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south west Virginia


  1. I have a similar tool set but not that cool tool box, I used the porta power for car body repair.
  2. cool, I have a 1920 clock face pump that was a Richfield that I will restore.
  3. Thanks Falcon61 yes i was in 1989, we had Toro, Lawnboy, Echo, Power King, McCulloch, Homelitr, Honda and more.
  4. Go Bills !!
  5. Nice haul !
  6. OMGosh! you found my camaro! lol does it have the head light doors ?
  7. I had one but sold it at my yard sale cheap.
  8. coca cola collectors don't like you...LOL just kidding
  9. I have not played a ukulele since I was 10...lol..59 yrs later I still play guitar..sort of...
  10. I have a friend who has 3 of those state hi-way tonkas. 1 pick-up and 2 dump trucks, she is not doing well after a fall so prayers please for my friend.
  11. wow! what a beauty. only thing better would be if it was a 59 (love the tail lights)
  12. I spent half my career at lawn equipment dealers selling and fixing them, still useing my 1980 snapper!
  13. I have a friend who is retired from elevator service now battling cancer, thanks for reminding me of him today.
  14. Thanks Falcon61 yes shelf probably 90s . Auction was a parts supplier that closed.
  15. Nice!! the 65 ride nice and look great! I had one in the 70s.
  16. Thanks Falcon61 ..it was nice but after I blew the engine I parked it in the field till someone bought it. The chrome wheels ended up on my 68 camaro.
  17. your right yougottahavestuff, cant go back to the 60s but I can pick up a guitar and play 60s and go pickin to find old stuff..:<)
  18. Late thanks to ho2cultcha, soon as I get my garage finished I'll fill it up and post pictures!
  19. Thankyou ! glad you all love this!
  20. show me an SUV that looks better than this Nomad...nope
  21. Very cool find!! I need to get a metal detector. Lol
  22. Thanks Falcon61 the back is really rusty. Some day I'll do something to stop rust to preserve this sign.
  23. Wow!! Looks like new! I have same one that's rusty.
  24. Looks good. I'll take the sign you took down..lol
  25. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks, home sweet home is right if I can get my garage finished lol
  26. Thanks fortapache for the compliment!
  27. Thanks Michael! your place looks super!
  28. Thanks dav2n01 your right!
  29. thankyou Falcon61 for nice compliment!
  30. Thats a beauty!
  31. Nice! I have the same older one, my brother in law has a 61 Falcon :)
  32. Nice! I hope your roof can hold up cause them old signs are dang heavy !! :)
  33. I still have this album from my teenage years
  34. cant wait to see your progress, I had fun building mine but sold house and moved so now building another one.
  35. Trey, sorry for late answer, jukebox had mostly 60s I think but I'll look closer next time I'm there .
  36. your right fortapache, don't see them often so its a treat when we do, just saw our local old music store burned down in old down town Vinton Va. sad...
  37. thanks Watchsearcher, there was kids getting ice cream cones but I bet they were not .25 cents , hahaha
  38. Thanks Trey! it kills me cause the windows are blocked cant see in ! I gotta find out who owns it..
  39. I agree fortapache !
  40. glad you think its cool too kwqd ! I zoomed in on the car its a ford ! I wonder whats in the Carter Garage! maybe another old car?
  41. Sounds like fun times in the 70s Vynil33rpm !
  42. your welcome Michael, old places are cool!
  43. Looking good as always!
  44. Oh man! I have to get my 12x24 pole barn garage put up so I can unpack my collection and do what your doing! lol
  45. Cool, I didn't use to collect 60's or 70's but now I do!
  46. Nice, I still have mine since 1970!
  47. Looks like small block chevy
  48. Back in my high school days my best friend and his dad both worked at Ashland oil as truck mechanics and I would go on weekends with him to steam clean oil trucks for extra money.
  49. Thank you Randall4 Charleston is on my list to visit, hopefully not to far in the future!
  50. Hi Aimathena, thank you, hope all is good for you, I still have most of my collection in storage as I fix up a house in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia, then I will build another gas station to d...
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