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south west Virginia


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Old village store  - Advertisingin Advertising
Old Country Store - Photographsin Photographs
Where did all my stuff go? - Petrolianain Petroliana
KENDALL  Motor Oil double sided sign Repainted on 1 side - Petrolianain Petroliana
IROQUOIS NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE  Basom, NY - Photographsin Photographs
ALADDIN MODEL #6 OIL LAMP 1915-16 - Lampsin Lamps
1920's EN-AR-CO 5 Gal Rocker Motor Oil Can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Gas Pump Island Light Project - Petrolianain Petroliana
Large Tin COCA COLA Sign 1960's MCA 781 - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1924 CALENDAR, BLEILE'S GARAGE , GASPORT, NEW YORK  Phone 149-J - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. I still have this album from my teenage years
  2. cant wait to see your progress, I had fun building mine but sold house and moved so now building another one.
  3. Trey, sorry for late answer, jukebox had mostly 60s I think but I'll look closer next time I'm there .
  4. your right fortapache, don't see them often so its a treat when we do, just saw our local old music store burned down in old down town Vinton Va. sad...
  5. thanks Watchsearcher, there was kids getting ice cream cones but I bet they were not .25 cents , hahaha
  6. Thanks Trey! it kills me cause the windows are blocked cant see in ! I gotta find out who owns it..
  7. I agree fortapache !
  8. glad you think its cool too kwqd ! I zoomed in on the car its a ford ! I wonder whats in the Carter Garage! maybe another old car?
  9. Sounds like fun times in the 70s Vynil33rpm !
  10. your welcome Michael, old places are cool!
  11. Looking good as always!
  12. Oh man! I have to get my 12x24 pole barn garage put up so I can unpack my collection and do what your doing! lol
  13. Cool, I didn't use to collect 60's or 70's but now I do!
  14. Nice, I still have mine since 1970!
  15. Looks like small block chevy
  16. Back in my high school days my best friend and his dad both worked at Ashland oil as truck mechanics and I would go on weekends with him to steam clean oil trucks for extra money.
  17. Thank you Randall4 Charleston is on my list to visit, hopefully not to far in the future!
  18. Hi Aimathena, thank you, hope all is good for you, I still have most of my collection in storage as I fix up a house in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia, then I will build another gas station to d...
  19. I'm going to guess ..faucet handle molds?
  20. Oh yeah!! Nice one, it's on my want list to..
  21. Same wishes for you Michael, Merry Christmas! Stay safe! Ed
  22. Thank you Thomas, Merry Christmas to you and yours also!
  23. I still have mine to..
  24. Hi Neverhood, what is above, I do believe it's 1920 steelcraft, that's all I know but you can find more on the net.
  25. Thanks Rattletrap, nuts is right! and when they confront the gov. on people leaving his state he blames it on the weather..duh
  26. Thankyou Michael, it won't be long before I'm posting something, probably when I'm unpacking , lol
  27. billretirecoll, there was no disrespect. I just felt like bragging about the area I grew up in , LOL
  28. Thanks blunderbuss2 your right, no safe place. Lake Ontario's water level is controlled by a joint government commission, there are locks and 2 Power Plants in the ST Lawrence river that can hold back...
  29. Thanks bobby725 No I haven't been to Abingdon or Damascus but will be some time, have been to Blowing Rock and Boone when I lived in NC.
  30. Watchsearcher, thanks , it is beautiful in SW Virginia near the Blue Ridge Mountains , trying to find a house with a Mountain view.
  31. billretirecoll, Thanks, just to clear things up, western NY is a friendly place with a lot of us hard working urban people like me who grew up in the country and hung around farms , we have fruit farm...
  32. Thanks Brunswick, will be on my way in a few weeks with my guitars and record albums and most of my collection that is in storage.
  33. Thanks AnythingObscure, just to let you all know we will be in southwest Virginia near Smith Mountain lake where my wife's sister is. just haven't found the right house yet, and yes I will be back to ...
  34. Hi I would be careful of the old labels on the front, that's what makes it super cool, never heard of Jenney oil .
  35. Nice!! I want one to...lol
  36. Thanks Rattletrap, like I said looks good from a distance, love your comment especially look in the mirror lol...better than that just check some recent photos of yourself..I'll never forget when I sa...
  37. Thanks Trey for the nice compliment !
  38. I just love barn finds especially your oil bottle find, I wish I could go back in time and go through my grandpa's barn but luckily I do have a few collectibles from his collection.
  39. Thanks Daisy1000, this one sits between two easy chair's and full of blankets and doubles for an end table
  40. Cool, kinda cool you posted these patches, I was digging through a box of stuff for my artist brushes and came across a bunch of patches from my past, almost posted them but put them back, maybe next ...
  41. Can you make me a Mask? LOL
  42. Cool! Back in the 70's Our local Rock station put out a double Album set of top hits and of course Mississippi Queen was on it, played it over and over back then. Still have the albums.
  43. Cool, I have one of these but not nice like yours.
  44. Cool! I have a Big little book my mother in law gave me, titled "Invisible Scarlet O'Neil"
  45. Also like the Sun Motor tester, I use to have the Sun Distributor set up Tester but I gave it to my brother in law in the mid 90's
  46. Thanks Trey! hope you and family are safe and good!
  47. Thanks Trey! yes I do plan to do that when its safe, never know what I might find in that garage...
  48. Hi, You can get aftermarket rubber for the doors, think I got mine from "gas pump heaven".
  49. Thanks blunderbuss, it is used but in good shape for it's age.
  50. Thanks Vynil33rpm !
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