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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Eclectic collector of fun and rarely seen conversation pieces.


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Vintage D.G. Williams Child Mannequin - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Wolf Vine Junior Mannequin - Advertisingin Advertising
Rare Decter Mannequin 1967 - Advertisingin Advertising
Sayoko Yamaguchi by Adele Rootstein - Advertisingin Advertising
Jantzen Swimwear Mannequin circa 1940 - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Adele Rootstein Mannequin of Vickie Lewis - Advertisingin Advertising
Unique Marilyn Monroe Mannequin - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Pucci Mannequin - Advertisingin Advertising
Rare 1950s, 1960s Mannequin Morgese Soriano ?? - Advertisingin Advertising
Hindsgaul Mannequin Vintage - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Manikin, no she does not have the Jantzen embossed on her lower left leg, my understanding is the later ones had that but not the early ones. I "believe" she WAS full size, as there is a connector ho...
  2. I have the other sitting mannequin from the same series. I've posted it if you'd like to have a look. My post has information on the original British model it she was designed after.
  3. I'm not 100% positive on this, but she may be part of the 1977 Classy Ladies Long Legs editions. Explore it through google and you may find your answers!
  4. Awesome find! I'd be hanging on to both of them.
  5. pickrknows: I would have loved to, but unfortunately she has passed away several years ago. you are from Ancaster, one of her bronzes is in front of the Ancaster Library. She had quite a history in...
  6. pickrknows: I did have a booth at the Ottawa St. Antique mall for a couple of years, but no longer. Unless of course my "stuff" gets too much again! LOL
  7. Awesome find, and I'm sure there aren't many of those floating around for sure!!
  8. pickrknows, I have the Labatt sign listed in my items, you can take a closer look with it lit up. Cheers!
  9. pickrknows, thank you, and yes it's a Labatt's Blue refrigerator light. Very rare one at that! I haven't found another anywhere.
  10. Great find!!
  11. Pjmaddy05 I did so much research it hurt my head! Bottom line, is that the market has dropped on these things. I ended up selling mine for next to nothing, so don't expect a good return. They are ...
  12. I have a very similar set also from an estate of a person whom I knew well, and they would date from the 1930s.
  13. AnythingObscure: Thank you once again for passing on your knowledge! Always appreciated!
  14. Gillian: Yes it is!
  15. japonaliya: Glad it just needs light touch up! I think a standard mannequin stand should work fine, you can see mine fairly clear in the picture. The part that inserts into the leg is square on min...
  16. japonaliya : Yes, that is one of Fusion's Disney pieces. You're very lucky to come across one, hang onto it!! :-)
  17. These were most definately not made as any sort of children's toy. It would be impossible to put any size child on something that "floats" back and forth without any sort of connection to the base. ...
  18. blunderbuss2, Nope, it's plain chrome. Probably a mech from a VP Plus, OR the original award card was swapped out for a regular.
  19. AnythingObscure: Thanks for the kind words. I love toys, and even more love sharing their story.
  20. Shelbydav: I look forward to hearing anything you can discover. I've done exhausting internet searches and found nothing. I've contacted several carousel clubs and associations who are not very hel...
  21. Shelbydav: Wow, that's amazing. You are a long way from me here in southern Ontario. I have no idea of the maker of this horse, and if you ever find out any information, please share. Meantime, en...
  22. Beautiful, and definately made by the same "source" who ever that may be! I know mine was purchased at an antique auction in Kentucky but that's all the info I have.
  23. Renetucaz: That's exciting!! No I still haven't found any information on where they might have been made, or how old they are. I'd love to see photos of yours, hope you post! If you find anything o...
  24. keramikos: Thank you for the additional info, I appreciate it, and yes I have actually ordered that book hoping there is some helpful information to continue my search. Appreciate all of everyone's...
  25. Bruce99: Thanks for that tip! It is definately Oak, made me grunt just to hang it on the wall, and yes I haven't done anything with the wood as of yet. I will try out your method and see if I can g...
  26. slackjack: Thanks again for the input. I think I will take it to a local clock repair and see what the cost will be to get it running correctly. I see from the example photos of the ITR clocks, tha...
  27. slackjack: Thanks very much for the info! Do you have any idea of the approximate year this would be from? The dial is tin with paper front, I didn't mention that. Is Seth Thomas a good movement, ...
  28. slackjack: I've added a photo of the movement, but I still think the pendulum is not a match. It is only attached by the midway slender slit, but there is no place where the top of the pendulum hang...
  29. PuS31nBoOTs, I have been in touch with Julie Gordon, we have mutual friends on Facebook and are planning on getting together so I can view more of her Mother's art. After I found this piece, I did a ...
  30. I would buy it in a minute! My guess is that it is an old railroad sign from very long ago!
  31. AnythingObscure: Thanks for the feedback, I have always been a lover of these old brass machines, and now happy to have found one, a small one, that I can manage! Yes they were made to last and damn ...
  32. I've added some additional photos of the register and it's beginnings. If it's hard to make out, the label indicates it's a "second hand register" thus the S206082P serial number. Sold to Canadian N...
  33. No, not marked. I'm pretty sure that would be cause for termination. Personal projects would never be allowed to use a company trademark.
  34. Good morning everyone. As always thank you for your valued comments! So about the chain and copper trimming. Unfortunately sometimes photos do not show the true colours. The copper trim is actuall...
  35. fhrjr2, I know where you're going with this question. The head appears straight on, not cantered to the right. I've also read on "expert" sites that it's more the norm than not, especially in large ...
  36. Wow, I've seen a lot of scales in my travels, but never one like this one. Hope you find your answer!
  37. Looks like an excellent quality "adjustable height" stool. Period. Nice piece!
  38. No info, but I bet there's not too many of those babies left around! And working too, that's great!
  39. I'm thinking a novelty "promotional" item you could fill with liquor. I think it's awesome! Great find!
  40. Thanks for the comments Ilikethings, I agree on the way the details fade in and out, and I was drawn to it for some reason. It's very different, and I guess that's why I appreciate the work so much. ...
  41. Thanks for all the comments folks, and no I did not mortgage the house to buy this "curiosity", I just found it interesting, and wanted to find out it's origin, or for certain exactly what it is. It'...
  42. Thanks for your thoughts fhrjr2, I never thought of it being a finial, and you could be correct. This is why I labelled this piece as a "mystery". However, don't be too convinced on the flexibility ...
  43. Thanks for your thoughts SpiritBear however definately not this old man. His cabinet of antiques were "real" antiques from old mining lanterns, to cast iron teapots, to old german clocks. This was a...
  44. Thanks for your comments folks, I had the same thoughts, however it is incredibly strong, the bottom of it is bent from pressure in it but still very strong in the rounded oval sort of shape. The old...
  45. You've got quite the stellar collection happening yourself sir! You've got many beautiful finds, I'm going to start raiding more garage sales in Ancaster now..... LOL
  46. Beautiful machine! Keep it in the family, and round up as many of those old coins as you can to keep it working.
  47. Nice farebox! I've been wanting one of these Johnson's. FYI, the little pin with the ball on it goes into the sleeve at the front. It was an anti-theft device. If the pin was out of the sleeve (li...
  48. I have this exact sign, and I just love it! I think from my research it's from the 60s but who cares, it's one of those things that just make you smile every time you look at it!
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