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Old Lightning Rod with D&S milk glass globe mounted on old wood Foundry Mold - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Prestone Radiator Water Can from the 1930's 1940's - Advertisingin Advertising
1930's Porcelain Tombstone side walk sign,  Sterling Motor Oil , ( Repro in 4th picture) - Signsin Signs
1950's Walt Reach Toy Truck by Courtland - Toysin Toys
COCA COLA LIGHTED CLOCK 1980's - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Cool, someone through it out??
  2. Cool, any markings for date ?
  3. CCR was one of my favorite bands when I was just a young teenager and I still pick up my guitar and sing this song after all these years !! I can still remember putting Cosmo's factory on the record p...
  4. Than you Manikin and hope have a great and safe independence day!
  5. Happy and safe 4th Trey and family!
  6. Correction..40 yrs ago! LOL
  7. Nice sign but I'll never drink another cream ale after drinking to many 30 years ago! LOL..!! :)
  8. OH Yeah!! Ovation and Peavey ! good combination! Have fun at the Gig!
  9. Nice haul!
  10. There's no steiff tag inside one of the ears?
  11. I remember these well from 2 years of drafting class and a brief job drawing tax maps back around 1973.
  12. Grits are only good with lots of sugar and cinnamon LOL, keep on rolling Thomas, Seger still sounds great! saw him a few yrs back.
  13. Cool ! Looks like that Tydol sign will clean up nice.
  14. Cool! I didn't know GM marketed these.
  15. Cool! takes me back to when we beat the crap out of those 60's 70's cars and the distributor points would float and engine would misfire so aftermarket performance co's made points with stiffer return...
  16. Oh man! I'm smiling remembering there songs I have not thought of in ages!
  17. Rattletrap, I quit Last year ...... but had a relapse ????
  18. SO...you made it ! your finally a major known attraction....so you can quit now..lol
  19. Cool But just not old enough to be worth much.
  20. Thanks purvis! I think so too! Not to many deals left on E-Bay but I keep looking and now and then I get a good deal.
  21. Blacksmiths Iron workers Vice, the gears might have driven a blower. Theres a similar one on E-Bay.
  22. Very nice! Who doesn't love original stain glass windows :<)
  23. Looks to me like someone hand built it and made it look old but it's not, you wouldn't see phillips head screws our chrome acorn nuts on anything old. Just my opinion.
  24. Yikes! I know when I lived in NC at a Golf Course I had to watch out for those Vipers. To cold up here for them but Coyotes have moved into our area.
  25. Wow thats a lot of torching, probably a Shear Crane also...we have some of those old coaches running from one Village to the next on the old tracks just for fun! Mostly on the holidays.
  26. Glad this reminded you of your Dad Watchsearcher.
  27. Nice! WendyWeather and misspiggy Love this!
  28. I'm not sure on the age of these but I do know they make repro's of the smaller one, it is suspicious that the porcelain is chipped off where a date might have been across from the "made in usa" but n...
  29. Thanks Thomas 7th post 7 years ago :)
  30. There is a well known sign painter in my area that could do it but I might just copy a photo of a nice one , photo shop it to the right size and have a vinyl decal made, just an idea..
  31. Thankyou!! Manikin! Hope it doesn't strike us! Hmm... maybe I should get it out of the house .. LOL
  32. Thankyou Thomas! Enjoy your Day! Ed
  33. Cool, I have one of those ZERONE cans.
  34. nice! I don't have an electric acoustic but will be my next guitar purchase.
  35. That 1958 chevy was one of my least liked chevys but the one in American Graffiti was cool!
  36. And nice Ovation Guitar!
  37. Now you have to find a 1960 chevy to put it on, the 1959 is one of my all time favorites :)
  38. We have one to, my wife wanted one and a friend bought a new one for us, I do keep my eye out for an old one as they date back to the 1930's.
  39. I use to have a Sioux valve grinder when I use to build engines. It was a nice compact bench unit but heavy as heck and probably made back in the 1920s or 30s
  40. Very cool stuff, love it!
  41. I'm guessing it's missing the lense and oil lamp inside ?
  42. I don't know what vehicles there for but I bet there worth some serious bucks. Try www.macsautoparts.com see if they can help you identify them.
  43. Wow another nice one!! These look great lit up with the bottles glowing!
  44. Oh Boy! That is a nice find!
  45. I should have bought one of these back when I use to see them for $75 , now they go for $300-$400 ugh.
  46. Very cool stuff your finding in your grandfathers service station, you must be enjoying digging through it all knowing it was your Grandfathers!
  47. Nice!! I'm restoring a Wayne 70 that was from an Atlantic gas station. Atlantic started in 1866 and lasted into the 1990's but its last owner Sunoco change the Atlantic Stations to Sunoco, previous o...
  48. Lots of fakes for sure, any tips on the fake ones compared to this one ?
  49. Now there's a name I have not heard in a long time!
  50. Nice it's older than mine and might be the first one Eco built mine is 1950's so your's is. 1940's or older
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