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1968 Roof Palomino Mini Jeep Mower

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    Posted 11 years ago

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    Here is a very rare 1968 Roof Palomino Mini Jeep Mower.
    I picked iy up from a fellow down the street. I got all th original paper work with it including the bank loan papers. It cost $1,699.99 back in 1968. Most cars didn't cost that much back then. It was originaly sold by C.A. McDade Co. Inc. from Monroeville, Pa. It's a 110 model. I have the mower deck but had to take it off to get it on my small trailer. It's powered by a Kohler K482 twin Cyl. engine. I havn't tried to start it yet. He said it ran when he parked it years ago.
    What do you guys think?
    Thanks for checking it out,

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    1. Rick, 11 years ago
      I was wondering if you got the mower deck with it? Any future plans for it? Looks like an interesting project. Rick.
    2. doynger69 doynger69, 11 years ago
      Like I said in the description I had to take it off to get it on my small trailer. Plans are to restore it someday. I have several projects that will come first though.
    3. bosco turdlicker, 11 years ago
      That thing looks cool! Is there any chance you still have the mower deck?
    4. doynger69 doynger69, 11 years ago
      Just like stated in the discription I had to take it off to get the tractor on my little trailer. So yes I have the mower deck.
    5. slaphappy, 11 years ago
      nice one, I knew someone who had something similar years ago. Does it run? What kind of motor does it have?
    6. doynger69 doynger69, 11 years ago
      It's supose to run. As you can see it hasn't been run in many years. I havn't gotten around to see if it will start. Hpefuly soon I can mess with it a little.
    7. Jill P., 11 years ago
      How big is this? Is it an actual mower or a tractor? I am curious to find out more info on this jeep! You said you are looking to restore it one day, what do u plan to do with it once it has been restored? I would love to find out more info on this!! Thanks!
    8. blowituptown, 11 years ago
      very interesting........any idea what it cost new? You should see if you can source a mower deck from somewhere as it would be worth a lot more.
    9. slothlike, 11 years ago
      These things are priceless as long as you have the original paperwork. I have owned several w/ all paperwork. These specimens are worth over 6 figures in even the worst condition. Nice find! Mystery solved!
    10. doynger69 doynger69, 11 years ago
      New cost was $1,699.99. The mower deck is sitting beside it. The deck is surprisingly in very good shape.
    11. doynger69 doynger69, 11 years ago
      Thanks very much slothlike.
    12. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 11 years ago
      Don't you wish folks would read BEFORE they post comments ? It's aneat thing !
    13. mikloskos, 11 years ago
      In my opinion, you need to obtain a mower deck.....that would improve the potential profit, also, if you can determine the original price w/ the original paperwork, there is no doubt that your looking at a one-of-a-kind 6 figure cash cow. How awesome is that.
    14. doynger69 doynger69, 11 years ago
      The mower deck is sitting beside the tractor. I have all the original paperwork.
    15. doynger69 doynger69, 11 years ago
      Yes Pop_abides I wish they would read before posting.
    16. cawcawvoncrow, 11 years ago
      you don't see those very often anymore. I ran across one a couple years back at a state fair. Does it have the Kohler k482 2 cylinder motor? or the mower deck?
    17. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 11 years ago
      Pop says "DOH !"
    18. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 11 years ago
      @doynger69, have you noticed that ALL of the 'problem' comments and questions have come from unregistered 'patrons'? I think I'd just delete them and call it a day ! But that's just me ..
    19. Mr Mxyzptlk, 11 years ago
      that sure brings back memories! In the 70's I would head to my grandparents property in upstate NY for a summer of fun! Pappy had a mower just like that one, we would cut lawns all over the county just for fun. We would wind up coming back to the property covered in green from head to toe after a 14 hour day! Pappy never complained and neither did I if I knew what was good for me. My focus for the summer was to not wind up with any broken bones or cigar burns, but did we ever have FUN! That little machine could go all day and then some as it was modified somewhat to exceed 30mph on a flat, smooth road. Inevitably all good things must come to an end, and this time, Pappy took it all too far. On a humid, oppressive Monday afternoon, he decided that the Roof would be able to bridge the gap between an typical New England stone wall and a small gully about 15 feet further on. We worked to build a launch ramp supported by the wall (I, however, was not working fast enough and still bare the scars to prove it). At this point it would be pertinent to mention that Monday was Pappy's "liquid diet day", so suffice to say that at the moment of takeoff, there were complications. Essentially, Pappy didn't survive. No need for details. It was determined that the mower deck got hung up on the top of the stone wall and physics took over from there. I am relieved to see that you do not have the mower deck. I would have to strongly suggest that you do not obtain or install one.
