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1920's EN-AR-CO 5 Gal Rocker Oil Can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Gas Pump Island Light Project - Petrolianain Petroliana
Large Tin COCA COLA Sign 1960's MCA 781 - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1924 CALENDAR, BLEILE'S GARAGE , GASPORT, NEW YORK  Phone 149-J - Advertisingin Advertising
OLD ORANGE CRUSH THERMOMETER - Advertisingin Advertising
OLD OIL BOTTLE 8 PACK, Duraglas - Petrolianain Petroliana
ESSOLENE GAS PUMP GLOBE, OLD 1930's ORIGINAL - Petrolianain Petroliana
1978 Monogram 1969 Camaro model  - Model Carsin Model Cars
1962 Goetz Country Club Beer masonite sign - Signsin Signs


  1. Thanks Trey, I'll look into that!
  2. Hey Thanks Crazyguy !!
  3. Looks great!
  4. I've seen this before I think it's missing the coca cola sign that attached to the bottom. Some of the coca cola collectors on here should know more.
  5. One of the hardest things we see as we get older ...I was a fan when he was Association and then the first edition, spent some time on YouTube reliving the past with him .
  6. Very cool photo , I think I was born to late to..lol
  7. Hi, I don't know for sure but could be 1930's - 1940's would be my guess. it looks like it would hold a 6" base globe and I have seen similar ones in old photo's with gas pump globes on them.
  8. That is a beauty and hard to find. Your killing me with this one, it's number one on my want sign list, I am still kicking myself for not buying one at an antique show 8 years ago for $300 (one sided).
  9. Thanks pickrknows! I agree! lol
  10. Thanks Rattletrap, your kinda right, projects like this fill in those days I'm not out buying something I shouldn't be..lol
  11. Thanks Watchsearcher for nice compliment, not as good as new up close,,lol
  12. Expert? My wife thinks I have a sickness..lol
  13. Thanks Manikin! Always good to hear from you!
  14. Love those accidents ..Lol
  15. Nice! that's one I have not seen! sounds like Mr. deep pockets got you at the auction.
  16. Nice Find in great shape! Thanks for showing us!
  17. Ahh, Puff the magic Dragon lived by the sea....
  18. Thanks Thomas, for the smile :0)
  19. Thanks yougottahavestuff, I don't see a lot of these so it's cool you have one!
  20. Nice, glad you dug it out and showed us!
  21. Thanks Thomas! Oh Yah. The Guess Who for sure! Burton and Randy!
  22. Cool! CCR one of my favorites also, still have my old albums , and every time I pick up my electric I play taken care of business!
  23. Thanks Nicefice , I think so to :)
  24. Yep, this copy stays on my coffee table so I can look at it anytime.
  25. These always bring back memories of the rumble noise as we kids rode one back and forth on grandma's huge tung and grove porch back around 1960.
  26. Nice one!!
  27. Brunswick, I see you were talking about the calendar and I was talking about the building, duh. yes it is in good shape, the cardboard is brittle and some damage on the corners but looks nice. Thanks
  28. Thanks Brunswick, your right and it's been resided over the windows and who knows when it was built , probably is over 100 yrs old, this spring I hope to get inside just to look and take pictures.
  29. Thanks keramikos, Yes that is it you found on google map, the calendar photo is not it but cool old photo of the girl who is probably a model for the staged photo.
  30. I had not thought of "Baby Blue" in years! Thanks! but what a tragic ending for this band :(
  31. Nice sign, just hope it's a close game!
  32. Thank you WesternPA-Collector , yes it's dicey shipping Glass, I didn't loose any money on the crown globe, just sorry I lost having it in my collection.
  33. Thanks fortapache, I paid more than I wanted but not as much as those nice ones go for :)
  34. Thanks Nicefice, I have a few of those soda crates to hold the bottles I collect :)
  35. Torch tip cleaner.
  36. Nice! it's always sweeter when you can relate to it, looks like might be an old salesman sample, sample #547 ?
  37. Anybody out there have a 15" ESSOLENE Lens available? Ed
  38. Looks like it might be a "Murray" from 1960's
  39. Nice!! I know you try to stay away from painted ones but you couldn't this time!
  40. Nice shape, I hear ya!, I got bored so I bought more stuff this week! LOL
  41. Your welcome iggy, back in the 80's we had a WHO Party at our house, the WHO had a live concert on TV and the local Rock Radio Station broadcast it live so we could crank up the volume on the stereo a...
  42. I believe it's 1960's by "Murray" I have the same one.
  43. Reminds me of the 1977 Blizzard that hit western NY, I couldn't get home for 3 days!
  44. Happy new year AnythingObscure, yes this has the rounded plastic back, I think Ovation was the only one like that in the 70's.
  45. Thank you Thomas! Happy new years, wishing you the best! note: this Guitar is all apart, I'm trying to get the warp out of the front and rebrace it, and then touch up the neck , wish me luck lol
  46. Happy New Year! Great Signs!
  47. Happy New Year! Looks like my kinda shop!
  48. Nice Christmas ! Happy new year !
  49. Nice !! love your nice display of cans and everything else, the Texaco can might be rare unless you find a partial case of them like I did cleaning out my father in laws garage 8 years ago! Happy new...
  50. Merry Christmas Nicefice !
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