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1956 CALENDER SALESMAN SAMPLE  - Petrolianain Petroliana
ANTIQUE FLAT TOP TRUNK - Furniturein Furniture
1940's PORCELAIN  GOODYEAR TIRES SIGN - Advertisingin Advertising
WESTERN ELECTRIC PAYPHONE mod #223G from 1960's - Telephonesin Telephones
ROYAL CROWN COLA LIGHTED PAM CLOCK from 1962 - Clocksin Clocks
Old BELBER Steamer Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Old Bicycle/Car Tire Air Pump - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Old MotoMeter Tire Pressure Gauge - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
MOBIL OIL SIGN - Petrolianain Petroliana
TRAIN TRAFFIC LIGHT - Railroadianain Railroadiana


  1. Thanks Brunswick, nice that you love this!
  2. Glad you love this SirWalter!
  3. Your welcome! I also tried to find a chain guard like yours and didn't find one ! anyways good luck on your search.
  4. Thanks Windwalker! glad you love this!
  5. I would also add that after looking at my Rudge Bike and online photos of others your sprocket is Rudge but not sure on the rest of the bike , the frame doesn't look right but you'll have to do more ...
  6. Hi what you have is a Rudge. Try Googling that name and hope I spelled that right.
  7. Some how I missed these, I love those old photo's ! I've been collecting some myself.
  8. Thanks rustyboltz !
  9. Cool you love this to betweenthelens
  10. Glad you love this rlwindle
  11. Nice that you love this fleafinder and truthordare
  12. Thankyou kwqd for the nice comments!
  13. Thanks, glad you love this buckethead and Newfld
  14. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks I think so too! I actually didn't realize it was a salesman sample till I got it home and cleaned it, :)
  15. Thanks clockerman glad you love this to!
  16. Glad you love this gargoylecollector, freon, Manikin, Brunswick, AnythingObscure, clockerman and antiquerose, Thanks!
  17. Thankyou MUTCDVictum, glad it brought back memories!
  18. Thanks pw-collector, that is one cool clock with the extra storage case!
  19. Thankyou dennysgamma, nice that you had one past down and your favorite gift!
  20. Thanks you mcpljoey, glad you still have yours, 2 tv channels, thats funny!
  21. Glad you love this dlpetersen, nutsabotas6, officialfuel, mikelv85, betweenthelens, Caperkid, vetraio50, valentino97 and fortapache
  22. Nice! glad you love this vintagegirl66 and fortapache
  23. Cool you love this lisa
  24. Thanks egreeley1976!
  25. Glad you love this AntigueToys, Trey and sugargirl
  26. So good that you love this rustyboltz, AntigueToys, betweenthelens, FatBoy64, MountainGirl , egreeley1976 and sugargirl
  27. Thankyou so much betweenthelens!
  28. Thanks Brunswick it is in good shape for it's age just like me lol
  29. Thanks clockerman I agree but I just realized I'm older than this! Ugh
  30. Thanks Newfld, your welcome!
  31. I saved one just like it last year at the scrap yard but never brought it home, I hope it's still there so I can get it.
  32. Thanks again SPEEDWAYPICKER
  33. Glad you love my high school car SPEEDWAYPICKER
  34. Thanks SPEEDWAYPICKER and Neighborguysfan
  35. Glad you love this to Neighborguysfan
  36. Thanks GeodeJem, nice you like!
  37. Thanks Neighborguysfan, glad you love this!
  38. Thanks antiquerose, glad you love this!
  39. Thanks Neighborguysfan, mtg75 and chrissylovescats!
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  41. Wow! how cool so many love or like this, thanks purvis, Newfld, vetraio50, sugargirl, antiquerose, officialfuel, trukn20, rustyboltz, Lady_Picker, Caperkid, blunderbuss2, betweenthelens, Chevelleman69...
  42. How nice, more that love this! SPEEDWAYPICKER. Neighborguysfan, MyCountry and henryb7182.
  43. Glad you all love this geo26e, davidstarkey83, roddyq, antiquerose, PhilDMorris, courtenayantiques and Newfld
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  45. Glad you love this to: Lady_Picker , Gulf99, AnythingObscure, Chevelleman69, leighannrn and mikelv85
  46. Thanks clockerman, I can't get enough of these lighted clocks!
  47. Thanks antiquerose! you know I love to go picking!
  48. Thankyou Rattletrap, good to hear from you!
  49. Thanks greendog, I'll think twice next time I see a Painted one! LOL I like your suggestion for the inside as we do plan on using it for blankets.
  50. Thankyou Im4anythingOld for that nice comment, Glad you love that worn look to!
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