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Prestone Radiator Water Can from the 1930's 1940's - Advertisingin Advertising
1930's Porcelain Tombstone side walk sign,  Sterling Motor Oil , ( Repro in 4th picture) - Signsin Signs
1950's Walt Reach Toy Truck by Courtland - Toysin Toys
COCA COLA LIGHTED CLOCK 1980's - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
GLEN IRIS INN,  BUILT ORIGINALLY IN 1828 - Photographsin Photographs
Old 1 QT Oil Bottle - Petrolianain Petroliana
1960's MURRAY PEDAL CAR - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Thanks CokeKid-04 , I thought you would love it!
  2. nice that you love this trukn20, pickrknows, TheGateKeeper and chrissylovescats !
  3. Thanks for the "love it" Daddy_Nobucks !
  4. Glad you love this buckethead, blunderbuss2, hunterqlee, Brunswick, fortapache, Newfld, vetraio50, officialfuel, iggy, Vynil33rpm and AnythingObscure
  5. Try Clocksworks.com or something like that.
  6. yougottahavestuff, it's not just your opinion, it's fact! Some sellers don't care and will do anything to make money, I contacted one to tell them there sign was a fake repro and they said " WHO CAR...
  7. Happy New Year Trey! Your collection is looking great!
  8. Hi everybody! I just came inside after going shopping for parts and then hooking up this FIRE HORN and Blasting it about 5 times untill the neighbors started coming outside to see what was going on L...
  9. Thanks SirenCollector8, glad you love this but, so do I so I'll be keeping it for now.
  10. Thanks fortapache, I think so too!
  11. Nice find! Welcome to CW !
  12. Thanks Toyrebel , I'll be watching for those cars!
  13. Nice job as always, looks great. Happy holidays!
  14. Merry Christmas!!
  15. Merry Christmas clockerman ! nice save!
  16. Have a Merry Christmas and safe New Year Toyrebel !
  17. Merry Christmas fortapache !
  18. Nice, welcome to CW !
  19. Thanks Dave! same best wishes for you and yours this Christmas and through the coming year! Ed
  20. Be safe and have fun this Christmas season! Joy to the World!
  21. fhrjr2, thankyou, Have a safe Merry Christmas, glad this brings back old memories, thats why I built it !!
  22. Thankyou Thomas , Merry Christmas to you and yours! Ed
  23. Dizzydave, Brunswick,.michaeln544,usedcarlady, petey,Vermont and Manikin glad you love this ! I should set it up for Christmas!
  24. Thanks ttomtucker !
  25. Glad you love this Newfld and artis.10 and SEAN68 to! I still have this bike!
  26. Thanks Roycroftbooksfromme1 I think so to !
  27. Glad you love this yougottahavestuff and oldpeep
  28. Sure thing Hugy83, I'll send you some information, if you can, post some pictures of your pump so we can see it here on CW!
  29. Wow, now thats what ya call alot of smalls !! you sure do a good job displaying them!
  30. Nice, I keep trying for a Crush sign, other than my big plastic one.
  31. Another beauty !
  32. OHH YEAH ! Nice!
  33. WOW! great find in nice condition! I have the big one, 1940's
  34. Thanks Trey! one of my best I think!
  35. Hi, I believe your sign is from the 1920's from what I have seen on auction sites, very nice sign!
  36. Check out the reproduction I put in the 4th picture.
  37. Dont feel bad, I couldn't afford the car either LOL cool Christmas cards!
  38. Ahh Thomas, just read your post, sorry for your loss, makes for a tough year but sure wakes us up to what really matters and how short life is, I know, been there, wishing you and yours comfort and pi...
  39. Thanks Rattletrap, you were right, I just need to feed it with at least 1/2"or larger pipe and quick blast of air to get it to work. :)
  40. I finally found out what it is on line, a Gamewell Diaphone fire/fog horn !
  41. Thanks buckethead but that's not it ,. Venturi blower has no moving parts,this has spinning parts inside ... it's got to be some kind of siren maybe for a factory??
  42. When I worked at the scrap yard I kept trying to get an old one but did't happen even though we saw a lot of old ones come in. I'm not giving up as I still go back to the scrap yard and look for treas...
  43. OMGosh! One of my all time favorites, 1961 Chevy Impala bubble back window !! and my wife wants an old Mustang like this one!
  44. Nice, look just under the bottom mounting hole in the dark green edge, there should be a date on it very small and hard to see, should be 1950's
  45. Nice! more that love this, Thanks mtg75, crswerner and clockerman.
  46. Thanks, glad you love this to Chevelleman69, snowman3, vintagegirl66, Longings, sugargirl, crswerner and gargoylecollector.
  47. Very cool, I would have to fix it up and play it if it was mine! I remember those paisley shirts I use to wear in late 60's. :)
  48. Thanks again everyone, hope your week is going great! Be careful out there!
  49. Pretty nice shape for its age!
  50. I hear ya on the glass but when its as nice as that outboard motor oil bottle...well
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