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OLD OIL BOTTLE 8 PACK, Duraglas - Petrolianain Petroliana
ESSOLENE GAS PUMP GLOBE, OLD 1930's ORIGINAL - Petrolianain Petroliana
1978 Monogram 1969 Camaro model  - Model Carsin Model Cars
1962 Goetz Country Club Beer masonite sign - Signsin Signs
Flying A Service Thermometer, Geo Perkins, Machias NY,  Machias 8378 - Advertisingin Advertising
30th annual Labor Day weekend Car Show, Olcott Beach, NY - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1970's LIONEL WABASH CANNONBALL TRAIN SET - Model Trainsin Model Trains


  1. Torch tip cleaner.
  2. Nice! it's always sweeter when you can relate to it, looks like might be an old salesman sample, sample #547 ?
  3. Nice! My friend has one in original nice condition, she also has the matching dump truck and larger dump truck she bought many years ago.
  4. Anybody out there have a 15" ESSOLENE Lens available? Ed
  5. Looks like it might be a "Murray" from 1960's
  6. Nice!! I know you try to stay away from painted ones but you couldn't this time!
  7. Nice shape, I hear ya!, I got bored so I bought more stuff this week! LOL
  8. Your welcome iggy, back in the 80's we had a WHO Party at our house, the WHO had a live concert on TV and the local Rock Radio Station broadcast it live so we could crank up the volume on the stereo a...
  9. I believe it's 1960's by "Murray" I have the same one.
  10. Reminds me of the 1977 Blizzard that hit western NY, I couldn't get home for 3 days!
  11. Happy new year AnythingObscure, yes this has the rounded plastic back, I think Ovation was the only one like that in the 70's.
  12. Thank you Thomas! Happy new years, wishing you the best! note: this Guitar is all apart, I'm trying to get the warp out of the front and rebrace it, and then touch up the neck , wish me luck lol
  13. Happy New Year! Great Signs!
  14. Happy New Year! Looks like my kinda shop!
  15. Nice Christmas ! Happy new year !
  16. Nice !! love your nice display of cans and everything else, the Texaco can might be rare unless you find a partial case of them like I did cleaning out my father in laws garage 8 years ago! Happy new...
  17. Merry Christmas Nicefice !
  18. Merry Christmas! Stay safe!
  19. Merry Christmas! Oldies Sounds good!
  20. Thanks Gonavy !
  21. Thanks Gonavy, you can't be to careful with all the repo's out there, it's frustrating.
  22. Nice! Merry Christmas Rattletrap!
  23. Merry Christmas! Love it!
  24. Merry Christmas Michael ! , we have that cold white stuff too. Ed
  25. Hi WideAwake0247 these were used on early cars but not headlights, not sure what to call them but there like marker lights usually mounted up near the windshield one on each side, you can see them if...
  26. Nice sign!! I just got back from Virginia and that white stuff is all over my property, got to go out and shovel the driveway this morning, at least the temp is above the freeze mark.
  27. Looks alot like my wife's collection
  28. That is in beautiful shape I know of a similar one in a barn but the owner turned down $4000 a guy offered him.
  29. Thanks nutsabotas6 , back in those days I was painting cars and working on race cars etc. so I learned some skills in painting and body work.
  30. correction, my comment was supposed to say back around 1979 not 69 and it was a Monogram 1/24 from 1978.
  31. Cool, I still have my 69 Camaro model I put together back around 1969.
  32. Nice sign! Don't get me started on government, I live in New York State!
  33. That sounds really great for a very cool events center, will be looking forward to seeing it done :<)
  34. I'm the same, I won't buy unless it's a good price and if the price is to low I'll pay more as long as it's below retail dreamer price. I pay attention to all the auction prices, current and past. If ...
  35. Well Rattletrap, if I had a couple of the same signs or pumps I would sell you some but I only have one of each, to hard to see one gone there getting hard to find locally and besides didn't you say ...
  36. I can't understand why except you might have a problem and if I had the money I'd be running into you all over the Country with a truck full LOL
  37. I have at least 100 oil cans there very colorful and fun to collect
  38. NICE!!! NOS is hard to find, congrats!
  39. Hi you have a blacksmith anvil
  40. Don't know any info but its a lot like the one we had in our kitchen back in the 1960's , we burned trash in it as well as wood and coal for heat.
  41. Yes..takes me back also,we threw anything that would burn in a barrel or during cold months in the kitchen wood stove and anything glass or metal went in the dump pile back in the corner of our 6 acres.
  42. Cool, I think you can buy the glass, seems I saw it on the net somewhere
  43. NICE! I have a 1955 one that says the same but different shape.
  44. Good song for today...if you want money for people with minds that hate all I can tell is brother you'll have to wait
  45. Love your wife..I mean wifes gift lol
  46. LoL Brunswick, I think it said 74 when I posted it thats pretty accurate actually :0) Ed
  47. Looks like the one I stripped paint off, check my posts if you want to see it.
  48. redsmama2001, looks like a model 756 Bennett pump manufactured from 1948 - 1955.
  49. I stuck it in the ground today just to get it out of the shop after cleaning it some and shooting the red with clear coat.
  50. Thanks fortapache, when i was a boy the farmers daughter came home with a Fairlane like that, it was jet black and us boys on our bikes were amazed how that hard top went into the trunk! it was soo co...
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