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I collect a little bit of everything. Dug out from under old porches, dumpsters, back forty farm dumps etc. Currently working on a basement bar project, building offI collect a little bit of everything. Dug out from under old porches, dumpsters, back forty farm dumps etc. Currently working on a basement bar project, building off of/adding on to a short section of turn-of-the-last century bar with dozens of names carved in its top. Appreciate all the nods on the pics I post! Kurt (Read more)


  1. Gutsch didn't close due to Kingsbury, it was sold due to the effects of prohibition. I wish you well in your search as anything other than bottles are difficult to locate (and even some of the bottles...
  2. These are difficult to display, hopefully I can figure something out in the limited space I have available. Appreciate the loves/comments.
  3. Excellent example of the correct trike, this style trike was introduced in/about 1950, the DP promo was an early 60's grocery store give away (as told to me by the ex employee). Wish I had met that pa...
  4. Appreciate the loves and info!
  5. Perhaps some type of counter-weight, neat piece. Be sure to check on CW Facebook page as they have this item posted, somebody may have the correct answer.
  6. Appreciate all the great comments! Need to wait on the epoxy until friends/family have carved their names in the new section of bar top, happy hour will begin later this summer when we have our "break...
  7. Found a handful of the double-sided spec sheets that were used with this machine. Hope to find a way to display those as well
  8. Bump: Anybody ever seen this or have a complete box?
  9. Love these carbines. Have a Saginaw that's fun to shoot, thanks for sharing.
  10. Would love to see additional Oshkosh area crates, please post them if you have any. (also looking for a source for top/hinges for this crate)
  11. Have this clock, bought it new 30 years ago and its been in daily use since then.
  12. Still have a few of those stuck in my house and garage, trying to figure out how to reuse them.
  13. Found this while researching this composer, so it does appear composers did sign records. "Paige Twelve APPLETON POST-CRESCENT Saturday Evening, December 22, 1923 M U S I C N O T E S 'BRUXSWICK Just B...
  14. Might be worth a case or two to the company. ;)
  15. Just sold one exactly like this. Neat item but I had no real way to display it properly, went to a couple who can display it as it should be.
  16. Neat piece, curious if it's a remote jukebox speaker.
  17. Would love any/all thoughts on this piece.
  18. Great site Kerry, appreciate the link.!
  19. Appreciate the note, s/n is 9716824 (apologies for the blurry pic).
  20. Great info AzTom, seems it's a bit earlier than I originally thought. Betting the guy who's parents donated this is or will be upset that it's gone. (just guessing ;) )
  21. AH! I tried deciphering the writing but truth be told, I'm not very good with signatures. I am not much into "art" (I do have a handful of signed outdoor prints bought from a dealer who went out of bu...
  22. Thank you for the info fortapache (and all the love), seen one on feebay that had a trailer attached but on this one, I do not see a "hitch".
  23. aghcollect, Thank you for the info, any guess on the spelling of the artist?
  24. Cool, thanks Tom!
  25. Love these old bubblers. ;)
  26. HeHe.. the freebies do not present themselves very often but when they do, I try to give back in some for. In this case I'll probably drop a handful of buff nickels into the next vending machine I use...
  27. Popped up a couple pics, let me know what you think.
  28. A good, original top sign would cost more than what I already have in this. ;)
  29. I noted your interest's include old photography/militaria.. I may post a few old ww2 pictures I have that include G.I.'s posing in old Japanese airplanes (mid 40's) and a jeep being driven down the st...
  30. Would love to find vintage brass rails like those in your picture for my basement bar. Great photo, thanks for sharing!
  31. Neat ring, reminds me of the Lowenbrau beer logo. Cheers!
  32. HeHe... need these to compliment the mock trench gun I plan to build with the Remington model # 10 pump I have here.
  33. Would love to do just that but the grandkids will be in/out over the next few days. I do have a small tree in the basement bar decorated with replica shot gun shells though. ;)
  34. That particular store had thousands of NOS items in it, pop-pop boats, tin cars, wood sail boats, etc all still shelved. It literally looked like somebody closed up at the end of the day and never wen...
  35. Built the back bar using two (of three) solid oak dresser mirrors made by Richardson. They worked perfect for this project, also used a mid 40's Richardson dining room table for the back bar counter t...
  36. Just sold one of these, couldn't find a place to display it properly. Hated to get rid of it, great piece you have!
  37. Outstanding Gutsch sign! After Kingsbury went out of business, my buddies and I would poke around in the old buildings. We found many Kingsbury items (labels/caps etc) but I do not recall ever finding...
  38. Jono, you might be on to something, that may also explain the holes. (venting?)
  39. Curious piece, doubt it's a battery as the bottle openings seem to small to allow the plate to be inserted. The holes in the wood top make it appear to be some type of collection system, was there a ...
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Can anyone tell me what this solid ball of wood is with swivel plate on bottom Ancient beer cans Found In Dumpster...Starbucks Coffee Sign...Single Sided...48" Northwestern bubble gum/nut machine


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