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I collect many things the picture is my new boy Cody in my cactus/bottle/artifact/rock garden he was just a puppy had a rough day


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Banks - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
For Inky 
New old sign 
Merry Christmas - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Silver overlay  - Bottlesin Bottles
Hot rod BBQ - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1925 Ford model TT - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
HOT ROD BBQ - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Another Christmas tree/wind chime/stopper holder thingy mado - Folk Artin Folk Art
Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree ooch 


  1. You are spot on Eileen whiskey and bourbon these date from the 1890s to around 1910 you certainly dont see these much anymore not trying to brag but I have a lot more some with matching shot glasses u...
  2. There are a few old bottles that are worth some good money with embossed grapes on them one is a square Catawba Wine Bitters worth a few grand and there are a few historical flasks worth a few hundred...
  3. Hello Eileen Willy sounds like he was a good guy and neighbor bet he was glad to have you as a friend nice of him to give you a bank never seen the dentist one before the 2 you mentioned are stationa...
  4. Ah thanks did not look like the stone had one once got it for graduating high school yeah I know hard to believe lol but for some reason my sister figured it was hers along with most of my childhood s...
  5. Pretty cool of course I know squat about jewelry is alexandrite the stone or the guys last name that is my birth stone usually not clear
  6. Nice collection pretty amazing it is so rare considering they must of made miles of it what happened to it all
  7. Thanks yougottahavestuff yes I do lots of reels lures rods and go withs as a great man once said you gotta have stuff
  8. Great picture and memories what a great way to be raised use to drag the kids around behind my old Bronco sometimes tandem
  9. Thanks Inky real sorry to hear you dont get notified I could not love like or categorize things for the longest time then one day it started working still cannot categorize but thats OK I understand ...
  10. Thanks Nicefice Think I understand Penny I check the little box and I get notified when someone comments on my post or a post I am following Went back to the link you so kindly sent along and they ...
  11. Wow Inky thank you so much for sending me the link the exact piece was there I was very pleased to see it also liked seeing all the other styles kind of an eye opener for me thanks again gotta ask wha...
  12. Nice mount sure looks like a whitetail to me just by the antlers
  13. Cool piece nice enameling
  14. Nice piece Inky and thank you for posting this I have a similar piece same decor different shape I now believe it is Loetz
  15. So cool looks great on the pump and in your collection
  16. Thanks Eileen for such a nice comment it is in pretty good shape considering the age yep they use to put their garbage in their privies people did not create as much garbage as they do today what did ...
  17. You got 4 killer signs Michael they are all in such great condition you scored
  18. Great picture and a very Happy New Year to you and yours
  19. What a critter sure hate to get stuck by that thing you have a nice collection Brian
  20. Man that is so cool really love that era of petrol items it was a great time in America
  21. Cool stuff brings back memories I was in the scouts in the 50s my sister wound up with all my childhood items still pisses me off
  22. Right on Bobby hope you find many more
  23. Thanks AnythingObscure it is and open invitation I hear ya if I ever get to Utah rattletraps place will be my first stop Findings I dont think so
  24. Beautifulpieces Penny I would never of thought Loetz they made so many different types of glass Have a wonderful Christmas and an even better new year Bill PS never change your profile picture
  25. Hey Bill that would be great sounds like the casino might just be your choice thou have a great new year
  26. Thanks Nicefice anytime you are in the area Thanks EJW-54 oldies do sound good That would be great Eileen let me know a little early so I can clean this dump up I will drink about anything just not...
  27. Cool stuff Brian the boy scouts sure aint what they use to be
  28. Thanks Newfld and Thomas
  29. Thanks Treasure Tex yes that song is there
  30. Thanks Brian hope you dont get stuck also
  31. Hey Michael if we lived closer you would get sick of me visiting your fabulous museum/collection
  32. The larger ones are either atlatl points or used as a knife
  33. Wow you have such an amazing collection thanks for sharing
  34. Interesting piece I have quite a few pieces of Van Briggle never seen any like this
  35. Quite the critter
  36. Back atcha Michael hope you have some blessed holidays and a great year you pick up is killer Bill
  37. Thanks AnythingObscure it is one of my favorites also
  38. Glassiegirl thank you I have a lot of silver overlay
  39. I agree with Bob........I started collecting in the mid 50s and have never seen anything like that pendant you could sent it to Ben Stermer he is a top notch authenticator does not cost much around 30...
  40. Really like old saws bought several got one similar to yours once made a handle for it used it for a very long time
  41. Way cool Brian love this kind of stuff it was a great time in America
  42. Ms.CrystalShip We are definitely kindred spirits for I too am watching American Pickers and was thinking of you. Cool story about your brother could not imagine four mags under the tree bet he was abl...
  43. Hello Eileen got your message but dont know if you would get mine if I were to answer you through my post sooo here I am lol. Sorry you did not find the dog was it yours or did you just hear one whini...
  44. I know squat about costume jewelry but these are pretty cool I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving have a great day Bill
  45. Nice photos looks like your mom was a silver queen
  46. Rattletrap will do have sold off some stuff still have a couple old wagons and early car stuff you have and amazing collection
  47. Ms.CrystalShip real sorry to hear about your friend I have been selling stuff just because of that although I am not quite that old lol yet also sorry you lost items it is sad to watch the vultures sw...
  48. That is cool and good story also I have always wanted to go to the bottle ranch to late now with Elmer`s passing I have the lower fossilized jaw bone of something always figured it was a buffalo aka b...
  49. Looks good Bobby
  50. Thanks Trey
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