    20. doynger69 doynger69, 11 years ago
      I do have the mower deck. It's in very good condition. It's just not on the tractor.
    21. Sal, 11 years ago
      I have an old jacobsen chief 1000 , Is this Roof Palomino for sale? or does anyone know where I might get one? condition not important
    22. doynger69 doynger69, 11 years ago
      There is one on ebay now but it's the other model that doesn't look like a jeep. Everythings for sale. Open to offers.
    23. DMK678 DMK678, 11 years ago
      Thanks For Sharing.
    24. Pop_abides Pop_abides, 11 years ago
      doynger69, you do know that you have the power to delete any comments you wish?
      I'm just amazed at the sheer number of folks out there that can't read., I'm stunned !
    25. Bob Wallace, 11 years ago
      I purchased a Roof palomino last year. It is s/n 11, Model 1200, made in 1969
      Can you tell me the 'SPEC Number' on your engine nameplate?
      Someone removed the Engine Nameplate from mine
      I am having trouble getting the correct parts so I can rebuild my engine without the SPEC Number
      I was told that some Cub Cadets used the Kohler K 482, but I have not been able to verify that
      Thank you
    26. Rickster Rickster, 11 years ago
      Love it and just in case someone else missed it IT HAS THE DECK! IT WAS JUST REMOVED TO LOAD ON THE TRAILER! Can't believe how many people asked if you had the deck. Thats a great find! wish I had one!
    27. Jan Byrd, 11 years ago
      I'll take it!
    28. Elliott's Dad, 11 years ago
      So... your saying it has the deck..... Lol. Wow! How do some people not forget to breath?
      Neat umm.. tractor. I have always wanted one to make into a "Go Cart" for the kids, but I would never modify an original restorable one. I saw one for sale at the swap meet at the MoPar nationals near Columbus, Ohio a few years back that was the body and seats only and would have been perfect. It was priced at $800 and my wife thought I was nuts (That much has never changed) for wanting it. So, long story short, we had no way to get it home (200 miles) that day, and I have always wished that i had found a way. Maybe someday!
    29. Mike Ware, 11 years ago
      Have any of you seen a ride-on called an Irish Mail Car(t)? I had one when I was 5 or 6. It was three wheeled, steeredwith your feet on an extended axle thru the front wheel, and had a "t" lever in front of you that you pulled and pushed to rotate a crank-type axle thru the rear wheels. I had polio at three, so my legs were a problem. My arms and shoulders made up for it. This unit came from I don't know where and went to some kid when I was about twelve. Anybody seen one? Anybody know where one is? Any historic info? I'd appreciate the help.
    30. byrdbody, 11 years ago
      I am wanting to purchase a Roof Palomino mower, cash waiting. Jan @ 618-443-8835
    31. vanskyock24 vanskyock24, 11 years ago
      i dont see any mower deck by the jeep - if you really have it why wouldnt you post a pic of it also. i would like to see it and also it would take care of everybody asking about it
    32. EJW-54 EJW-54, 11 years ago
      vanskyock24, should he post a picture of the Engine and the trailer too?!? what do you think Pop?
    33. vanskyock24 vanskyock24, 11 years ago
      well actually yea why not it is show and tell . lets see the deck. alot of people would like to see it. why just show part of a item and not all of it. he said it was laying next to it and its kind of funny nobody can see . so post it and be done. what do you think pops
    34. EJW-54 EJW-54, 11 years ago
      Maybe he's lieing and dosnt have it?!?...JUST KIDDING! I worked most my life in lawnmower shops and never saw one of these, pretty cool! Post a picture of the deck, is it reel or rotary or flail?
    35. vanskyock24 vanskyock24, 11 years ago
      thats what alot of people would like to know including me. never seen one before i am curious what the deck looks like.
    36. byrdbody, 11 years ago
      I had some goof ball contact me because I posted I wanted to buy a Palomino. The person found a picture of one on the net and sent it to me. They never could provide me with a location or phone number for me to contact them. Bottom like they wanted me to simply send the money and then they would ship. I can't believe these people. Still wanting to buy a Palomino but from someone who acturally has one for sale. Jan 618-443-8835
    37. kerry10456 kerry10456, 11 years ago
      Don't know how I missed this piece, but she's a beauty, good luck with the restore, will be watching for the finished mower.
    38. kerry10456 kerry10456, 11 years ago
      Hey Guys here's a link showing one with the deck,lol
    39. vanskyock24 vanskyock24, 11 years ago
      thanks kerry - never seen anything like it is bad now it makes me want to find one

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