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Echo Oregon

I'm a picker of sorts. Buy and sell just about anything. always looking for unusual items.


  1. 39-40 ford. Where is it? I want it!!!!
  2. I remember growing up my mom had 4 hanging in our bathroom. she had the 2 child mermaids you have pictured, anothe child holding a ball and a mother mermaid that was about 9 inches tall. dont know wha...
  3. Don't know about insterments but the showed one similar last year on American Pickers. (A&E TV Series) and it was very valuable
  4. mid 70s I had this as well as a pickup and a towtruck in the same basic design. Late 70s early 80s it was my A team van and I blew it up one 4th of july. Great to see one has survived. lol
  5. Looks alot like the Hercules 3 speed I have.
  6. Thanks again AR8
  7. The heck with the sign. I want the Henry J
  8. thanks AR8. Still would like to know if it's worth anything
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Mountain Dew Soda Sign Sinclair Triple Check Sign 1962 Chevy Impala Toy Police Car MY CLEAN SHOW AND TELL MINI CHROME JUST GO RUNT!!.


1960s? Sinclair Gasoline Pump Signs Another dump treasure? Electric I dont Know old tonka van JC Higgins racer. model t hub caps