration job. It is good to see the original colors, my 57 Ford 600 series was painted grey,and blue by previous owners,and I put it back to red,and grey.
  12. The only problem is.....it hasn't made it out to see me,I had better shut up, my Studebaker is still thinking about making it in to show off the paint job that was done by Rod.
  13. Wow! two great cars, lucky you,and you took good care of them.
  14. very nice,and rare. Wow!
  15. A very nice looking original,and very rare. The only one that I have seen.
  16. A nice display of cars,I need to be there with wrenches.
  17. Hi walksoftly, the tractor and rake would look good on your pretty farm.
  18. The farm is just out of this world. A great looking barn.
  19. I have been in Rod's showroom many times, and I am glad that it wasn't me that helped unload the visible that day.
  20. I don't have the pictures handy, but my Studebaker is featured on our car club web site. Check out the unusual trunk. eevac.org
  21. My next car I hope 54 Chevy hard top,or convert.
  22. Hi Epson, no I didn't take the picture, a Brother, or Sister did. I was raised about 1/2 mile from the bridge. It is about 20 miles east of Eugene in the Mohawk valley. I have been away from collector...
  23. That is a very nice looking Chevy,a real favorite of mine.
  24. Very good Pamall,I just can't get a picture to up load on collectors weekly anymore. An idea would be excepted. Maybe they have had enough of me. Ha Ha
  25. Those are great plates Juan.I hear that you have a large collection.
  26. It is a great looking toy , Grandad didn't mean to step on it did He?
  27. Wow! if I lived close I would ask for a ride.
  28. Very nice,a favorite.
  29. Very nice,just like all of your items.
  30. Great sign,it fit well with what your show place contains.
  31. That is my kind of thing ,toolate2 No one will steal them that way.
  32. Seeing everyone's collections just really makes my day. Someone said that I should do like them in our retired years,that is put puzzles together all day long.What do you think?
  33. What a nice chevy! You have something to really be proud of.
  34. What a surprize! I am waiting to see a collection by you jjchevy.Small world. I was born,and raised at Wendling.1934-1956. I will send a picture of the coverwd bridge.that is about all of the land mar...
  35. Hi S M D,I like the phone, I can still hear one "two longs,and a short".
  36. That is quite a distance from here. I just arrived home fromEastern,Oregon with the series 600 Ford on a trailer as we have sold this second place,so now having the tractor here,I will work on attempt...
  37. This is the first that I have seen like that,and the International of that style,always catches my eye. Rancher friend's bought a new 1946 ,and it was almost to pretty to drive. The Dad wouldn't let a...
  38. That is a nice looking Ford tractor,and in such good shape. I wish mine looked that good Maybe some day.
  39. Wow,what a pretty pickup,and a 5 window.
  40. That is a first for me,I haven't seen one before.A good one to show,and hang on to.
  41. That is a great car to collectPamall.
  42. Nice bike Stonie, from what youngblood said, it should be rare.
  43. What a great picture,you have good taste,and are lucky.
  44. That is a very nice looking tractor. I have a 57 Ford 600 series that looks very much like yours. It is not restored,and is in need of it. I notice that yours is put back the way it should be, red,an...
  45. I think the trunk was optional. I have a metal trunk that didn't come with the car,and will have it restored soon. The change over to the metal trunks, from fabric covered ones were being done about ...
  46. About 30 years a go, Ifound my Coke thermometer at a garage sale. I had to think it over for a few minuets before buying it fo $1.50 yes $1.50.
  47. That is a great looking plow.
  48. A great looking thermometer.It looks like a twin to mine,I will check it out.
  49. It looks just like the one that I had,even the same color,only mine was a standard. which meant leaf springs. It leaked oil out of the rear main,so my remedy worked. I took a two gallon can,and cut on...
  50. The Speedster is just that much more beautiful, after the bowl Game.
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