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KENDALL  Motor Oil double sided sign Repainted on 1 side - Petrolianain Petroliana
IROQUOIS NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE  Basom, NY - Photographsin Photographs
ALADDIN MODEL #6 OIL LAMP 1915-16 - Lampsin Lamps
1920's EN-AR-CO 5 Gal Rocker Motor Oil Can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Gas Pump Island Light Project - Petrolianain Petroliana
Large Tin COCA COLA Sign 1960's MCA 781 - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1924 CALENDAR, BLEILE'S GARAGE , GASPORT, NEW YORK  Phone 149-J - Advertisingin Advertising
OLD ORANGE CRUSH THERMOMETER - Advertisingin Advertising
OLD OIL BOTTLE 8 PACK, Duraglas - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. Hi I would be careful of the old labels on the front, that's what makes it super cool, never heard of Jenney oil .
  2. Nice!! I want one to...lol
  3. Thanks Rattletrap, like I said looks good from a distance, love your comment especially look in the mirror lol...better than that just check some recent photos of yourself..I'll never forget when I sa...
  4. Thanks Trey for the nice compliment !
  5. Great post, she was one of my favorites, and I bring her up on you tube now and then, boy could she belt them out ..
  6. I just love barn finds especially your oil bottle find, I wish I could go back in time and go through my grandpa's barn but luckily I do have a few collectibles from his collection.
  7. I have always admired his talent! Amazing guitarist, voice and song writer . Takes me back.. it's 1976, 12am, I'm sitting in my 68 Camaro in my driveway listening to "Frampton comes alive"
  8. Thanks Daisy1000, this one sits between two easy chair's and full of blankets and doubles for an end table
  9. Cool, kinda cool you posted these patches, I was digging through a box of stuff for my artist brushes and came across a bunch of patches from my past, almost posted them but put them back, maybe next ...
  10. Can you make me a Mask? LOL
  11. Cool! Back in the 70's Our local Rock station put out a double Album set of top hits and of course Mississippi Queen was on it, played it over and over back then. Still have the albums.
  12. Cool, I have one of these but not nice like yours.
  13. Cool! I have a Big little book my mother in law gave me, titled "Invisible Scarlet O'Neil"
  14. Also like the Sun Motor tester, I use to have the Sun Distributor set up Tester but I gave it to my brother in law in the mid 90's
  15. Thanks Trey! hope you and family are safe and good!
  16. Thanks Trey! yes I do plan to do that when its safe, never know what I might find in that garage...
  17. Hi, You can get aftermarket rubber for the doors, think I got mine from "gas pump heaven".
  18. Thanks blunderbuss, it is used but in good shape for it's age.
  19. Thanks Vynil33rpm !
  20. See what happens when your stuck home? lol stay safe everybody!
  21. When I was young I was brought up with no cats just dogs so I thought cats were bad until I realized cats were not the problem..people were! Now we have to strays that live with us in the house and t...
  22. Trey I did the bad side so no big deal so eventually I will restore that side but the other side I will leave it and also so you know if the paint is thin and chalky it will come off but glossy paint ...
  23. Trey.. I watched the youtube citric acid ones and decided to try it on one side of this can and unfortunately it took of to much paint probably because any paint remaining on this can was thin so I do...
  24. Thanks Crazyguy!
  25. Looks a lot like mine, there's a couple experts on CW that will let you know more about yours.
  26. Thanks Trey, I'll look into that!
  27. Hey Thanks Crazyguy !!
  28. Looks great!
  29. I've seen this before I think it's missing the coca cola sign that attached to the bottom. Some of the coca cola collectors on here should know more.
  30. One of the hardest things we see as we get older ...I was a fan when he was Association and then the first edition, spent some time on YouTube reliving the past with him .
  31. Very cool photo , I think I was born to late to..lol
  32. Hi, I don't know for sure but could be 1930's - 1940's would be my guess. it looks like it would hold a 6" base globe and I have seen similar ones in old photo's with gas pump globes on them.
  33. That is a beauty and hard to find. Your killing me with this one, it's number one on my want sign list, I am still kicking myself for not buying one at an antique show 8 years ago for $300 (one sided).
  34. Thanks pickrknows! I agree! lol
  35. Thanks Rattletrap, your kinda right, projects like this fill in those days I'm not out buying something I shouldn't be..lol
  36. Thanks Watchsearcher for nice compliment, not as good as new up close,,lol
  37. Expert? My wife thinks I have a sickness..lol
  38. Thanks Manikin! Always good to hear from you!
  39. Love those accidents ..Lol
  40. Nice! that's one I have not seen! sounds like Mr. deep pockets got you at the auction.
  41. Nice Find in great shape! Thanks for showing us!
  42. Ahh, Puff the magic Dragon lived by the sea....
  43. Thanks Thomas, for the smile :0)
  44. Thanks yougottahavestuff, I don't see a lot of these so it's cool you have one!
  45. Nice, glad you dug it out and showed us!
  46. Thanks Thomas! Oh Yah. The Guess Who for sure! Burton and Randy!
  47. Cool! CCR one of my favorites also, still have my old albums , and every time I pick up my electric I play taken care of business!
  48. Thanks Nicefice , I think so to :)
  49. Yep, this copy stays on my coffee table so I can look at it anytime.
  50. These always bring back memories of the rumble noise as we kids rode one back and forth on grandma's huge tung and grove porch back around 1960.
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