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Western New York


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1950's Walt Reach Toy Truck by Courtland - Toysin Toys
COCA COLA LIGHTED CLOCK 1980's - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
GLEN IRIS INN,  BUILT ORIGINALLY IN 1828 - Photographsin Photographs
Old 1 QT Oil Bottle - Petrolianain Petroliana
1960's MURRAY PEDAL CAR - Model Carsin Model Cars
1969 SCHLITZ BEER SIGN, 1977 CANOE RACE - Brewerianain Breweriana
1930's PLYMOUTH MANTEL CLOCK - Clocksin Clocks
Original 1920's-1930's SUNOCO OIL BOTTLE - Petrolianain Petroliana
ORANGE CRUSH SIGN - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks yougottahavestuff, leighannrn, tim-tim, Designer, TheGateKeeper and AntigueToys
  2. Thanks AnythingObscure, oldpeep, rustyboltz, sanhardin, usedcarlady, Longings and iggy, glad you all love this!
  3. Cool Toy lovers, Thanks kwqd, nutsabotas6, Toyrebel, Vynil33rpm, yougottahavestuff, Newfld, vetraio50, blunderbuss2, officialfuel, fortapache, oldpeep, rustyboltz, Brunswick, buckethead, sanhardin, us...
  4. Glad you'all love this yougottahavestuff, Newfld, Toyrebel, fortapache, vetraio50, nutsabotas6, officialfuel, Brunswick, Watchsearcher, trukn20, Caperkid, shughs and ttomtucker , Thanks!
  5. Wow Rattletrap, you sure have been busy collecting those, are there any left out there LOL I've done the same spending IRA on signs and pumps but I'll only buy if I know I'm under a retail price. Jus...
  6. Mount an old tank on the back and label it Gasoline
  7. Thanks blunderbuss2, this house was built by a lumber mill owner in 1828 and then sold to William P Letchworth around 1858, the lumber mill was gone by then I think. The House overlooks that huge wate...
  8. Your welcome Newfld, you should see it, I could spend a couple days at this park it's so big and lots to see and do with many waterfalls and creeks with miles of hiking trails with stunning views.
  9. Love the signs, not the snow, got rid of my snow blower. planned on being south this winter but that didn't happen, now all I have is a shovel!
  10. Very cool replica radiator cap!
  11. Glad you love this antiquerose!
  12. Those are great for displaying all the small collectibles, I have several sections that are full! I'm all'ways looking for more.
  13. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks !
  14. Looks like the rusty one I posted last week, 1960 -1967.
  15. So nice you love this Vynil33rpm, Newfld, fortapache, buckethead, officialfuel, Toyrebel, trukn20, Watchsearcher, purvis, blunderbuss2, vetraio50, Roycroftbooksfromme1, Rattletrap, Brunswick, Mountain...
  16. Thanks buckethead, it is solid except a few cracks in the metal seat, I probably will go with the Tee Bird version instead the Fire Battalion it use to be as its missing parts for that.
  17. I won't touch anything from India, suspect all fake! Just look at the damage to so called "Old" signs, compare the damage on 10 of there signs all with the exact same amount of damage and rust !?! r...
  18. What a great cause ! Love it, especially that Ovation !!
  19. Very nice and just the right size!
  20. Wow is that a cool find! love it!
  21. Thanks Vynil33rpm, your so right!
  22. Cool that you love this gargoylecollector, purvis and Brunswick
  23. Thanks Smokeeater! Glad you found one to!
  24. Glad you love this to mikielikesigns2, sanhardin, craigalan, Caperkid and pw-collector !
  25. Awesome counter display!!
  26. Nice old sign! I love lawn equipment signs, spent most of my career fixing lawn equipment :)
  27. oh man your killing me Trey LOL look at those signs!
  28. Very nice "small's" :) darn, I miss those shows haven't been to one in quit awhile.
  29. Glad you love this Longings and mikelv85
  30. Glad you all love this MyCountry, bobby725, fortapache , Newfld, officialfuel, Brunswick, Vynil33rpm, iggy, Johnsmith, blunderbuss2, Caperkid , bucksthead, Daddy_Nobucks, sanhardin, Designer, gargoyle...
  31. Your so right Coke1234, Thanks!
  32. Thanks VintageBombshell glad you love these!
  33. Thanks fortapache, I feel the same way :)
  34. Thanks buckethead! I agree! Think I'll grab a beer and pick up my new elec. guitar and jam along with "Wild Feathers" Band on you tube!
  35. Thanks iggy, I use to be all about Chevy when I was younger but now I'd take any muscle car!
  36. Thanks buckethead! No on the Cuda, I was afraid to ask the price! LOL
  37. Thankyou MyCountry , it is in nice shape just has a slight curve in the cardboard that I think would straighten out if we wanted to frame it.
  38. Your welcome fortapache, tomorrow is the 29th annual car show at Olcott Beach NY with 900 to 1000 cars on display , should be a great show as usual with nice weather of 84' with sun and clouds yippee!...
  39. Nice! more that love this. Thanks farmlady, chrissylovescats, usedcarlady and Coke1234.
  40. Thanks for lookin and adding some love Toyrebel, fortapache, Brunswick, Newfld, vetraio50 , Caperkid, TassieDevil, officialfuel and pw-collector
  41. Nice Sign! I'm pretty sure I've seen a smaller version with the same bottom, try google Goodyear tire sign photo's.
  42. Thankyou Brunswick for taking the TIME :) and nice comment!
  43. Glad so many of you Love this, Thanks rustyboltz , SPEEDWAYPICKER, sugargirl, trukn20, Designer, sanhardin, leighannrn, Chevelleman69, Beachbum58 , crswerner, iggy, mikelv85, MountainGirl , Daddy_Nobu...
  44. Good info greendog, looks great!
  45. Glad you love this to Vynil33rpm and dlpetersen
  46. Thanks Vynil33rpm and rvaughn702, glad you love this!
  47. thanks for giving this some love blunderbuss2. Vynil33rpm, AnythingObscure, officialfuel , Toyrebel , fortapache , vetraio50, shughs, Brunswick , Caperkid, purvis, oldpeep and burtmacklin
  48. Thanks Coke1234 I have about 5 of these in all different condition the worst having just a ghost image left of the Sunoco label !
  49. Cool! I had a pair of used cheater slicks on my 68 Camaro back in the 70's. I hung onto them into the 90's but sold them when I moved out of state :{
  50. Thanks Coke1234 for posting this so we learn. I don't think i have been fooled yet but its getting harder to tell with those aged repro's. I'm afraid your right it could kill the gas and oil market. I...
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neon 'STEAK AND SUSHI' box sign