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63 Chevy photos from 1972-73 of my high school car - Photographsin Photographs
28th Annual Olcott Beach NY Car Show Today - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Porcelain Signs and Tin Sign - Signsin Signs
Old Railroad Engine Oil Light by Handlan ST. Louis USA - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Sunoco Oil Bottle - Petrolianain Petroliana
Old Porcelain Light Fixtures - Lampsin Lamps
1920's OIL BOTTLES - Petrolianain Petroliana
1950's-1960's Travel Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
1950 Unoscop  Slide Photo Projector - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Looks like the same manufacture as a Trolley car I'm restoreing.
  2. Its in bad shape so not worth much to me but I wouldn't throw it out.
  3. Looks like 1960's , should be an ID tag on it somewhere.
  4. Thanks MacDaddyRico, neither good? don't know what you were doing at 18 yrs old but I knew everything and there nothing I couldn't do! LOL
  5. Thanks Manikin! I have a friend who has restored 2 62 Impalas!
  6. Thanks Ben75 for checkin this out and adding another Love it!
  7. Cool you love this too kingshawn and charmsomeone, Thanks!
  8. gargoylecollector, theres no such thing as too many!! but keep telling yourself that so it dosnt hurt to bad that you let it go....LOL
  9. Oh Man gargoylecollector, was yours a true SS ? I had that SS console and chrome shifter plate like yours in mine, the SS I found in the junk yard was Black with red pinstripes and Aqua blue interior...
  10. Glad you love my old car Caperkid lzenglish, Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse , mikelv85, Rattletrap, thegatherer , nutsabotas6, fortapache, vetraio50 and blunderbuss2.
  11. That's right Trey! I probably talk to much about the past but those old cars are just to cool! Thanks!
  12. Thanks buckethead, I think you can still buy cherry bombs.. :)
  13. Nice! we had Ashland in our area, I use to go on the weekends to the local Oil distributor to wash the oil delivery trucks.
  14. Cool! Corvair Greenbrier Van, my Dad had a dark green one with white stripe and I got to drive it down Grandmas lane when I was about 12! I don't think my Dad ever new I did, LOL
  15. I put a lot of change in those machines back in the day, but I quit 30 yrs ago! :)
  16. Nice! And if you ever go to Buffalo NY do not miss the Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum ! go in the winter at your own risk...LOL
  17. Wow! Awesome collection! Thanks for posting your cool offices!
  18. All I can say is WOW!!
  19. Really Love that 1st chevy, 59 & 60 are some of my vavorites, I hope to find a 59 to fix up soon.
  20. Looks like it was worth the wait!
  21. I would try a different Vet, I was never a cat lover but now I have two strays I took in, wishing the best for you and your kitty.
  22. Thanks fortapache, Daddy_Nobucks, Trey, buckethead and Caperkid for Nice comments!
  23. Your welcome Farmgirly, it is a nice pump! I collect old pumps and have some books about Gas Pumps so I'm glad to pass along any info I can.
  24. Cool! I have some of the same ones!
  25. Well it's a model 753 made from 1928 to 1931, yours is 1931 I think if that helps.:)
  26. Made my heart jump just looking at the pictures!! lol
  27. Should be a pin through that hole in the handle possibly made of wood, if you can tap it out the handle should slide off and look for makers marks in the metal.
  28. For sure buckethead, everybody's head turned when that Vette came down the street..rupp..rupp...rupp..
  29. Thanks Rattletrap and ignatz !
  30. glad you love this Irishcollector. Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, brunswick and MacDaddyRico !
  31. Thanks antiquerose and rustyboltz!
  32. That's some big letters! Like my Firestone letters! are you gonna find some space for them?
  33. Hi, unfortunately these are not worth much as there is a lot of these out there, I see quite a few for sale and its hard to sell for even a $100. I have one for sale but no offers.
  34. Its said to see another collector pass away...and your friend...
  35. Thanks SpiritBear !
  36. glad to see you joined this list sanhardin!
  37. Thanks buckethead !!
  38. Glad you love these to crswerner, Neighborguysfan and AntiqueToys!
  39. Cool, more loves from PhilDMorris , kingshawn, buckethead and Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse!
  40. glad you love this buckethead, pw-collector, rockbat, pajrr and vintagelamp!
  41. cool you love this to AnythingObscure!
  42. So glad you love this bobby725, blunderbuss2, jdstor, officialfuel, fortapache, Caperkid , racer4four, Rattletrap, Blackshiep1, Manikin, vetraio50, buckethead, Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse , mikelv85 and v...
  43. So cool you love this AnythingObscure, blunderbuss2, officialfuel, fortapache, Caperkid, racer4four, mikelv85, Rattletrap, Manikin, vetraio50 and SpiritBear!
  44. 1950's is correct that's when " the Light refreshment" came out and the single Dot Pepsi Cap. Love it!
  45. To bad its closed, the one I went to as a kid in the 60's is still open today doing good!
  46. Man, look at those Mountains!
  47. man are living my dream! nice haul!
  48. I think its 1960's, not positive but...
  49. I think you can still buy these new...
  50. Thanks snowman3, gargoylecollector and farmlady!
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