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I mostly collect, sell & trade mantiques. If I find somthing strange or unusal or rare I try to buy it .


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Unknown item. Please help Identify. Thank You - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Vintage Wards Garden Mark Lawn Trac Model ZYJ-70A. 6 HP. Rear Steer - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique Brackets? - Furniturein Furniture
1964 Sears David Bradley 600  - Tractorsin Tractors
Unknown items. Please help Identify them. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1969 Wheel Horse Raider 10 Garden Tractor - Tractorsin Tractors
Vintage Panzer garden tractor - Tractorsin Tractors
Cool old Panzer Garden Tractor - Tractorsin Tractors
T65 Copar Panzer Garden tractor - Tractorsin Tractors
1951 Chevy 5 window Pickup Truck - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. Thank you. I knew someone would know what they where used for. Thank You
  2. Thank you so very much.
  3. They are Dayton wire wheels. I didn't put them on the tractor. That's how I bought it. I sold the tractor to a local fellow a couple years back. I was at a swap meet 2 years ago and there was a fellow...
  4. That's the old church. It has had many improvements since the pictures where taken. Now it's full of lawn furniture for winter storage.
  5. Thanks all, I love the old truck. The walls are pretty bare in the garage. It's a new building so haven't been able to plaster the walls with cool stuff yet. We have an old church on our property . It...
  6. Thanks. I just had to save it.
  7. Thanks . Any help is appreciated.
  8. I agree. I've owned several. More powerful than you would think.
  9. It's a 10 hp. engine. These tractors used cud down transmissions from old Chrysler cars. They have individual breaks on each wheel. Very heavy machines. Thank you.
  10. After a good fuel system cleaning and a new set of points & condenser it fired up and I took it for a ride to get the mail out of the mailbox. Runs well. Not fast but plenty of power.
  11. Thank you . We like it also.
  12. Next time i'm out there i"ll take a few photos. I'll take a look at your collection.
  13. Thanks. We've added more great signs sine these pictures where taken.
  14. Thank you. We like it. We're having a pig roast in it over Labor day weekend.
  15. It's as simple as you can get. Still works like new. Thank you.
  16. That would be cool if it was from the 50's -60's. That's when he worked for the News. Thank you.
  17. Thanks. I hope my father in-law likes it. My Puppy sure does.
  18. Thanks. They haven't installed them yet but i'm sure they will look great.
  19. The guy that carved them said you can do it to any tree anywhere. You just can't carve more than half way around the tree as that will kill it. The tree begins to heal itself as soon as the carvings a...
  20. The man-cave is in an 1880's church so we just call it "The Church"
  21. As long as the carving doesn't go more than half way around the tree it survives just fine.
  22. Thank you!
  23. It was done about 5 years ago. I have to put a heavy coat of polyurethane on them each spring to keep them from turning gray. The carver said they will scab over after several years but as they start ...
  24. Thanks. We love it as well.
  25. Thank you. I like it as well.
  26. I agree.
  27. Thank you. We like it.
  28. Thank you.
  29. Thank you.
  30. It is in very good condition. I hope it runs as good as it looks. Thanks
  31. Thanks. That's what I thought.
  32. The engine on it was not the original one. it has a Tecumseh 5.5 hp. Engine on it now. The original would have been a 4 hp Kohler or Clinton engine.
  33. Thank you. I had to save it from the scrap yard.
  34. We like it. I just had it delivered on Monday 11-26-2012. I have 3 of them now. I fooled with it for about a half hor yesterday and got it running. Darve it all over the farm.
  35. Thanks. It's my 4th 1961 Wheel horse. Check out my other tractors there are some rare ones. Thank you.
  36. Cool old Wheel Horse. Yours may just be a parts machine at this point though. Your missing alot of parts. I have 4 of them. It can get very expensive buying parts for them on ebay one part at a time. ...
  37. Might be a Fry May West
  38. Thanks. My Favorite also. I've had several but never did a full restoration on them. I have it completly tore down ready for blasting. The wheels are out foe powder coating. I'll post new pix when I...
  39. There is one on ebay now but it's the other model that doesn't look like a jeep. Everythings for sale. Open to offers.
  40. I do have the mower deck. It's in very good condition. It's just not on the tractor.
  41. One day I am going to get to it. I have several projects ahead of it though.
  42. Yes Pop_abides I wish they would read before posting.
  43. The mower deck is sitting beside the tractor. I have all the original paperwork.
  44. Thanks very much slothlike.
  45. New cost was $1,699.99. The mower deck is sitting beside it. The deck is surprisingly in very good shape.
  46. It's supose to run. As you can see it hasn't been run in many years. I havn't gotten around to see if it will start. Hpefuly soon I can mess with it a little. Thanks.
  47. Thanks you also have some very nice stuff. I look forward to seeing what you list next.
  48. I collect anything that catches my eye.
  49. Just like stated in the discription I had to take it off to get the tractor on my little trailer. So yes I have the mower deck.
  50. Like I said in the description I had to take it off to get it on my small trailer. Plans are to restore it someday. I have several projects that will come first though.
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