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Old BELBER Steamer Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Old Bicycle/Car Tire Air Pump - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Old MotoMeter Tire Pressure Gauge - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
MOBIL OIL SIGN - Petrolianain Petroliana
TRAIN TRAFFIC LIGHT - Railroadianain Railroadiana
63 Chevy photos from 1972-73 of my high school car - Photographsin Photographs
28th Annual Olcott Beach NY Car Show Today - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Porcelain Signs and Tin Sign - Signsin Signs
Old Railroad Engine Oil Light by Handlan ST. Louis USA - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Sunoco Oil Bottle - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. Thats really cool with the frame still on it! If you want to know the year look close in the blue edge area right at the bottom center. Should be 1950's.
  2. I found a smaller version of this sign in the Petretti's Coca Cola book but not one this big! It's dated to 1941 in the book.
  3. I had this tape, gave all my 8 tracks away to someone who collects tapes.
  4. Thanks johnsmith, glad you saw this and love it!
  5. I hate them painted to, I spent Hours over a couple days to strip the paint of a trunk I got at a flea market for $20.
  6. I think I have one of these! ( Flea market find)
  7. That is one awesome find!! It looks in good shape and will clean up nice!! Value can vary on condition, just try ebay sales and google auction value history.
  8. glad you love this to packrat-place, usedcarlady, iggy and purvis, Thanks!
  9. Last time I went to Virginia I saw an old Country store with the coca cola buttons like this! Think I posted pictures of it on my page a while back.
  10. I'll never forget a neighbor who was a farmers Daughter showing up in one of these showing it off to us boys on our bikes in the early 60's. :)
  11. Hi nannah, that cardboard sign came out in 1950, its listed as bring 27" by 21" . I have a picture of it in my Pepsi book.
  12. OH do I love that! I cant get enough pumps myself. lol
  13. Cool !! I have a very old TYDOL sign and hope I find a Veedol to go with it!
  14. Thanks Tanni ! glad you love this!
  15. Very cool! My Mom had the 1965 Impala 9 passenger station wagon around 1970! It had the 283 V8 and 2 speed Powerglide, I had it up to 95 mph down hill...LOL
  16. That's right Trey! Very cool pump Rattletrap! 1947-1950 Wayne 100-A.
  17. Yum! I love home made succotash! lol
  18. Nice! My wife has collected those little bottles for years!
  19. Thanks Celiene! Have a great weekend!
  20. Thanks Trey! have a great weekend and send up some warm air! Brrr!
  21. Thankyou gargoylecollector, kingshawn and Trey!
  22. Glad you love this Horseradishman1 and Trey! Thanks!
  23. Thanks again oldpeep! 50th to love this!
  24. oldpeep, glad you love this to! Thanks!
  25. Glad you love this to oldpeep!
  26. Isn't that the Old Church in your older post "Antique Bar"
  27. Hi Rattletrap, your pump might not be in my book the H-22 looks just like yours, I thought maybe the H men't hexagon, is yours air operated or does it have the manual pump handle ?
  28. I looked this one up and it's listed as a model H-22 Air operated visible from 1921! Also check your comments above for a needed correction.:)
  29. The only Hayes pump in my book with that base is a model 604-H Junior 10 gal from 1927. very cool!
  30. Ok the closest pump I could find like this is a Springfield 200 series pump from 1925 Springfield, Tenn.
  31. Very cool!
  32. Cool pump, you might be right on the top, does the pump have a crank handle on the right side or a hole for it?
  33. Great Truck!! ... but those walls are to bare...LOL
  34. Man do I love that! Chevrolet being my all time favorite!
  35. Happy New year Virginia!
  36. WOW !!! What a find! I love Sunoco stuff!
  37. Thanks Coke1234, yes it does! happy new year!
  38. Hi Gulf99! Thanks, I still have not seen any repro's with the curvy lines so thats good. I have seen repro Sunoco Bottles but they screem repro with a bad label and no curvy lines.
  39. Very nice!! Double Dot after PEPSI: is 1940's
  40. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Trey! I can't wait to restore the clock face pump I have that was a Richfield Pump!
  41. Wow! what a great collection, a lot to choose from on your web sight. I hear ya on those India signs, I tried to find out who's making those but no luck.
  42. WOW! Very Nice!
  43. Glad you love this to buckethead!
  44. Thanks buckethead! Glad you love this!
  45. Cool! more love of this! thanks buckethead and AnythingObscure!
  46. Thanks for the love gargoylecollector and kingshawn !
  47. Merry Christmas!
  48. Merry Christmas and best wishes for you and yours!
  49. Merry Christmas !!
  50. Thanks Perry!! Best wishes for you and yours this Christmas season! And theres no room left in the gas station for you, its packed full of rusty gold and lawn equipment! LOL
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