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I collect many things the picture is my new boy Cody in my cactus/bottle/artifact/rock garden he was just a puppy had a rough day for some reason I cannot love like I collect many things the picture is my new boy Cody in my cactus/bottle/artifact/rock garden he was just a puppy had a rough day for some reason I cannot love like follow or even categorize items have tried different settings nothing works (Read more)


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Another Christmas tree/wind chime/stopper holder thingy mado - Folk Artin Folk Art
Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree ooch 
HYDRANT - Firefightingin Firefighting
Hot Rod 
Silver overlay 
KEYS - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
POTTERY & CARNIVL GLASS - Potteryin Pottery
Silver overlay 
Western Whiskies - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Cool stories CWcollection do you still have you arrowheads I would enjoy seeing them
  2. Dont think its a meteorite sometimes rocks are formed around organic material they eventually rot and leave depressions holes cavities I believe this is what you have
  3. Right on Michael congratulations on winning first place as well you should that is one sweet ride I believe one of Chevies best years for a truck
  4. Nice bike I really like the old Huskies use to ride a 250 WR it was very dependable and fast
  5. Ms.CrystalShip sorry for the delayed response yes you are right about them getting broken also the glass houses paid for bottles for recycling purposes and some were only made for a couple of years I ...
  6. I have the same knife still use it when camping I love it
  7. Nice Rumford run good colors
  8. Well thank you Mr. fortapache or maybe I have had one to many or something like that lol
  9. Thanks Newfld need more ornaments thanks truthordare how did ou know I am a grumpy old man lol yes I remember the movie 1 and 2 good stuff thanks ho2cultcha
  10. Dang looks like you could walk right in sit right down very cool
  11. What an amazing collection Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Michael thanks for sharing your collection Bill
  12. Need the size I have a wagon wheel wrench looks real similar
  13. Cool stand and looks like it will hold water
  14. I really like this piece I have a couple of Satava pieces live 50 miles north never been fortunate enough to fine a petroglyph piece glad you made it home with it
  15. Cool 1938-39 Ford toy don't know what people getting shot in the head have to do with this
  16. Wow Inky love your collection really like the combination of materials
  17. Fortapache inky thanks glad you find them appealing
  18. Inky EJW-54 fortapache Brunswick thanks for the nice comments EJW-54 sorry you could never find one hard to believe they would scrap these little pieces of history Brunswick I am a patriotic kind of g...
  19. Hey Mr. Apache the last 2 picture are a Chevy
  20. Cool toy assuming it is cast I would say the late teens to the 20s
  21. Nice antlers glad you didn't cut them a lot of people use schedule K copper for knapping
  22. Very cool Brian wouldn't an ole airliner luggage boy flip out to se one of these coming at him love this old stuff
  23. Beautiful trunk all the stories these old things could tell
  24. Thanks Malkey fo the nice comment and Vynil33rm dipeterson and Newfld for the love
  25. Thanks Newfld and buckethead for the comments and EJW-54 and Rattlwtrap
  26. You have quite a toy collection Brian love old by-planes I can love stuff still cannot follow anyone or categorize stuff never get notified when someone comments
  27. Good choice Ms.CrystalShip it has a Shakespeare poem engraved in the silver I got that from an auction which I thought was cheap 245 bucks Gorham silver
  28. Thank you Ms.CrystalShip one piece golly you need some more if you ever get up north stop by good idea keeping it out of the hands of babes I like all pottery Rookwood is my favorite
  29. Thanks Roycroftbooksfromme1
  30. Bucethead that's funny glad you like them
  31. Nice key I have found a lot of keys detecting and digging old bottles never really worried much about cleaning them they aint worth much anyway so I clean them they look better and will stop the corro...
  32. Nice piece Malkey love the colors you know your glass never heard of that company
  33. Thanks Bobby and she loves jewelry for the nice comments and to all others that hit the love button
  34. Glad you are doing good and CW fixed the love thing still cannot follow anyone which sucks and cannot categorize things this site is not as good as it use to be
  35. Hey Bill how have you been did you ever make another knife case it certainly has been a bad year for fires here in northern California the woods are loaded with dead and dying trees due to the beetle ...
  36. Nice box love little boxes like this to keep treasures in so nice to see some towns save the historic buildings here in Redding Ca. they took a wrecking ball to all of them in the 60s-70s Bill
  37. Very cool set
  38. Foseatme thank you for the comment some I inherited some I got from auctions antique shows friends know I collect it keep and eye out for me but it has been have not gotten a piece in a long long time
  39. Thanks Junkman60
  40. Thanks blunderbuss fortapache Malkey Radegunder and of course Bobby for the loves Malkey looks like we like a lot of the same things old bottles fancy glass I also like old pottery and artifacts just ...
  41. You are a good collector Bobby nice little land grab by our government
  42. Looks good Bobby is the farm still in the family maybe do a little surface hunting
  43. Tanni so sorry you and so many more lost everything I live in Redding got caught by the Jones fire in 99 stayed fought it saved my house lost everything else hopefully you had insurance on your collec...
  44. Nice to see some older cars the pick up looks like a 36 ford
  45. Thanks buckethead fortapache MALKEY for the nice comments and every one else for the loves Brian I got cheaper bottles for busting over heads lol
  46. Like the display Brian some insulators sell for a lot of money a friend of mine paid 22k at an action add the juice 20% is what Klingensmith charges close to 27k it was for the best example of an upsi...
  47. These are way cool maybe 100 to 400 for the best one are any cast iron
  48. Thanks Phil a friend of mine did the same thing with the 54 inch metal wheels did the gates with smaller wheels welded all of them together locked the bases in with concrete he used around 380 wheels
  49. Thanks buckethead its a 72 sport explorer bought it in 76 never had a head off the one you sold sounds like a hot rod Bronco you are right they are bringing good money
  50. Inky you must have one heck of a collection would love to see how you have it displayed glad you still have the mountain as your profile picture
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