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I collect many things the picture is my new boy Cody in my cactus/bottle/artifact/rock garden he was just a puppy had a rough day


  1. horserescuer its not vaseline/uranium glass but thanks anyway
  2. kwqd Thank you some great info there also a contact so can send pictures
  3. Thanks Newfld the Lalique name is why I thought it was not correct and the color seemed off but now you have given me some hope maybe it is real
  4. Very nice pieces Penny maybe someday you could show us how you have it all displayed. I saw your mountain on a show I now call it Inky`s mountain
  5. WOW your collection is beyond words
  6. You are right there were a lot of different makers in 1912 lot of them had that same hood and radiator combination it kinda looks like a British car they had those big swooping front fenders that came...
  7. What a cool sign looks like an early one if you ever get to northern Ca. area bring a trailer pick some stuff up
  8. Thanks dav2not there are some pretty good beehives there were a lot on this one line we use to hunt
  9. The democrats have not changed much
  10. Nice coin great president
  11. Great info Keramikos and like you said why would you need a creamer and sugar bowl for chocolate, mine is 9 inches tall Again thank you for all your time in investigating this
  12. Keramikos holy moly you went down a bunch of rabbit holes thank you so much think you are right it is a tea set I know silver overlay was popular from the early 1890s until around 1910 thinking from t...
  13. Thanks kivatinitz
  14. Thanks keramikos for trying I greatly appreciate the effort I got a few likes from the Lenox group but that was it Never thought of a chocolate set maybe or it could of been used for all three
  15. Hello Rattletrap I am in northern California about 10 miles out of Redding the C cab is all original from Montague Ca. used by an Arden milk guy its has writing all over the cab and bed even the guys ...
  16. Well I certainly have been a bad boy sorry Eileen I just saw this comment glad you got some rain 10 months ago the Sequoias have survived a lot of fires and need fire to release the seeds fires have a...
  17. Looks like a blast you guys have a place that all us car guys would like to visit would you be interested in my old wagons the C cab Model T flatbed and other connected items
  18. Thank you apostata the knowledge of people on this site is amazing never heard of using animal bones in porcelain the gold lines almost feel like a wire and I agree Inky is pretty special
  19. Me thinks you one smart cookie Inky thanks again for you help I can see the Doulton now it probably porcelain I was way off calling it glass
  20. Thank you so much Penny I knew you would know your knowledge is amazing I know some about American pottery not much about glass but sure like it I actually got this at an estate sale a friend has an e...
  21. Way to go Penny its a beautiful piece somewhat unusual looks very fragile glad it came to you in one piece. I have a favor to ask can you take a look at a piece I posted any info would be appreciated ...
  22. Pretty cool I love fossils these do get much bigger
  23. Never cease to amaze
  24. Dang that is so cool it is getting very hard to find a sign with the reflectors I am looking for the old cast iron stop sign
  25. What a special piece wonder if it is out of his imagination or something he experienced she is fishing in a fish net dress on a fairly steep bank in high heels, great colors
  26. You are correct about that Coke1234 someone came out with a kit in 64 to change the 63 get rid of that damn split window lol bet there are a few unhappy 63 owners
  27. 66-67 are great cars a friend had a 67 big block
  28. Cool cars really like the 59
  29. Love this old granite ware and enamel ware kitchen stuff use to find a lot of this stuff exploring the gold country brought home a few pieces should of brought home a lot more now I bring it all home ...
  30. Pretty nice even nicer with the box
  31. Wow would of never guessed Loetz I need to learn more about this would of passed this right on by if it was at a flea market or shop You obviously know your Loetz you have helped me on 2 pieces I did...
  32. Thanks Rocky they made these from 66-77 with several different models mine is a 72 What year and model was yours
  33. Thanks Inky AnythingObsure for the nice comments
  34. Thanks Brian man those metal pole barns have sure gone up more then doubled in cost since I bought the last one glad you like the old Bronco and wagon
  35. Wow those globes are amazing look pert near new and the coke sign aint bad either if you drive around California you will see fires harvesting our state
  36. Killer piece great addition to your ever growing great collection
  37. Beautiful 31 I really love old cars I have a 30 Ford coupe I wonder how many of the jelly bean cars of today will be loved in 90 years sure was nice of your friend to let you drive it around for a few...
  38. Heck I thought that was you in the first picture
  39. Cool story of your younger life Eileen bet you were in good shape think you passed on you good work ethics to your kids and glad you and Frank have had a good life together
  40. Thanks Newfld Hello Eileen yes there are numerous trails some very interesting ones Huell Howser did a show on Modoc county he got lost lol
  41. Wow this is some very cool stuff things I have never seen and aquatic VW damn sure like to have one of those
  42. Yep the tub is cool Brian you would like all the stuff there are some 50-60 era toy trucks and cars lots of horse tack laying around and tools It is on private property got permission to detect but no...
  43. Eileen no need to apologize but to tell you the truth was kinda wondering about you glad you are okay and nice to hear from you, you farm girls are workers that`s for sure the fruit in the boxes is al...
  44. Eileen of course you can come what a pleasure it would be to give you a tour everything is in a couple of old barns even the cafe it would be very hard to go from a farm/ranch type setting to a cookie...
  45. It could be earlier then you think companies would put ribs dots triangles and other identifying things on bottles if they were poison could not just flip a switch turn a light on to see what you were...
  46. Fortapche bring a sleeping bag as much as you like this kind of stuff you will want to hang out for a few days there is a blown 68 Comaro a 40 Ford a 29 Model A hot rods several restored Ts and old fi...
  47. Yes dav2no1 there is something for everyone in this collection0 Watchsearcher funny you should mention that whenever there are special events like wedding Mike the oldest son dresses in a pinstripe...
  48. Celiene very nice of you to stop by glad you love it will post a few more pictures in a few days You bet Rattletrap I new you would like this old rusty stuff
  49. Wish you were to AnythingObscure and you are right it is a fun place they use to have parties there that would last for days live music catered food up to 600 people would show up it was quite the event
  50. I like these old saws have found some and bought some went to a yard sale once was going through the old barn knew I was standing on something looked down there were 2 of the largest saws I have seen ...
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