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I collect many things the picture is my new boy Cody in my cactus/bottle/artifact/rock garden he was just a puppy had a rough day


Petrified log - Animalsin Animals
Old ore cart 
Uranium glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
INSULATORS  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Still a cool display of what was the arrowheads are repros made in India they have flooded the market with them some folks use them for target practice and hunting
  2. Yes Eileen I can around 200 million years old
  3. Good stuff sure looks right to me
  4. Thanks dav2no1 glad you like it
  5. Nice little geode a friend sent me a couple of coral geodes very cool will post them someday
  6. I sure like the 58s with the 348 cool rides there was a jet black one in town in the 60s thought it was the coolest car ever
  7. It looks grrrrrreat really enjoy your post
  8. Nice little crystal thought it was in matrix but looks like it is all crystal very nice
  9. Thanks Rattletrap nothing better then finding something and bringing it back to life
  10. Thank you Eileen where have you been if not at home?? Yep I got quite a bit of that stuff you mentioned I will post again someday Yep that is what I hear hope they are right this time we, certainly n...
  11. Thanks Brian Well hello there Eileen nice of you to stop by not much work and you know the time we enjoy wasting is not wasted time huh it is heavy and if you ever want to stop by I will not charge y...
  12. Apostata thank you for all the info never have really worried about the uranium in glass
  13. Dont think it is a geode and purple geodes will turn clear if expose to the sun not trying to be negative dont think it is an artifact either just a cool creek washed rock without examining it hard to...
  14. This is way cool
  15. Man you got a lot of very cool stuff think you are gonna need a bigger place lol
  16. These are cool I bet this necklace would of been very popular in the 60s I can almost picture a hippie chick dancing around under a black light anybody remember black light parties I sorta do lol
  17. Thanks Valentino97 probably from the 20s maybe the Tiffin might be a little earlier Thank you Newfld I kinda like it too Rattletrap I have never heard that have always heard there was no chance...
  18. Looks like a fun ride I have never been to that area but have seen shows on it man what a boom town it was then things changed abandon houses and shops the amount of dead fish was incredible think it ...
  19. Cool piece nice colors I have one has the same shape similar design but is Vaseline glass not certain of the maker pretty sure it is not Tajima glass
  20. Hoot60 I agree wish I had a family member that would appreciate these
  21. Hello Celiene its been awhile hope you have been okay thanks for the info
  22. TKR yep might of sold it a little cheap those threadless insulators bring pretty good money depending on the CD color rarity I have one a threadless confederate egg I paid 300 for
  23. Eileen why in the world would they ban Gone With the Wind people are way to sensitive getting ridiculous the word police would like us to stop using words like (picnic) and oh so many more We sold o...
  24. That is pretty do you ever wear your jewellery
  25. Thanks Eileen my mom really liked her insulators she also had them on their grape arbor and my pop made a rail along their garden fence to put them on we are pert near related lol It was the artifact ...
  26. Fortapache you have some good insulators not that hard to find a pole or just improvise you can make the crossbar if you get one together be sure to post it
  27. Wow incredibly busy
  28. Really busy
  29. Wow great collection you have been busy since 2009 way to go
  30. Thanks scotto363 There are a lot more plus I lost a bunch in the Jones fire we use to walk the old lines to find them and bought quite a few Thank you watchsearcher for the nice comment I live at th...
  31. Beautiful lamp fits in your collection perfectly
  32. These are nice you know I know zilch about jewelry never heard of D&E until I started reading your post are all pieces marked maybe you should of bought that piece even broken maybe someday you will f...
  33. This is way cool love how you have them displayed a friend of mine has a bunch of these most still in the boxes he has a 54 Ford pick up with a trailer really cool still in the box he passed a few yea...
  34. Wow nice piece but what impresses me you are a true iron and lace gal had no idea you were a dump truck driver that is cool hope this does not sound to sexist dont know what offends people these days
  35. That is cool now ya need to find some vintage umbrellas
  36. You guys certainly have a lot of cool stuff if you ever get to the very northern part of California I might have some stuff you might like a couple of old wagons and a 1925 Ford flatbed and other stuff
  37. Nice bottle only 2 known wow that is a rare one I know nothing about foreign bottles just curious what would this sell for?? If it were a western soda from the states it would command a hefty price
  38. Way cool love your wall
  39. Nice displays Wyoming the only state I have been kicked out of wilder days working in the oil fields
  40. Cool pictures man I am envious keep on keeping on FortApache
  41. Nice insulators I have quite a few and a lot of different CDs I have a shelf around my house that separates rock from the wood and they rest on that with Christmas tree lights under them
  42. Pretty cool you found out what they are there is a lot to learn about beads
  43. Very nice piece great addition to your collection
  44. Dang I would leap a tall building to find something like that
  45. Love these old pictures looks like you have a nice collection maybe the guys on the right are sitting on a ice chest
  46. Cool post sounds like you will be having a blast looking forward to more pictures
  47. Cool place I like old cemeteries use to dig outside of the old ones (not deep) and would find bottles, vases and other things that the grounds keeper would throw away it is not stealing but saving IMO...
  48. Cool Brian I got a few old cow heads hanging on my fence
  49. Thanks again Elisabethan I have a lot to learn think I will post some pictures
  50. Damn that`s nice you are gonna have to build an addition on to your house
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